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STARWALKERS Episode #25 "Unification" by TS Caladan

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Episode #25 "Unification"
by TS Caladan

The Captain and Commander Staak had meditated together on a few prior occasions, but nothing like the present situation. They had meditated atop holy and serene Mt. Shi'luud on Remor along with its rare and violent storms that included red lightning. They had reached 'nirvana' at Fanguard Fields and other special locations throughout the wild, wild galaxy for a variety of reasons. Where they were in the present could have topped them all:
       Captain and Commander sat comfortably in what would normally have been an extremely uncomfortable place. They were high upon the Remusan counterpart of Shi'luud. It wasn't the fantastic surroundings of hot volcanism that amazed the Starwalkers, it was the fact that: No one was ever permitted on Remus, but Remusans. The warrior-race or military (fascist) branch of Remorans had proposed an unbelievable possibility, after all this time: Divided brothers should "merge," converge, UNIFY and be one (earless) nation as it was in the beginning. Remor and Remus should come together~
       Remusans "suggested" the idea, broke their isolationist policies and "invited" Staak and his Captain to come to Remus and were left alone. The possibility of Unification tantalized Remoran leaders, Starwalker Command and also the two men.
       Church and Staak opened their eyes as a violent region of Remus steamed around them...

       "Hot here, huh?"
       Staak agreed.
       "That was nice," Captain John commented and calmly smiled while satellites spun, major and minor. Lava flows sizzled, bubbled, churned and were hardly heard in the background. Soft eruptions were seen, smelled and felt.
       "Respectful," Staak added as a final point to the meditations.
       "I have a question, Commander. Before we discuss Unification?"
       "Yes?" The earless one was interested and 'all ears.'
       "Your brother and sister not have the 9% 'hardware,' correct? No Machine parts?"
       "Correct, sir. They left home planet during the war, before GAI's final Resolution."
       "Staak. You don't mean the War with the Machines?"
       "No, sir. Our differences were because of the Machines; I meant our Civil War of brother against brother."
       "I know civil wars. So...the ones who believed order and militarism were the way...RAN AWAY during your war? Cowardly act...for military men? Klingons wouldn't have done that. Staak, did I make you laugh?"
       "No, sir." But John did, a little. [Staak was becoming like an Earthling more and more]. "They were beaten."
       John Church had an odd thought: "What would happen if Remusans...suddenly...had your Machine parts?"
       Staak answered, "I would imagine: They'd possess the BEST PART or the wonderful, sensitive, positive qualities of living beings, rather than the worst."
       "Interesting. Your thoughts on their proposal to Star Command? Unification?"
       "It cannot be sincere, sir. The concept makes no sensibility. Highly doubtful, unlikely; the entire proposition is absurd. Bi-partisan? And yet..."
       "The possibility is...intriguing? You were going to say?"
       "And fascinating."
       "Hmm." Church rubbed his chin with his right-hand. "Wonder how it will play out?"
       It was Commander Staak that suddenly noticed they were not alone. "John. Turn around."
       "Hm?" Church turned and observed a prone, unconscious, naked man. He had dark hair with some gray and a beard.
       "How long has he been..."?
       "I recognize him, Captain. I know who he is. But. It can't be him. Sir."
       [click] Church flipped open his communicator and signaled the ship. "Boots?"
       "Yes, sir?"
       "Three to beam up. To sickbay; alert the Doctor. Also. Have a level-2 containment around the body..."
       "Our third member, we've just found."
       [click] John turned to Staak and asked, "Who is he?"
       "It cannot be, Cardic, the mutant spy from ancient history. But it is. It's Cardic." The Remoran was amazed. He showed his feelings.

       Much later, onboard the starship, Doctor O'Leary revived the patient to a conscious state.
       He was fine. He spoke. He kept the beard and long hair, hair that hid his uniqueness among Remusans and Remorans. The "X" factor mutant 'from antiquity' had POINTED EARS. Cardic spoke clearly and demanded Starwalker Command facilitate Unification between his separated people!

