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STARWALKERS Episode 35, "Return to Remor" by TS Caladan

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Episode 35, "Return to Remor"
by TS Caladan

Staak was back on volcanic Remus, at the special place and counterpart to Mt. Shi'luud on Remor. In his 'dreams,' anyway~
       After the "Unification" debacle, WAR or a type of major conflict was expected between separated "tribes," which certainly involved the Starwalkers. Remus returned to the state of "Forbidden Planet" as it had been for many centuries. No outsiders allowed. [Unless the GU declared otherwise].
       Commander Staak meditated from his sleeping quarters, but he was also posed upon the hot, steamy, gurgling surface of REMUS. Even if a Remusan transport, guard-ship, Cruiser or Star Destroyer passed overhead, no scans would be able to detect the ghost entity or ethereal-spirit that was the essence of R'maugzhe Staak. First Officer had free reign; he could fly, go anywhere a phantom could but never physically interact with the planet or the Remusans. He wouldn't want to in the present state of affairs.
       Staak appeared here 'In Search Of'...KNOWLEDGE. Old Enemy or new enemy, it was the same enemy: his brothers and sister conquerors who embraced a pagan "Warrior's way of life" as the natural and only way to live. The exercise, mind-vision or plain ol' experiment was to see...
       What would have happened if Unification was actually accepted and promoted by the Union, instead of the "Nay" vote some time ago? What if walls fell between Remus and Remor? Staak wondered: Would it ever be possible for his long-lost brothers and sisters to reject the Military and (natural?) principles of Warriors and 'merge' toward a softer, gentler [Machine] lifestyle? Will settlers of Remus ever be welcomed on home planet and return to Remor
       A bizarre set of occurrences suddenly happened simultaneously in 3 universes...

       Staak's meditations or ethereal travel on the astral plane was diverted. He no longer was obsessed with visions on Remor and Remus of the "integration of brothers." His Big Question wasn't: Would the warrior tribe of Remusans ever put down the sword and return home? And if so, what would the future be like?
       In the now, the mental mission (and only mission) was a much larger QUESTION. For some time, the Commander had felt the presence of an unimaginable horror in the Milky Way galaxy, a powerful EVIL that threatened countless other galaxies! It had been referred to as "The Beast." Was it the demonic creature that slept and was unleashed from the Amusement Park Planet? Staak, at the deepest levels of "ghost travels," was at the complete mercy of the spirit-experience itself, meaning: He had no control and he always had control. He moved; he was spirited. He was electric and magnetic and sped beyond time at light-speed. But. The Remoran was not "in the driver's seat." The eared alien was taken, driven through the stars to places and scenes...
       They were answers to his dreams. Unbelievable answers to questions on higher levels of his mind. Why deal with military brothers when he could discover much larger answers to ultimate questions? Such as:
       Why was there so much darkness and troubles in all Quadrants of our galaxy? Why were there tremendous problems among advanced civilizations? Why can't the highest forms of life live peacefully without war, conquest and invasion (expansion)? Why doesn't Light win over Dark, goodness over evil, and why can't everyone put down their swords and return Home to the Garden? 
      Commander Staak received answers that he understood were true, knew were true, but answers he was not ready for. Not even close~
       First Officer of the Enlighten saw scenes. The first vision blew his Remoran mind because of its titanic size, dimension, scope, color, beauty, power, energy, precision and supreme perfection~ It was an all-Cybertran planet: ALL MACHINE! Something told the Commander's spirit that it was called: TINEOUS.

To back-up the Universe (if anything destructive were to happen to the World such as a Doomsday, oblivion and an end of all Life) TINEOUS was created by fantastic Power and Light Masters that took Machine forms. Also called "Cybertran," the supreme/ultimate Hall of Records were infinite files that perfectly replicated every physical and non-physical dimension.
       Infinity was mirrored, exactly the same as the real thing.
       EVERYTHING ON ALL LEVELS WAS COPIED, recorded, duplicated and stored within a protected, invisible, unreachable, anonymous field location or "storehouse" for obvious high security reasons. If the Universe was corrupted, attacked, damaged, diseased or completely annihilated...then, the COPY OF EVERYTHING remained safe, secure and pure.
       TINEOUS could never be found. Super force-fields and vibratory protection arrays were Perpetual Machines that moved and hid the Hall of Records perfectly. The Cybertran was far more than a vast Library of data and information. TINEOUS controlled, preserved and maintained a whole, infinite Universe. The Super Machine was similar to a Projector that ran 6D films and those [tetrahedron] images were reality, an infinite universe, just like the original.
       [Commander Staak learned...] No other Projector was possible (back-up to a back-up) because of a slight loss of cohesion each time the World was copied. Further copies paled and came apart at the atomic level.
       TINEOUS RAN THE ENTIRE SHOW! An incredibly large Machine that resembled our planet Saturn in many ways, operated the "insurance" COPY for all Life in the Universe.
       The Commander (as a Spirit) was overwhelmed: a state rarely ever experienced by the Remoran. He wondered: What about the original Universe? What was its Fate? What eventually happened to the first World?
       He was vaulted to a new plateau and darn near EXPRESSED amazement when he learned, by a true source:
       The real, physical universe and all Levels and Floors and Sides and Dimensions it carried with it were GONE! Evaporated! Mysteriously disappeared and went away in a relatively short time!
       This left...only the COPY~
       That was where everything and everyone and all the universes of every kind existed within, under a big Umbrella Universe or parallel that encompassed everything, but was only a COPY.
       Staak clearly understood the imperative that...
       You better hide the TINEOUS Projector well so no force or any type of creature realized its location and threatened it in any way. It was the only back-up COPY. 
       More visions and images of the past flew and flashed at the Commander, rather than Staak who rushed to them.

