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This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01

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1This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 Empty This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 on Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:57 pm


This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 26, 2017

8/26/2017 02:18:00 AM
Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 26 2017

Compiled 2:10 am EDT 26 Aug. 2017 by Judy Byington
Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Aug. 25 2017 12:00 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Weather"- GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - August 26, 2017

1. Years of detailed planning went into the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944, but success hinged on one element that no military commander could control—the weather. By noon the weather had cleared. The Germans were caught by surprise, and the tide of World War II began to turn.

3. Stay alert during Hurricane Harvey. Never waste a good natural disaster, right? Right. God is with us.

B. Aug. 25 2017 8:00 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Not For Profit" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - August 25, 2017

1. Do you know why money is digitalizing? Because it's disappearing literally and figuratively.

2. Do you know why the Elders are giving the common man so much? Because they are not giving us anything of physical value, but rather just digital computer credits on their quantum system to heal the soul of the world.

3. Please join Brothers Yosef, Showme and Moshe this Saturday night at Church Bank (9pm EDT) to discuss this topic of "Not For Profit" in a post RV reality.

4. Submit all "Tetelestai" 800# alert sign up requests and future website email memberships to

5. Our mission will be the best post RV hub for projects, volunteers and archieved information related to all things philanthropy.

C. Aug. 25 2017 2:09 am EDT: Highlights of The Big Call: Philip Tilton's Intel Highlights of The Big Call 8-24-17

1. Over the last nine days around the world there have been 89,400 exchanges made that were given full liquidity.

2. This week in the US there was several private exchanges with liquidity, but all had a 24 hr hold (as a settlement period).

3. In Reno Paymasters have paid Sub Paymasters.

4. Bruce's opinion: Once we hear that SKR groups have gone, Core groups would go liquid (ledger to ledger). We would go shortly thereafter (some lag time, but not much).

5. Hearing the GCR will happen tonight Aug. 24 or tomorrow Aug. 25.

D. Aug. 25 2017 4:28 am EDT: "GCR Heads Meeting Today in Jackson Hole": "RV News: Has Anyone Else Seen this?" by (Anonymous) - 8.25.17 "On Aug. 21 Bloomberg News stated that the Presidents of Iraq, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, HSBC Bank, WF, and B of A would be meeting at Jackson Hole this Friday the 25th."

E. Aug. 25 2017 7:50 am EDT: "Clay" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Friday - August 25, 2017 Aug. 24 Thursday's latest Intel:

1. The end of August has always been the desired release period because it's the slowest trading / banking time of the year.

2. The end of August has always been the safest release period because children were out of school and the vast majority of Western world vacations were taken in August before September begins.

3. Every pre-purchased non-bank currency holder's email, phone number and address has been logged onto a single master list and merged with an international security databases (chalked) for potential threats.

4. All banks have submitted final account information for in-bank currency purchases and run against an international database cross check for security concerns (chalked).

5. Over one hundred thousand known Cabal agents holding currency illegally have been quietly arrested.

6. Another twenty percent were expected to be incarcerated under aliases during the exchange process. Everybody deemed a threat to society worldwide has been chalked. Attempting to exchange currency will get them arrested and their amnesty terms revoked.

7. The final exchange strategy has been implemented. It was different that previously discussed on public forms such as this. There were several parallel redemption strategies running concurrently and those were being mixed and matched in a variety of ways to confuse adversaries of the transition.

8. Neutralizing measures have been applied to misinformation agents and actors of chaos worldwide, especially latent hidden hand operatives awaiting activation instructions in coordination to halt the event.

9. Superior security measures have been installed to stand guard against potential energetic disruptions a la another 9/11 type terrorist attack.

10. The Nation of Zimbabwe's announced return to the gold standard was an honors gesture given to original human beings (Africans) by the Elders.

11. ZIM Bond Notes represent collateral holding claims against the entire wealth of the entire African Union because the ZIM currency will ultimately be placed in the IMF's Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket of global reserve currencies (in lieu of the South African Rand).

12. All sovereign currencies of the world will eventually be placed into the same SDR basket as that is how the original 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement was negotiated in exchange for the 11 million metric tons loan of gold bullion from the Asian Elders.

13. All financial accounts have settled at the sovereign tiered levels.

14. Every T1-T3 transaction has been reconciled and granted liquidity on the new Hercules financial system as of this week of Sun. Aug. 20, 2017.