The Captain and Commander confronted "Cardic" in guest quarters provided for the most unlikely of visitors.
       "You pose two great mysteries, sir," Captain Church said to the living legend. "One: You cannot be who you claim to be. And two: Why is it so imperative for your two tribes to merge? For the walls to fall? Even to the point of involving Starwalkers?"
       Cardic's reply was: "I've been reading, learning, catching up on many things. Remorans shepherding you humans into space, given the assignment of placing Terans 'under their wing,' so to speak? You were human jokes, in my time: unworthy brutes we'd never 'dirty' ourselves with. But the Centauri worked with you, monitored your 'baby steps.' Maybe councils of Remor want to return the favor? Both sides, both divided planets, I've heard, want Starwalkers as negotiators or mediators. Both sides sought Terans...for assistance. There's one point of agreement between the brothers, Captain. First of our steps, closer to open relations with both planets? Is that not so, Commander?"
       Staak answered, "This is true. Unknown is: What's behind elite officials of scientists and military, from planets so separated and divided? How did they and why, really, come together at this particular time?" Staak did the hard stare into Cardic's eyes. "Tell the truth, image of Cardic..."
      "Image of Cardic?" the image of Cardic responded with big smiles.
      "...Why is Unification of supreme importance to you? The real reason? Cardic had the power to hide his thoughts and be the perfect spy." Staak strongly desired to know.
      The mysterious man from the past, sighed. He earnestly stated, "Remember. A spy for your tribe, Commander, against the founders of Remus. If you do not believe I am Cardic, why consider any of my demands?"
       Staak asked again, "Why?"
       'Cardic' spoke plainly, "I can only tell you the truth. I don't know how I got here, in your world and time. I don't know who I am NOW, this form you see. I know who I was. This, all right, IMAGE you see before you, Captain and Commander...will change."
       Captain asked first; "What do you mean, change?"
       "You know I am neither Changling or Shape-Shifter. If the Commander and I 'Merged,' the action would not be logical since I have very little memories. I remember virtually nothing. Did someone conjure me into existence and beam me to your location on Remus? I do not know. I understand one thing: Remor and Remus must unite! Why? Could be my reason for being here. The question you ask is the same one that burns inside me and will burn inside different 'shells' I will become, to your vision, anyway. When I speak to the GU."
       The "GU" reference triggered Captain Church. He turned to Staak and questioned: "How in God's name did Cardic get an audience with the Union? Just like that, within hours from when we found him?"
       "I am suspicious as well, sir. Because they believe he is Cardic? Not sure."
       "Let me clear the air," the mystery man stated. "I am from the future, a time that has not happened. You see no purple skin, Commander, and a different set of ears. Both tribes of brothers will 'merge' physically and not be aware of the change; timelines will alter and all Centauri will possess visible ears and red blood. We'll resemble the end of the Season."
       "Extraordinary," Staak said. "I sense no deception, Captain. It's true."
       The legendary "freak" ahead of his times in ancient times seemed also ahead of his times in the present. The image changed appearance...
       Captain and Commander reacted~
       "When I speak to your Galactic Union, I will look like this. Most importantly, I will not be Cardic. I've channeled Ran. I am Ran, or have just become him on the inside, the spirit..."
       "Ran?" The Captain was unfamiliar with who Ran was in Remoran History, precisely. "Who's Ran?"

Former Cardic, now Ran, expressed, "Tell me, Commander. Do you still remain doubtful of Unification? The Union will listen to me and 'hurry the future.' They will know I am who I claim to be. If the GU agrees and sees the truth, they'll make it so and force Unification...for the peace and stability of the Quadrant against future threats. Yes? I will tell the Union: My brothers and sisters should never have warred, never have differed over the progress of Machines and should never have left home planet. Remorans will be welcome on Remus and we hope to return to Remor."
       The Captain was stunned. "Who's Ran?"
       The Commander was more stunned and answered in a daze: "He...split our nation. He led the charge that divided us. Can he undo it? His daughter discovered Remus; she became Supreme Chancellor and, and..."
       "What?" The Captain remained very confused.
       Staak stated to the image of Ran: "Your old uniform is an accurate representation of the centurions. But the ears are wrong, image of Ran. You had none."
       "Haaa! HA! ah, ha," Ran laughed loud and said, "Contemplate that, Commander! So will the Union. Now. What are the odds for Unification? Staak?" 
       R'maugzhe Staak only looked at the Captain and said a word John had never heard him say: "Wow." 

