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Nothingness and Something, The Death Machine

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1 Nothingness and Something, The Death Machine on Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:00 pm


Nothingness and Something, The Death Machine

 omnipulse   Daily Words   August 25, 2017

Plot-twist, if death is nothingness and life is something that would mean that before life there was nothing but then something can come from nothing.
: D Impossible! There must be something, but then this something is not on the same physical level of interaction as is the ‘pre’ or ‘post’ life phase that is actually simultaneous. This layer is not ‘beyond’ nothingness or ‘pre’ or ‘post’ life, it’s simply energetic! It is a non-physical containment of energy and information that represents all that takes place physically and in that sense the energy can exist throughout all of the time that the physical projection is sustained in its temporary existence. Thus, first is energy, then is the material projection which takes place in “time” and then is always the energy. It’s not ‘before’ or ‘after’, it’s literally a simultaneous occurrence of all that always is.
Unless of course the laws of physics violate themselves to create themselves! In which case, woo-hoooooooo! You can FLY! : D (you can fly anyway)
You can fly anyway because energy is not limited by the same parameters that the graphical projection is! The graphical, physical projection is still, simultaneously, always and forever just pure energy seen from a different perspective! Thus that fundamental layer is always present and so if you can access this layer you can access the information that would require flying to access (moving outside of space-time, beyond the boundaries of your physical being using your mind).
Yes, this was discovered in the secret experiments! Everything is forever, except the perspective that it isn’t! Everything is literally encoded as energy, pure information, and this information can be accessed through technology that can manage power levels and very refined or accurate frequencies to detect and view into the information field.
This is the nature of life itself, that death is the illusion! In that sense, life is equally an illusion! Not because it’s not real, but because what is seemingly lost through death is never really lost! Another way to look at this is to see that the ‘you’ that began reading this, that slightly more innocent or earlier version, is not actually ‘gone forever’. That you still exists in time-space right where they’ve always been! It’s not that ‘you’ that’s moving at all through time space, its your perspective of you that is!
The perspective is non-physical, it’s immaterial, you can’t weigh a perspective! You can capture the object, but then you have an object that is separate from the observer essence! This is part of the previous talk that I haven’t uploaded because the traffic noise was too loud, I have the second part of that here.
You are the part that remains, you are the aspect that never dies! It’s a paradox, but perfectly so because it only results in continual opportunity for more, which is the only option other than a continual collapse into nothingness in which case we would have already zapped out already! What we have here in this particular perspective is a very carefully crafted illusion where the previous phase is ‘wiped’ out of view rapidly so as to induce a contextual panorama of decay or entropy! That is an act! A show! It’s a play, big generators and teams of individuals are required to keep that act going!
One explanation is that the universe shut down as a result of some mistakes earlier on! Another explanation is that a cosmic mishap initiated that shut down and the universe was re-installed through teams of individuals that found their way in the dark using advanced technology and spiritual knowledge! Another explanation is that this is simply how this universe was created, that the recreation was the mishap, which was the creation and that was the error, in that teams ran experiments that resulted in the recreation of this universe with an accidental contamination, a perceptual overlay of their own mind-states during the process which then became the orientation of this universe!
Ultimately, the same amount of distortion that was applied to create that shift into perpetual entropy is corrected through secret operations that realign the information field of the universe with the correct propagation using the DNA of Humanity! If ran through the Human DNA spectrum, then the universe reflects the perfect balance!
Currently, these devices, or at least ‘previously’ (research other areas, we were informed these machines were shut down and relinquished from these dark factions who realized the entire universe would eat them if they didn’t stop) were literally attached to and filtered through bloodline elite families who’s unconscious mind was then programmed in a specific process to encrypt and sadistically entrain their mind, the machine and thus this reality in a feedback cycle of death and destruction!
Thus, they bio-hacked the universe and the Human race through the manipulation of the mind through symbolism and spiritual knowledge, deception and a literal interaction with the universal projection system by filtering the information field of the local network through their bloodline families who each programmed one another to only feed into, submit to and propagate that which is the plan for total domination mental, spiritual and emotional!
This technological system and the information fields are clarifying now and this is usually regarded as a kind of higher working order of some kind of overarching management that truly controls what happens with the Human race and will not permit complete destruction! However, those who do not align with compassion in the direct sense of how they interact in this society and universe will be seen as part of the infection and adjusted or removed accordingly!
Stranger things have happened, just look in the murky waters of a swamp!

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