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STARWALKERS Episode 45, "Lazarus" by TS Caladan

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Episode 45, "Lazarus"
by TS Caladan

 "What do you mean, you are Lazarus from the Bible?" Captain Church asked in disbelief, initially.
       "You doubt the validity of my words, do you, Captain?"
       "I do." It was not often Captain Church was mystified and senseless. He felt no deception. He sensed nothing at all, which was very strange. There were a dozen mysteries that happened all at once: Where was the rest of the Away Team that beamed down a minute ago? Who was this guy really? Was this a trilithium-powered Time Ship? The most massive enigma of them all was the TIME DISPLACEMENT "effect" or the "winking-out" phenomenon that the entire galaxy experienced hours ago! Here was the exact center of the Time Distortion waves or Gravity Waves that were absolutely galactic in their extent:
       Church looked over at the rocks in the background and observed one more puzzle stacked on top of the others: Why were the rocks moving?     
       Lazarus explained to a lone Starwalker [Staak was busy at his station with the phenomenon] that: "The rest of your party have been blocked from teleportation. I am Lazarus, 3000 years old, approximately. Your psychics and devices will prove that, Captain." The pleasant man with blue eyes and a beard smiled again. He was believable. He had a square bandage over his right eye. "This is, indeed, a Time vessel. My ship is about completely drained of trilithium now, after appearing here. What do you think's causing the power waves, the distortions? Or. Why do you think the entire galaxy went away for a moment, Captain?"     

  "You mean to say," John said quickly. "...The flipping, whole galaxy blinked away because...because...because you're out of gas?"

       Lazarus lost his wide smile for a second. "Pardon?"
       Church clarified: "Drained crystals?"
       "Yes, sir. That's it exactly. If you want stability in Three Worlds and the elimination of the Rift that's ripping the world, right here, right now and outward..."
       "What?" Captain Church was excited.
       "I need at least two of your Warp Core crystals."
       "Lazarus. That only leaves us with four. Enlighten has more than a thousand people. You'd be stranding us for weeks at sub-light. We couldn't make Warp. I'm sure you know, sir."
       The bright-eyed, gentle man with soft words tried to make his point: "Yes. Weeks virtually stranded in a small area; pick a nice spot; have shore leave until reinforcements come. Another starship will bring new trilithium. I will only trouble you, inconvenience you for a few weeks. You must have a logical side, Captain?" The man was confident and thought he made his case. It was obvious. "Door is building up and next wave will again blow your universe to nothing, only for an even longer period and wider. For the sake of everything and everybody, sir: I need two Core crystals."
       John Church surprised the man from the Bible who rose from the dead, when he said, "No."
       "No? Did you not hear my words, Captain Church?"
       "I did. We have to beam to my ship, confer with the Science Officer. Check you out."
       Lazarus showed the first signs of agitation, a slight clash with Captain. "We have no time. And I cannot be teleported, believe me. I have to install the crystals in my ship, John, for 3-way balance. You have to bring them here," was said clearly and with ease, but the words were strong and sure.
       "If you think, I'm just..." John saw the rocks move again. "Lazarus. Who're they? A couple big boulders seem to be watching our every move."  
       "They are Watchers, native to this world, rock creatures who know of the great battle between the two combatants, matter and anti-matter. They wager on the outcome. I materialized for some reason on this desolate rock and can barely communicate with them. Please, Captain. I implore you. In the next hour, another Time Wave will strike. If a Third Wave should hit tomorrow?"
       "You're saying the universe...will not come back? Funny: strange. You came back...but the World won't?"
       Lazarus had desperation in his eyes and he pleaded again, calmly. "You have the power to heal, fix and seal the Rift so the Hole never reappears and threatens everything ever again. Why do you hesitate? WAIT. A pre-wave...a pre-wave strike! John"
       Church jumped, looked around as if they were attacked by an invisible force. Nothing was observed but Rocks that watched. He went to help Lazarus...

       The 3000 year old man screamed again, louder! He fell back into the small Time-saucer. Lazarus changed along with the "pre-wave." It was simply a weak warning or wave-front, in front of a much larger and more dramatic 'temporal tsunami' that will occur in precisely 46 minutes.

"What is it? What can I do?!" John yelled at the man. Church sensed worlds-in-collision that, physically, only felt like ears that popped at high altitudes.
       Living Rocks looked on as...
       The pressure in reality around the source of the distortions normalized.
       Lazarus was better. His screams stopped. He jumped to his feet and was not the cool, calm passive guy he was a minute earlier. He was nervous, cautious, paranoid and acted far more desperate than before.
       They faced each other.
       "Captain. Please. I beg you. You must NOT let him influence you! He's MAD. Crazy, insane, whatever you want to call it?" Lazarus stated quickly. His eyes were different. They shifted from side to side.
       "Who? Who are you talking about? Lazarus." The Captain continued to scan the area. Nothing.
       "Doesn't matter." For a second, the old man relaxed. Then out of the blue, he yelled, "Tell me truly, Captain! Promise! Promise me you won't give him what he wants! It will destroy everything!"
       "See, here," Church attempted reason: " spoken, demanded we turn over two of our Warp crystals..."
       "You must not! He's a Monster! The Beast in the trees!"
       "Dammit, man! Now you're telling me...ah, the only one asking for anything was YOU? You're saying..."
       "Perhaps we should beam to your ship? Commander could straighten you out about the next wave," Lazarus suggested in a less emotional manner. 
       Church was surprised. "Thought you said you couldn't be beamed?"
       "Of course I can be beamed."
       "Dammit, man!" the Captain repeated. [click] He flipped his communicator ON and contacted a worried crew, blocked from reception of any signals from the surface. "Boots! Two to beam up. Get us the hell out of here."