       On a secured/sealed planet called Riveror stood the Headquarters (façade) of possibly the most powerful organization in the galaxy (at parody with the Dominion in other Quadrants). The occulted Galactic Union, with 'tentacles' entrenched and part of other galaxies, heard a speech from Ran inside their Great Auditorium. He urged the "Order" or councils to change and accept the bi-partisan proposal to merge the tribes and open peaceful relations between the divided planets.
       The 'world watched.'
       To convince the Union, Ran changed shape once more (without his control). In the middle of the filibuster to highest officials, he changed form. He stated he'd become his daughter: He had become Ailia, the ruthless tyrant who discovered the "new home planet" and named it "Remus."
       Huge crowds of Remorans and Remusans shared the same auditorium and felt that the words were truthful. On the large stage, the one who spoke was the evil Queen known as Ailia. But. No one viewed a woman. Everyone in the audience and throughout other worlds over mega-Media saw a MAN. It was the image of a (neutral) man no one recognized. The man retained the official uniform from ancient Remus and had the "Cardic Family ears." Mystics and psychics and officials in-the-know of all varieties, clearly understood this was truly Ailia, only child of Ran, who started everything for the Remusans. She was not horrible or evil in any way [not in a negative universe]. 'He' was a lovely, sweet, soft-spoken, 'man' that denounced war and warrior ways.

The Captain sat next to the Commander with the Doctor in the seat on the other side. "Unbelievable," he whispered.
       "Exactly what it is, sir." Staak commented.
       Ben chimed in with, "Could be historic? Armies, mighty space forces of Remus DE-MILITARIZED? Ha. Hammering weapons into plowshares? Incredible."
       "Not sensible, Doctor. Not going to happen." Staak was adamant.
       O'Leary replied, "Unlike you to be negative, Staak."
       The Remoran had to respond with something. He said, "Maybe...I'm a realist? We do not know the ulterior motives at work here, which certainly exist. The WHYs behind everything and WHO, what stands hidden in shadows?"
       The Captain had to respond with something. He said, "Let's see how it plays out."
      Image of Cardic, now Ailia, informed massive crowds on and off Riveror that he would alter in appearance one more time when a "sensible decision" was reached. The man he'd become soon would be a representative of the Machines, a very famous symbol of the Machine-way of peace and love: He will become GANMOR! 
       The only question was: Would the GU back Unification? If so, it would surely happen: a new order in the galaxy and a firm alliance between old, rival 'brothers.'

       They returned to the Enlighten. Ailia also beamed to the Starwalker flagship and to his/her guest quarters. Apparently, the GU's decision came quickly...
       Because when Commander Staak and Captain Church buzzed and entered the strange visitor's quarters, the vision and weird anomaly before their eyes was bald and no longer had pointed ears. [Picard in red/black captain's uniform with 4 pins on neck]. Another metamorphosis had occurred. This "Captain" was not a good man. It was not a decent entity or image of a kind and loving man. He was CALLAS. Callas in the negative universe. He was not the Christ-like savior on Remus, butchered by the new regime, the Republic. He was evil.
       The others in the room felt it.   

