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Huge Elephant Squats In Living Room...Anyone Smell It But Me?

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Why isn't everyone talking about Heather and Randy et al being a psy-op? The silence is deafening! Are we afraid to admit we got duped? How much did they rake in with donations? Does anyone know? Anyone care? Get defrauded often? Do we have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME? There is something really creepy going on in media, social media, the frenzy has cooled but only because no one wants to admit how much and how easily they swallowed the gulp of bullshit. Oh well...carry on...
It just seems to me that Harvey, the man with the untimely unfortunate name actually made progress with paying bills using his social. Then the i-uv people jumped on it to flood the airwaves with distortion...bridging their OPPT movement which they admit went aground...or did it just go underground? Maybe Harvey was digging into their treasure they were able to claim (the whole damn trust) and he was showing everyone else how to access too. Well, if they did co-opt that trust with oppt, then they would indeed have a vested interest in punking Harvey, which they did. He's been defeated and isn't really sure how or why...but he's a smart guy and he's figured it out but now so many have invested their hearts, money, opinions and if they abandon mad hatter and rand they feel like they abandon themselves. I understand but what is true is true and if you are going to skip over something obviously deceptive to save face, well then you get to keep your is only skin deep. Like I said on July 18th...there is so much more than this crap. I wish I could tell Harvey...but he ain't listening, he's opening up the nut and finding out how rotten inside it is. I don't have a face so I don't care. I'm investing in me, it's the best investment so far I have found. Jump on your bandwagon, have faith and trust in your own abilities, we don't need no stinkin' gurus!!!

love you all...happy mars/mercury at the eclipse degree tomorrow...don't implode, k? not worth it!

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We are! At least on Dinar Daily. Over here people are very slow to drop an opinion for some odd reason lol
Maybe because when they do they are not received as one would expect on a site like this.

Back in 2012 when Heather and her gang were ass deep in OPPT I had a young lawyer and family member that was fresh from school check out the UCC code etc. she was citing.  Basically he said she was full of shit then and I think she is full of shit still. Ironically I came across my original research papers on the OPPT the other day. Nothing has changed since then.



on the i-uv site they say oppt is finished...thank you for your service. that means they got what they wanted and harvey was getting in their way. they stole the whole lot of it and then asked for donations to make it look legit. like I said, the realm asks for death, only copies of life are here. i feel for harvey but this is the step he needs to awaken...he is one of us but isn't aware of a whole lot yet. anyone clinging to the matter will dissolve when the matter dissolves. no thanks.

Check out my youtube channel for I Ching readings and other divergent topics.

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