15. This had to be done prior to noon EDT on Aug. 21, 2017 and completed a ten year grace or transition period that went back to Aug. 21, 2007.

F. Aug. 24 2017 TNT Chat RayRen98: TNT CHAT, 24 AUGUST


2. With a significant number of politicians wanting a tax break on their currency exchanges, such a tax break very well could be slid into the current tax reform package.

Should that occur have your tax professional put a copy of that new applicable law in your file and keep a copy for yourself.

3. Have a tax professional review Internal Revenue Code 26 US Code Sections 985 to 989.

4. Generally, foreign currency gains are taxed as ordinary income, NOT as a capital gain at capital gain rates.

5. You want to pay the right amount at the right time. Not paying and under paying could have wealth ending results.

6. The best tax loophole is the utilization of a tax professional and being able to deduct the cost of their services.

7. Let’s say your federal and state tax rate combined is 50%. How many 50%s can you pay, especially when the IRS doesn’t notify you of an audit for a few years so you have to pay the tax, interest on the tax, plus penalties? Restated 50% tax, plus Penalties, plus Interest on the tax and penalty is way more than 50%.

8. After paying your taxes what’s left is YOUR MONEY and YOUR PEACE OF MIND.

G. May 8 2017 Karen Hudes of the World Bank "The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be History": The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY Karen Hudes

H. Aug. 25 2017 2:48 pm EDT "Legal Warning for America," Erasmus: Erasmus of America: Shocking and Legal Warning for America!

Note by Dinar Chronicles: Obama was the perfect candidate to infiltrate the Cabal. This is why the Sirian Commander chose to take control of Obama during his presidency. The Cabal were fooled that they had control of Obama. Little did they know the APTB had already infiltrated their ranks. Notice: Paul Ryan is mentioned here as well. He was a double agent working for the Republic. (In the same aspect as an undercover cop joining a criminal gang). This was the only way to bring down the Cabal and bring a smooth transition to the public.

I. Aug. 25 2017 9:33 pm EDT: Humanitarian Idea: Hex House, Architects for Society

J. Aug. 25 2017 7:01 pm EDT: Trump and Soros Deep Friendship (video): (Video) Proof that Donald Trump is Deeply Connected to George Soros

Thanks to:



This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 Ohh-yeah-kool-aid

"Velocity" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - August 26, 2017

8/26/2017 08:00:00 AM  Emailed, Intel, SITREP  
Received via email for publication at 8:00 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 Unnamed

Whether you are in the path of Hurricane Harvey tonight or just watching on TV, it's best to say a quite prayer for all in eye of the storm.

This is gonna be one powerful and drenching storm over the next several days.

God please protect the innocent and pure in Christ's name we pray. Amein.

But why have you allowed this now oh Lord? Why on the eve of a possible RV? In the primetime of August's end? When global markets and schools are at their calmest for both Central Bankers and students who are still on summer vacation?

And why is a category 4 hurricane suddenly descending directly for the restored Republic headquarters in Texas, somewhere between Dallas, Houston and Austin?

And why are market makers and traders preparing for higher crude oil refining prices due to lack of supply from the American based Gulf of Mexico ports?

Natural disaster or man made sin meant to delay or distract the global financial reforms just a little longer to squeeze more profit out of the arbitrage?

Didn't Hong Kong suddenly just get a major typhoon last week as well?

Is the weather that easy to manipulate?

And why did the US suddenly change their military policy in Afghanistan? Are rare earth elements being coveted in the unmined mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and fought for by both light and dark forces before the RV begins?

Is this why Russia was in Afghanistan through the 80's and the US has been there for the last 17 years without a plausible exit strategy?

Is that why Israel was in Russia negotiating their pre-1967 boarder surrender still? Has China shut them out of all rare earth mineral supplies so necessary to make their high tech products which account for 90% of their national GDP?

Why is the cabal apparently still scrapping for the last remaining crumbs of the earths hard asset deposits? Are they that broke with no updated digital accounts or tangible hard assets to leverage on the new Hercules quantum financial system?

Maybe this is motive for why they may be manufacturing such catastrophic weather events to provide cover for theft operations long planned and just waiting to be implemented by private black ops military groups like Blackwater?

Do they really think the Benevolents, Republic, Russians and Elders don't know of their plans before they make a move?

Do they not understand their lower cabal minions have all turned state's evidence in exchange for amnesty as to their last remaining delay and destruction strategies?