Staak had realized the truth moments ago. It happened just in time~
       The Captain's first words were: "Four pins? That supposed to mean something?"
       Commander Staak declared with authority and rare emotions, "You were never Ran! You were never Ailia. And you were absolutely...NEVER GANMOR! Possibly your avatar was used to strike and rekindle warm, calm, passive memories in subconscious minds. You stirred early memories. Why? Misdirection? Your image was once a very successful spy with mutant powers, capable of guarded thoughts, the perfect spy. How would I know that? No one knew. You are a phony, deceptive image. Only now do I understand the scope."
       The false vision rose to its feet. He was in a 'jolly good mood.' It laughed. It replied with, "For the good guys, Staak. An agent that operated for the good guys, YOUR side, from Remor..."
       "And today?" First Officer asked in total skepticism.
       "I am also...a messiah? The future. I am become...Callas."
       "What?" John quickly asked.
       It told Church, "Ask Staak about bloodlines and who he was."
       Staak confidently questioned, "In those fascist colors? Seriously? And BALD? He was known for peace/love and also for his long HAIR. Like Saruk."
       The vision-anomaly that could not be who he claimed to be stared intently into the deep, dark, powerful eyes of the Commander. They locked onto each other as if it were a quasi-Merge~
       Staak remained serious. His face was solid as rock.
       'Callas' laughed a creepy laugh. It stopped. "Ha. By the way, the Union rejected the bi-partisan proposal. Huh. As planned." It focused again on Staak's eyes and asked, "And how do you know for sure I was never Callas, Commander?" 
       The purplish humanoid from Remor spoke the plain truth: "Because I WAS CALLAS."
       John did a 'double-take' and looked again at his friend.
       Staak finished his thought, "...I was Ran and Ailia and her child she believed was dead. I was even the spirit of Ganmor, but that's something else, entirely. This is no time paradox. It's why you cannot be the incarnations you claim to be. Those are not your bloodlines, sir. They're mine." 
       John Church desperately asked, "Have you figured it, Staak?"
       The Science Officer's reply was, "Almost. He's a Remusan clone. More a 'multi-drone,' made from a preserved fragment of Cardic and operated remotely. He's not speaking, sir. Something else is."
       The vision laughed once more and told the Starwalkers, "Ah, ha! You haven't figured everything, Commander! Like how I now have total control of your starship. Told you I researched and learned more and more. I switched control over to 'Auxiliary Control' and I have to tell you, Captain. It's a bloody mess down there. (laughed) Ha. Ah. Fun."
      "Huh?" John turned to Staak. "Staak! He has control? What's going on?" the worried Captain yelled.
      "It was never about Unification. It's all been a rouse to capture the flagship of Star Command."
      "Why?" The Captain already knew the answer to the question he asked.
      Staak explained: "As a 'trophy' for the mighty Remusan Empire. What greater glory to bring our ship to Remus where it will be surrounded by warships, displayed for the rest of the galaxy to see? In the aftermath, they'll impose their Will and no one will ever again speak of peace and uniting the tribes. It will be WAR."
       The remotely-operated drone of the Remusan Empire [GU] stated the facts as 'he' perceived them: "Gentlemen. Nothing in the universe can stop the locks placed on the ship, but me. I choose to not comply. I control. I also am not here, in a sense, and cannot be killed. We'll be at Remus fairly soon." It turned toward Captain John. "You have a brilliant First Officer..."
       The Commander stood motionless and disassociated from his surroundings~
       Intuitive Church felt better about a situation where he had just lost control of his precious starship. It was a familiar feeling in his gut: Don't Panic! Everything was not as terrible as it appeared to be. John said, "You don't know how brilliant. I've played games with him before and I know what he's doing. He's looking for answers, ways to defeat you, sir. I'll wager: Staak will win...and you...will lose."
       "No way," the Thing said with an unsure grin.
       Then Staak came out of his trance. He moved. He smiled at each of them.
       "Oh, boy," Church expressed and smiled also.
       "What?" It asked. It asked in fear of its 'life.'
       Staak LAUGHED!
       John added, "Oh, NO. I wouldn't want to be you right now." The cocky Captain shook his head. "Tsk, tsk, tsk."
       "Noo!" It screamed and stopped. It knew it was defeated and died right there. The vision-anomaly completely vanished from the room.
       It was Commander Staak that experienced a total transmogrification~
       He became what the Cardic-image really and truly was:

A Remusan clone, a genetic variation of Cardic. Staak tuned and controlled "it" because he was connected to "it" from a very long time ago. He had become Shinzon, Remusan hybrid clone.
       The warrior-Centauri tribe and Galactic Union behind the whole affair, were very disappointed when their "perfect-plan" failed. SC starship Enlighten was not a captured prize.
       The Captain gained control when Shinzon (Staak) released the locks imposed on the ship. The real 'image' of the clone was the only thing that could have returned control back to the bridge. A horrific tragedy was discovered in Auxiliary Control: 3 dead crewman were murdered by the clone. 

       Later. On the bridge and in front of the crew and his friends, the Commander dissolved back to the purplish, earless alien they were familiar with. 'None worse for the ware' and back to his usual conservative, unemotional self.
       Everyone around the shy Centauri tried to thank him for saving the ship again as well as their own 'skin.' The Remoran would have none of it. He refused the affections and credit for doing anything heroic.
      The bridge crew believed it was the great 'man's' modesty or training or 'big purple heart' filled with repressed Compassion that made him react that way. Not the case at all.
       Staak told them: "You do not understand. When I was Shinzon, I had to expend about all of my energy, not to maintain control of the golem I motivated, but to NOT take control of the ship..."
       "What?" The Captain did not believe his ears. "That's not amusing, Commander."
       "I would have done it, too. It's only a matter of time, sir. As in...time-bomb." Staak tapped his wrist a few times on a watch that didn't exist. "Tick, tick."
       The crew were not sure whether to laugh. A few did.
       Ben O'Leary responded and said in the direction of the Big Chair: "I don't think the man's joking, Captain."

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