       Staak's ghost body discovered that it was relocated to Saturn. It was our small Saturn, within the Teran Solar System and not any other ringed planet. He was puzzled and the Science Officer was much like his Captain: He didn't enjoy mysteries, unsolved puzzles and Big Wonders of the World; the scientist wanted to answer the tough questions...
       Why did the Teran System include a 6th planet (actually 7th planet: Asteroid Belt, & #8 in numerology) that very closely resembled a secret, super Projector, which ran the one and only mirrored Mega-verse?
       The whole "mental movie" was presented before him in order to answer his largest and most inner question to Life: Why evil? Staak's ethereal body was catapulted above the very odd, blue, hexagonal North Pole of Saturn. Slowly...Staak received sensible answers:

Here was a place that strangely swirled in perfect streams. Where most worlds had poles with rounded storms, atmospheric conditions or whatever turned at the pole...
       Saturn's North Pole spun in a blue hexagon! For endless ages, the HEXAGON remained a hexagon and never came apart, changed or diminished...same for Jupiter's Red Spot (connected). In truth, spectacular Saturn was once the SYSTEM'S CENTER SUN! After "Ragnarok" and Fall of the Gods, the Sun was altered, became a ringed planet and orbited a new star at the 7th position.
       Ever since, everything had changed for the worse in our Solar System. Saturn was not a beautiful, lovely, wonderful planet as it appeared from a distance with elaborate, pretty RINGS. The Ring System was an ultra-powerful Force-Field System that LOCKED it in place and shielded it from any type of outer contact. It could not be destroyed. Saturn, named after Roman god Cronos or "Time" who ate his children, essentially, SUCKED IN positive vibrations from the whole galaxy and SENT OUT negative vibrations to the whole galaxy. In went the Good and out went the Bad. After the Fall of the Gods or Old Rangers, Saturn vacuumed positive energy and captured it, sealed it inside the "Storehouse" and also broadcasted negative energy out its other end. This was why everything slowly darkened and why intelligent creatures of every kind, everywhere, were nearly "at each other's throats." Saturn made the universe far worse than it was when it was the Sun. It destroyed the positive and generated the negative~

Commander Staak's new vision in front of him had to do with Earth. More and more cherished, honorable, noble, heroic, wonderful, lovely, lovely Good Energies were drained from the Teran planet and all else through a Rift-conduit or mini-wormhole. Good souls, positively fantastic, sweet spirits, precious things of every color spectrum and tone were drawn into really a black and white TETRAHEDRON North Pole like a giant Magnet. Massive amounts of positivism were sucked in and extraordinary amounts of NEGATIVITY WAS CONTINUMOUSLY PUMPED OUT INTO THE COSMOS FROM THE OTHER POLE...
       Earth was no different than other potential planets millions of light-years away to be + drained. Tera was closer to the Sucker and Broadcaster, the only difference.
       More and more of the most precious, sweet souls in the Universe were sucked and sealed in captivity. They were absolutely contained and controlled. The "disease" of GOODNESS, COMPASSION AND LOVE will never escape and thrive in the future. Future will be utterly bleak, colorless, meaningless, violent, warlike, without good feelings, hope and nothing but total despair.
       Who did this? Staak asked the universe.
       The universe answered: Dranul of the Arkons~
       Who are the Arkons?
       The Heavens replied: It is not Man who is here. It is the Arkons who are here. [Pilate's Question] Would you like to view the Broadcaster itself, at close range, Commander? They installed the wormhole system which does nothing good. I speak of the Southern Pole of Saturn. Details should astound you.
       R'maugzhe's spirit was affected by other universes and asked, Can Dranul be defeated? Can we turn the Collector and prison for Good Souls and also a Darkhouse Projector, the other way? Can we suck up the bad, seal it away and release only the good unto the World?
       The cosmos or Cosmic Consciousness again "spoke" to Staak, but did not answer his questions. It repeated: Would you like to see the Broadcaster, the Southern Pole?
The Ghost answered, I am Science Officer onboard the flagship of Star Command, I certainly know what the ringed planet's poles look like. Sir.
       Not like this, Staak. Here is how it appears in the positive universe...