Do they still fail to believe there's nothing secrete left in their playbooks of chaos?

And why is Trump so hot and cold and speaking in public, everyday? Bipolar? Cloned? Transgendered? All of the above? He seems unaware of his surroundings, almost pre-programmed to perform like a mind controlled slave serving a malevolent master?

Why did 67 million American adults voted for a soulless being… and why did 69 million more vote for a women who committed her life to the worship of an Anti-Chirst being named Osiris?

The shame falls upon all of us. Myself included.

Remember, the more chaotic things become means the closer we are to actual real life conversion… and things are pretty nucking futs right about now.

Top that off with a category 4 hurricane just popping up over this last week and heading straight for the Republic's new gold vaults… and I would say we've hit some kind of maximum performance velocity needed in order to begin the RV.

Remember, D-Day was begun in horrible weather by then General Eisenhower. And is the RV not Dunford's Normandy?

Where there's no place to hide a global transition from dark to light, with every sovereign family in the world knowing exactly what's going down and when… as all stake holding actors, good and bad, are long hunkered down and bunkered in, ready to fight the great fight for the soul of the world?

Sure it is.

But Fighting Joe will pull it off, just like Ike did when the German's were dug in across the steep coasts of Northern France ready for the Allies best punch. And Ike still beat them to the punch, surprising them in bad weather after months of pump fakes.

Sound familiar Zimlandia?

Humanity will get this done. There's no other choice. And so will we post RV as human angels healing the should of the world but the grace and mercy of God.

But make no mistake, the final battle has officially begun, hence this insane and constant flow of madness… which will not stop until the RV has completed. Sobeit.

Little reminder that we are capping entry in the Human Angel website at 50,000 members. So please don't hesitate to send in your gmail ( before we close the first wave of enrollment.

There's till time to alert interested friends, family and associates about this "Top Down" philanthropy approach meant for the repair of all that is broken with our beautiful but beaten down world.

You don't need to own currency to participate. In fact, we're finding a growing percentage have heard the clarion call and are fresh newcomers to the community and concept.

Know too that the "Tetelestai" 800# alert sign up is unlimited. Your response thus far to all requests has been humbling and overwhelming for Showme and myself. We are honored to serve this community.

Be reminded we're doing another Church Bank tonight at 9pm EDT Saturday August 26, 2017. The subject will be redefining your "Not For Profit" post RV existence, and will include the likes of Brother Moshe, Showme and the ever complicated Yosef.

Should be fun and informative for all long dedicated or newly interested Human Angels!

God is with us.

Thanks to:



This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010

"Star Wars" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - August 28, 2017

8/28/2017 01:20:00 AM  Emailed, Intel, SITREP  
Received via email for publication at 12:00 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 Image2

Now that I have everyone's full attention...

Benevolents stopped Hurricane Harvey before it reached Fort Hood (Killeen, Texas) which is the military and gold headquarters for the restored Republic.

Texas is one of a few states that have already succeeded from the United States of America. Alaska is another.

The same benevolent weather control counter measure will be done to the second cabal created typhoon aimed directly at Hong Kong in a final cabal attempt to flood China's financial markets and stop the RV.

This madness is occurring now because SKRs are expected to fund at any moment. With no warning. Just funds suddenly being in accounts overnight.

We expect the 800#s at this time as well.

We understand the Chinese Elders waited an extra day for Southern Texas and Hong Kong to catch its weather breath.

A third Hurricane was attempted to hit New York City as a last ditch weather attempt to stop the RV, but will also fall short.

The cabal really is throwing sand at tanks at this point--which gives their resistance no energetic ability to survive. Sobeit.

Know that BRICS really stands for:

B=Brazil=Latino Race
R=Russia=Anglo Race
I=India=Indian Race
C=China=Asian Race
S=South Africa=African Race

These current good standing races of humanity are all mounted a common fight against an alien cabal (yup went there), who are largely hidden within the Anglo race, but are not exclusive to Anglos.

The Neo-Nazi white supremacy movement is actually not human in origin, and was designed to create a 4th Dimensional Reich that would enslave humanity, and thus is the hidden common enemy for all humanity.

The Elders allowed Trump to be President to highlight this fact, subtly, without scaring the pants off the world in the transition process.

Ironically the cabal foursome--Annunaki (1996), Draco, Greys, Tall Whites(2012)--all agreed to this transition plan as part of their surrender exodus terms from the surface of the earth.

