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Randy Beane a fraud...does that make #HATJ a fraud too? IFM New video!

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Harvey digs in to randy

Something told me this was a planned event, that's my view, not the one of Harvey's vid. His research only confirms what I felt. Since this "arrest" things have gotten a little muddy, to say the least. 
On July 9th BZ Riger posts the first audio "reunion" on uv website quotes harvey's videos as THE REASON this is being discussed and thats why they decided to get back together. Listen to the "reunion" audio. that's when I started thinking they were trying to hijack what harvey was doing.And the attacks on Harvey started, evicted (like I was) channels removed, hurricanes named after They are so afraid. Gee I wonder why...why would they be afraid of little ol Harvey? Or me? Have we hit a nerve? I think so. You guys can keep spinning on the hamster wheel...not my thing. i was sight it right. their nakedness is exposed for all to see.

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Good! They are all frauds. No wheel spinning here. It seems that turning on one another is a great way to get the sympathy donations. Brilliant really. Look how they go after one another. All these guys seem to use this method.




Check out my youtube channel for I Ching readings and other divergent topics.

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