Staak observed what the ass end of the Monster that sucked in goodness and spat out evil looked like in the other world...

He gasped in fear. He was not one who gasped. He was not one who allowed himself to feel fear. Staak managed it and controlled his paranoia and bad thoughts extremely well. Not this time. The Commander was scared as HELL as he floated right above a fucking ONE EYE, the 1-eye of Saturn's South Pole in the positive universe. This was the Broadcaster and nozzle of the negative "blackhouse/darkhouse" Transmitter than spun in spirals. A dark antenna, fountain-spout that transmitted pure evil negative-energy out into the universe at light-speed<
       The Conscious and true Voice stated, But that is not YOUR South Pole of Saturn. 
       Indeed. It is not, sir.
The problem affects your universe, Staak.
       Here is your last negative Tetrahedron image...we must end this and you must get to sleep?

Examine your future, the negative universe's future where Saturns will switch. This is your Broadcaster that will darken your World in time, while the one in the positive universe will shutdown.
       The Real World. Wormhole and poles in your Real Universe are very different. They have combined with your universe, for some unknown reason...
       I see no sensible...
       ...Then Staak was suddenly knocked to vivid, lucid, wake consciousness and was totally out from under the trance of his meditations~
       "Oh, boy."

       It was the following 'day' aboard the starship Enlighten. Captain and crew had completed an easy assignment on Deneb 12 and had time before next directives came through.
       The Commander ran a few diagnostic tests and everything ran at peak efficiency. Staak realized it might be the proper time to talk to his good friend and Captain. He asked if he could have a moment and John Church complied. When Staak briefly explained, the Captain thought it best to include the Councilor. Staak agreed.
       "Dreams again, Staak? Thought you were the expert on dreams? Sit."
       [woosh] Councilor soon entered the room; she had big smiles. She sat too. She felt privileged to be a part of any meeting with the 'boys.' Her hair was nearly as red as the thick stripe on her uniform.
       Captain returned the smile and said, "Glad you could join us, Councilor."
       Staak didn't smile, although he appreciated the lady's insights and anything she added to the conversation. He recalled and recited what bits he remembered of the vivid dream. First Officer told them: "Meanings are not clear. Ah. First. I'd like to ask you, Captain. Have you ever heard of the Arkons?"
      "Huh. Arkons? No. I don't think I have...Councilor?"
      "New one to me, sir."
      Staak expressed, "I sense they were and are invaders from another galaxy, possibly Andromeda."
      "This VOICE you heard on...on, what? A guided tour toward...true answers?"
       John continued: "Who do you believe it was?"
       "Odd you asked, sir. I was just thinking...Dranul. The one I was warned about, who set up the Saturn Storehouse in the first place. It was almost a projection itself, in my mind. You see, and what I haven't made clear: The later dream was an exact copy of my MEDITATIONS, where, I was not dreaming. I traveled there, remotely; it really happened. Later I went to sleep and my experience was repeated in dreams. Odd. I would say. Certainly a first for me," Staak confessed in subtle awe.
       John was perplexed. "Why would the Devil behind...oh, I got the 'blackhouse/darkhouse,' as opposed to a lighthouse...why would the Devil, behind it all...reveal his, his plans or intentions to you, Commander? Reveal the truth?"
       "I do not know, other than possibly: our anti-matter universe might be the answer? Lies of the Devil in the positive universe are truths in the negative world?"
       "Sensible," John responded with the special Remoran word.
       Councilor asked, "Commander. Could you go over the captured souls again? You said sealed inside Saturn's spherical prison? Please talk about the sweet spirits."
       "It was everything good and positive that was alive and thrived in harmony. Infinite, beautiful, crystal clear, blue souls, compressed inside darkness and fear and hate. They were astounding to behold: our essence, our souls, light-beings that were true-blue, beautiful bodies: a wonderful part of a true-blue world. Huh. Somewhere? Yet, ultimate terror for perfect beings, forced inside an evil black Ball. They're not super beings; they're US! All or any of us sentient lifeforms; we're all the same blue light under the skin. They were everyone, whittled down to the purest essence."
       "This isn't like Tartarus. Can we help them escape, Staak?" John sincerely asked.
       "That is for the gods to decide, sir. Totally beyond our powers. The fact that Saturn or Satan or 'Sauron' (Santa) cannot be pulverized or destroyed should tell us that the extraordinary is surely happening."
       The Commander continued with a partial, last note on the sweet spirits: "But. But on some other level, in another universe of love and perfect precision, they..."