The Second World War technically has never really ended at least not until now. The Nazi brain trust was silently kept alive and shipped to many countries but primarily kept alive and flourishing in America via Operation Paperclip at the end of WW2.

Therefore all races are in completion of a final battle to regain control of our planet, and thus the reason for all the recent chaos going back to 2001 and the 9/11 attacks.

Trump is known actor of this 4th Reich movement. The orange one isn't human. Neither was ex-Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is really is John D Rockefeller Jr (Draco in disguise) attempting to halt all non Anglo migration from living above the 33rd degree parallel.

See he goal of this alien 4th Reich is to push all races of color (humanity) below the 33rd parallel and have them live as slaves to the supreme white race living above the 33rd degree parallel (with the lone exceptions being Australia and New Zealand).

This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 Image1

This global domination strategy is a known fact throughout all major sovereign intelligence communities, but remains a foreign conspiracy theory to most human beings due to constant mind control media outlets and planetary energy wave manipulation.

Not BRICS leadership however, nor the benevolent non human races assisting in our planetary liberation and species ascension.

The "cabal" therefore was out in place generations earlier to hide this alien occupation truth from the world's native population masses, so they would not put up a fight, and docilely accept their permanent enslavement.

Ignorance to this scheme is why most humans lash out at messengers offering loving truths of an ancient conspiracy cover up because the raw notion of living in an "occupied planet" is just too difficult to accept, let alone work with to stand up and fight against the threat.

Also, Global Christ Reset (GCR) is then less a banking event as it is a inter galaxy coup against our shared alien captors posing as human leaders.

That's the bad news. Hilarious I know.

The good news is this massive transition also includes yes a currency reset back to truthful values, but honestly what good is getting the money if we don't know why we got it... being knowingly and unknowingly.

Understandable this community has been updated slowly by several messengers until the very end, as to prepare your hearts and minds for the release of this information in more detail per the terms of the GESARA treaty.

This is the primary reason why GESARA information was held back as classified, and why a 209 sovereign nation buy in was necessary back in the fall of 2014.

Star Wars is therefore a really thing. But it's really happening on our shared planet, in real time, and get this... has been for 13 millennia hence the reason Heaven quarantined the Earth (known beyond this galaxy as Urantia).

Hard to accept I know, but now what?


Believe, don't believe... either way you're right. At least now you know.

God is with us

[size=16]Thanks to:[/size]



This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 28, 2017

8/28/2017 01:19:00 AM 
Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug. 28 2017

Compiled 12:27 am EDT 28 Aug. 2017 by Judy ByingtonSource: Dinar Chronicles

A. Aug. 27 2017 8:40 pm EDT Zap Report: "Paradigm" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 8.27.17

1. I have spoken with Grandfather and it is clear that there is a timetable for things to begin - and they are beginning this coming week.

2. This week major releases of funds will begin to appear in accounts - usable cash. Over $5 trillion will be released into the economies. The release of such funds will continue through exchanges and redemptions.

3. Some releases have already been done to set the stage for the rest.

4. There are many years of work ahead just getting things set up and mobilized. For years we have been getting ready for this time and to begin the work ahead.

5. Yesterday confirmed many Dinar transactions and the Zim is being done.

6. There is one group that is lowballing the exchange and getting a lot of impatient people in for a few million here and there as opposed to the real rate.

7. People are getting paid and this will increase this coming week.

8. Now I can see where we will have the funds to get the Fukushima thing done. I don't want to see West Coasters glow in the dark. Many marine species are dead and some on the verge of extinction. Just because these are underwater and out of sight does not mean all is well.

9. The news media is saying nothing about this.

10. The funds are inevitable and have started.

B. Aug. 26 2017 Outlaws Call Yosef, Okie, Art, Ginger, Philip, Mike T and Carlos:

1. Okie: Can't say much other than we are so close that we are at the point of counting our money.

2. Philip Tilton:

a. In revenuing the government we are within our rights under the US Constitution.

b. The US Inc. Corporation has left us in debt and was forced into bankruptcy under Chapter 7. Now that bankruptcy has been reorganized under Chapter 11.

c. US Inc. assumes that they still have a contract with US citizens, but in order to preserve the Constitution the American Indian Nation was designated as our new federal contract and the new Republic has been designated as a new nation.

