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NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Update plus MORE

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1 NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Update plus MORE on Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:23 am



Published on Aug 24, 2017
Seismic indicators say Earth is near the end of the first earth change lull period of the 2017 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star positioned in the Libra Constellation between Jupiter and Saturn relative to the Sun near Mars orbit path.

Year-over-year weekly seismic event values mirror those from 2014 with lower weekly totals for the 2.5 to 4-magnitude quake events. The average weekly-event value for the 5-magnitude earthquake events in Week 27 over the last three years is 23.33 and Earth saw 23 of the 5-mag quake events here in 2017.

See the 2016/2017 Seismic Chart in Terral's 2017 Newsletter Volume 34.

Complimentary Link: (Please Share with Others!)

We see three of the 6-magnitude quake events for Week 27 including these two in Fiji (USGS) and north of Ascension Island (USGS) in the Atlantic Ocean, but no 6-mag quake events have struck since early Saturday morning with the Week 28 reporting period ending this Saturday night at midnight. The big Fiji quake struck 538.6 kilometers below the surface in Earth mantle transition zone making this the most-remarkable quake event for Week 27 of the Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star that began in the middle of February 2017. Earth has seen five deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone over the last seven days with all focused upon the Fiji region in the Indonesia/Fiji Seismic/Volcanic Origination Zone that adds energy to the deep magma plume formation currently circling the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire...

...I am happy to report that the Primary Survival Group Program Option for the USA Survival Group Program closed on the staging area property on Wednesday. See Rebecca’s brief update report posted atop the Survival Section of this newsletter for more information. Rebecca and Clint met on the property and have already received and secured five pallets of medical supplies with more being shipped soon. Subscribe to the Survival Group Program at for just 45 dollars per year to receive your threat assessment information, before receiving your survival group info notification email listing the six options. Then, you can contact Rebecca and/or Clint for the latest information for devising your best survival strategy possible. Once Rebecca’s full report is received, then I will produce a Survival Group Video sharing general information to increase awareness about the USA Survival Group Program.

Project supporters for this week include Kiddy, Duane, Aaron and Carolyn all subscribing to the Newsletter / Survival Group Programs at to receive full subscriber benefits. Patrice, Richard, Kerstin, Richie, Keith, Mitchell, Drew, Mary, Chuck, Edward and Joseph renewed subscriptions from previous years. Kenna secured her autographed copy of The Mystery Explained with her 50-dollar donation at I am a bit perplexed by the fact that only three of ten members on The Mystery Explained proofreading crew submitted their corrections lists on or before the Tuesday deadline making me wonder if some members were put off in some way by the information being shared. John, Tina and Rosanne helped me greatly in identifying typos and other errors part of the current editing/refining process for making The Mystery Explained the best work possible. If anybody else on the proofreading team has a correction list, or anything to share, then please send me an email to help finalize the manuscript; which I expect to be complete sometime in the coming week. Many thanks to everyone supporting the research at for making the investigation and Survival Group Program possible. Terral


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