       "Staak?" The Captain waved his hand right in front of R'maugzhe's static face.
       Staak came out of the dazed state and replied, "I'm all right. I was at an intersection of worlds, you could say. Did you know, the other universe of positive matter..."?
       The correct words were difficult for the humanoid who was less an alien everyday. "...The Machines are TERMINATORS, mechanical killers, programmed, powerful, deadly cyber-killers against all life. Mindless, heartless, Destruct-Machines! Robo-mass murderers. Destroyers. God."
       "Oh, my."
       "...There are no peaceful, Machine-sages and kind, gentle prophets and lovely, lovely mechanical entities like Ganmor in the other world, John. Only death and destruction: A War with the Machines! But was a slaughter, the other way. Cybernetic androids, cold killers that destroyed vast populations. Pictures of the horror were..." Staak was about to express emotions.
       Church understood and quickly shouted: "Stop!" John diverted the talk to: "Their world, not ours, Commander."
       Even the Councilor knew Staak's next words were prophetic and would 'ring true' in time...
       "You are in error, sir. I cannot forget the thought that our Saturn has already done and is in a perpetual process of doing what their Broadcaster did. Theirs 'shutdown' centuries ago. That plainly means..."
       The Captain finished the thought, and ranted: "Our Darkhouse Broadcaster, wormhole conduit...real cause of all trouble in the Quadrants? Dranul's legacy? And we follow along 'at each other's throats,' just like the Devil directs us to do? Without question, obedient robots ourselves? Slaves? Cold cogs in Machines?"
       "The Voice of the Universe never replied directly to my questions, sir, or interacted. A Machine itself, I surmise. Merely an audio Projection? Around me, an accurate film and nothing more, I believe."

       Then the Captain remembered Staak 's initial question that sparked the whole quest for knowledge in the first place. "Returning to Remor?"

       The Commander was curious. "Yes, sir?"

       "You never received a vision about Unification? Will your split tribes unite at any point?"

       "I did indeed receive a clear truth on the matter. It was extremely disturbing and I chose not to reveal it."

      John looked over to the Councilor and back to Staak. He loved the unknown. He was an explorer (scientist, same thing). "Will you...will you tell us now, Staak?"

       "I will." With a lot of restraint and CONTROL on the inside of the Remoran, he stated, "They reversed roles, sir. A nightmare vision! I'm still 'freaking out' over it, John."

       "Huh? You handle it well, Staak."

      "Apparently, and hard for me to conceive: My wonderful people with the makina and love of life, followers of Ganmor and filled with hatred for the military...apparently...repressed the urge to become bad-ass soldiers themselves that killed for the Empire. APPARENTLY. We have repressed the idea to be bad boys...and secretly wanted to be like our aggressive brothers who left and founded Remus. Subconsciously. In future, my people became violent soldiers, lost the Old Ways, got rid of the makina, survived and fought each other in wars like Devil-damn Terans. Excuse me for saying, sir."

       "None taken."

       The Councilor understood the behavior and about laughed.

       "That's not all. How about this? Hold onto your hat?" Staak turned to John and quickly asked, "Was that right?"


       "...Shocking was...the exact reverse...also true. Warriors repressed their heart-felt, loving, compassionate feelings that they had been forced to conceal for the longest time. Soldiers became passive 'peaceniks.' Remusans actually had 'big hearts' and were warm/loving souls, under the armor. Totally unexpected, future reality. Timeline." Staak took a breath.

       The Councilor asked an even wiser advisor, "Commander? Did you see our future? Those souls, imprisoned inside Saturn? Will good spirits escape confinement and ever be released to play and fly free in the world, sir?"

       "Interesting. Comes down to a question: What will occur in the Next Generation? Will we go where we've never gone before: dark territories that our originals would never have walked? Or not?"

       John's final comment was a question: "What will tomorrow bring?"

       The Councilor was more thrilled when the Commander appeared very interested in her response to a question:

       "What do you think of the vision of pure spirits, instead of sucked into the Tetrahedron vortex North Pole, now released through the North Pole of a changed Saturn? Was it only a dream of no substance? Or was the good ending real? What do you imagine, Councilor?"

       Her gut reaction was, "Hm. I'd say: In some other place and time, yes. It was very real." She smiled. She liked her answer.

       They did also~

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