d. The big corporations and banks were franchises under US Inc. and thus were bankrupted and were presently under liquidation, with the new Republic as their creditor.

e. As creditors it was up to us to forgive the debt without hurting the creditor. We could liquidate with prejudice any corporation if these debtors were corrupt.

f. Assuming Donald Trump entered into the unincorporated office of the US of America he would work in tandum with the new Republic.

g. The reign of the criminal bank has come to an end.

h. China RV'd two days ago (Wed. Aug. 23).

i. Within the last 18 hours the Admiral's group has had 2,000 validations approved.

j. The SKRs were to go liquid and fines and penalties approved within the next 48 hours (the 48 hours began on Aug. 26).

k. Paymasters have funded all subgroups

l. The Core group can start Aug. 27.

m. Others groups would start Monday Aug. 28.

n. The 800 numbers have been given permission to be released when the fines and penalties were paid out - which were in the process of doing right now (as of Aug. 26).

C. Aug. 27 2017 4:01 am EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Enslavement" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - August 27, 2017

D. Aug. 26 2017 10:10 pm EDT Trump's Background to Function as Corp. President: Background to Trump's Function as Corporate President

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This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 17010

"Humility" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - August 31, 2017

8/31/2017 08:00:00 AM  Emailed, Intel, SITREP  
Received via email for publication at 8:00 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles

This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 Image1%2B%25281%2529

Humility​ is not uniformity.​ ​Humility simply means conforming to one purpose without sacrificing individuality. But humility is only possible when unity exists, otherwise you'll be humble just to yourself. And what's the challenge in that!

Know humility can manifest itself in acts of service not just for one another, but with each another.

Take for instance people of all walks of life linking arms to serve the flood victims of Houston this week. Together they ​are ​all ​serving ​humbly ​for a common cause. Their many glorious acts of humility ​all ​honor God's Will. ​But no one takes credit. ​

Only together can we have a significant impact on the world​ at large anonymously versus doing
​great things alone with acclaim.

There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self​ first​. For without a ​sincere and ​humble respect for others, it is not possible to ​play in a ​truly ​divine ​and harmonic space​, let alone a collectively as we know ​that's simply not possible without humility.

Now because we are full of pride, there may sometimes be no room for humility. ​That's when we must dig deeper and find some!​

Author C.S. Lewis defines humility in this way: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” So to be humble in any relationship, we must be mindful of the other party just as much, if not more so than ourselves.

We must start from a state of selflessness to move in a spirit of unity though a mechanism of humility.

This is what it means to be living and acting in the Christ mind.

Once we begin stripping away pride as we work side by side to go serve others. It’s like paying it forward twice. Our minds move off of ourselves and onto those in need, as well as helping those we serve with.

What we can achieve as individuals, is nothing compared to what a united philanthropic organization can accomplish​ together​.

In famously quoted scripture 2 Chronicles 7:14, God told Solomon, “If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Serving together therefore is a way to “humble ourselves" ​before God ​in order to hear His ​clarion call and ultimately follow His ​all powerful voice.

Naturally, as individuals prepare to go and serve others in our communities, the Christ mind is on the service about to be carried out and how it will help those being served.

But as new leaders of a global philanthropic movement, we also must be mindful of the needs of those whom we are serving with.

Only if we consider and assist each individual’s role and responsibility, cohesive and effective service can take place.

This ​last critical and ​practical step of serving the service works, positions us individually or corporately to be in a constant place of humility--by our own choosing​--and like a jealous shadow, unity will always follow humility where it goes​.

That is a powerful place to exist because “God rejects the proud BUT gives His grace to the humble.”

This is why it's healthy to be so passionate about leading your own philanthropic movement into any city or country because you'll be serving alongside one another equally no matter where you go.

And the synergy of ​such a humble ​fellowship elevate all who partake. Both those in need, and those disbursing the mercy, equal. One with Christ.

By serving together, we are positioning ourselves to receive an outpouring of God’s grace.

Imagine what could happen if we all bonded together as a unified and humble team committed to stamping out some common scarcity or sickness that plagues all peoples everywhere in the world?

No plague could last against our humble and unified intent to eradicate it.​ ​Not a chance!

By consciously living this such a divine circle of benevolence, we consistently allow ourselves to see evidence that from our humility we can that serve freely as god's chosen human angels on earth as in heaven.


In summary, the act of humbling oneself makes unity possible which allows us all to experience God’s grace--individually and collectively--in us, through us, as us and among us all, which ultimately brings the greatest glory to God.

What's better than humility? Nothing that's what!

God is with us

Thanks to:



This Weeks Scamtastic RV/GCR News: 8/26-9/01 Kool-aid

"Golden Triangle" - GCR/RV SITREP - Friday - September 1, 2017

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Houston was not the target of Harvey, the Golden Triangle to the east of Houston was.

Beaumont, Port Author and Orange (no relation to Trump), make up the original drilling home to legendary South Texas oil, gas and chemical manufacturing supply, which accounts for 25% of the country's crude oil production, and 60% of the East Coast and 50% of the Midwest's daily crude refinery supply.

To flood out this area would mean to create a natural disaster of epic environmental and economic proportion that would make the BP spill in Louisiana appear like small potatoes.

Also, it was to shock and doable the financial markets as well as stop normal life on the entire Eastern Seaboard pre Labor Day weekend when everyone is driving to a beach.

Didn't happen like they had hoped. Chew on that Osiris!

Golden Triangle oil and gas wells are 90% still on line, and only one chemical plant caught fire as a result of the flooding which has already been contained.

A 1,000 year flood couldn't even stop human progress or the RV. That's how blessed and highly favored we are (the lambs) plus how weakened the cabal minions/agenda is right now (the lions).

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Think about this fact for like a second, as bad as Hurricane Harvey was only 48 people died and in the nation's largest rain event ever, right in the heart of the highest crude area--and there wasn't even an elongated disruption of American life outside of Texas with no hint of a historic environmental disaster bad enough to make the entire Southern Texas coastline uninhabitable due to chemical toxicity in the local drinking water.

Because that was the cabal's Hail Mary goal; Mass death, mass destruction, mass chaos=no RV.

Didn't happen.

The world kept on spinning like it was a simple heavy rain storm. Ho hum. Next.

So I hope it is now Christal clear to all reading this that in fact God is not with cabal.

And thus it's ok to fear absolutely nothing as we love on absolutely everyone... ad infinitum (Latin for "infinitely"). Sobeit.

God is with us


"2018" - GCR/RV SITREP - Friday - September 1, 2017

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All redemptions must be complete by the new fiscal year 2018 which begins on Saturday October 1, 2017.

October 1st is the NPTB's drop dead date (maybe always was the RV backwall).

Do the NPTB trust that they can pull off a safe and quiet September RV while the world is fascinated watching Trump's public execution? Yes.

But Chinese military is now in charge of the RV, over Dunford, over Ryan, over Congress, over HSBC (which includes Bank of China execs stepping into redemption centers).

But if this final weekend of summer is not the weekend that we will RV... which has been 100% confirmed by multiple sources in multiple arenas, then a September 30th back wall is also the debt ceiling date per a UST source.

Meaning the USA will have no operating funds come October 1st without an RV. Period.

The Chinese Sovereigns have underwritten the entire US economy since August 2013 and they are done carrying the load.

China could care less about how things might look in the global or American press with an American economic collapse --they are making decisions based on their own astronomical calculations going back 5,000 years and forcing the RV into reality now.

Former President Obama is orchestrating every move made by the Republic on behalf of the Elders from Washington.

No wonder Trump constantly blames Obama for his troubles. And yes Trump is under house arrest and has been for months.

The Republic is planning a Saturday night forced release that ends before October 1 , 2017.

Could a Saturday September 3rd start time of 3:30am EDT be accurate? And Tuesday September 5th completion time at 7:28am EDT when Mercury Retrograde goes direct also be right for private sovereign redemptions?

No way to know.

This will force General Dunford to secure all private currency contract operations in September, and tee up the resignation flash bang distraction of President Trump we believe is coming in September as well.

The RV will ultimately hit so fast, so quickly, so stealth like--yet never to be seen or heard from again--you'll be thankful you were paying such close attention for so long.

As the RV will be just that fast, easy to miss, and ever harder to revisit post RV... like a needle in a haystack. Sobeit.

God is with us

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Well, here we go again. Last year about this time,Obummer, I mean Obama was under house arrest. Now Trumspter is under house arrest. Make up your cotton picking me and stop making me dizzy. Stop I say, stop.


There is a rumor going around dinarland that this one that is presently going by Yosef may have been arrested. It sure would be nice to start to see some of these MLM fraudsters in handcuffs.


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