       It was late shift. Most of Enlighten's crew got over the visible Gravity Waves or distortions in reality for momentary periods in the strange day, and reached MER sleep. Not everyone.
       Captain's Ready Room seemed the fitting place to assess the situation at hand. Inside were the Captain, the Commander, the Doctor, the Councilor and Lazarus.
       Lazarus sat like a statue and disassociated with his surroundings.
       The talented, scientific and religious Councilor asked the Captain: "Sir. Was it wise to not alert the whole crew, about the distortion wave in...when, now?" She looked at Staak.
       "Second major wave will strike in just under six minutes."
       "Thank you."
       The Captain answered the question: "Top staff and various specialists are well aware of the fact, Councilor. Engineering techs know and are monitoring. What can anyone do?" John turned toward Staak, "Staak. Do we know how far the phenomenon extends? Galactic? Its Outer Limits?"
       The Science Officer replied, "There's all indication that the Gravity Waves will extend considerably beyond the Milky Way. Who knows how far the one in a matter of hours will reach?"
       "I do." Lazarus flatly stated. He was pale. He rose up out of his seat and marched toward the rest of them, who were already on their feet. "It will consume your entire Big Bang! Won't be local or a blinking-out effect; it will be a major minutes! Then. Then, good people. If the madman, Monster, Beast gets his way? You will see. Tomorrow. Everything gone! Third Wave, Captain! DONT! Don't give into his lies! His ship must not be recharged! He's wrong! Everything will be gone, you must believe me. All gone."
       John told him: "Who's recharging his ship? And it's your ship! (to Staak) Or should we install two of our crystals?"
       Lazarus 'exploded' with insanity and lunged at the Captain like a maniac amped on Zenocord!
       Staak blocked the attack, quickly turned behind Lazarus and pinched his neck.
       The crazed man was knocked out. He fell to the padded floor of the room. Unconscious. 
       "Thanks. Owe you one," John Church told the Remoran.
       "One?" Staak wondered.
       "What was the thing you did, Staak?" Dr. O'Leary asked.
       It was the perfect time to return a little 'jab' back at the Doctor. Staak replied, "Nothing special, Doctor. If you ever read a human anatomy book, you'd know how to do it."
       The light moment didn't last long.
       "How much time?"
       "Three and a half minutes, sir," the Commander answered.
       Ben asked, "Should I do something with our friend, here?" He pointed down at Lazarus.
       "Hell, no. Leave'm. We'll see what happens when the Wave hits?" John responded.
       The Captain decided to return to the Councilor's original question. "So. I didn't think it necessary to worry the crew that in about three minutes...we'll have another space-quake and another headache, tossed around a bit and maybe we'll return to reality? What, me worry? Why should everyone else worry also, needlessly, when they didn't have to? N'est pas? Savvy?"
       The Councilor agreed and smiled. She expressed one word: "Positivism."
       After a moment, Commander Staak asked John Church, "You inquired, sir? Should we go to the surface and install two of our trilithium crystals?"
       "Yes, Commander?"
       "The very question I posed to the ship's computer a short time ago. The result has just been displayed on the screens. Tell us the answer. Right there." He pointed.
       The Captain turned the 3-way screen on the table so it faced him more directly. "Glad that 'working' glitch is gone. Here it is. And the computer says: 'Yay.' How about that boys and girls? Looks like we'll be stranded 88 light-years from home for awhile."
       "Really?" Ben responded with surprise in his voice.
       Staak volunteered the answer before it was asked, "Help won't arrive, in form of crystals, for 1.89 weeks, that is, if we install old ones in the next few hours, before the Big Wave tomorrow?"
       O'Leary added, "Maybe we can have a crew-picnic on the big holo-deck or play REMVOID till the cows come home. I don't know, John?"
       "Cows come home, Doctor?" Staak questioned.
       John Church told his friend to: "Skip it."
       Ben continued: "...Seems a small price to pay to close the Door on the anomaly and save the galaxy, again, eh? Only this time, we save the entire Universe, gang. Not a bad day's work." The Doctor glowed and smiled and was proud of himself. "Time?"
       "Little more than a minute," Staak replied.
       The Starwalkers sat and prepared for what they experienced before (only this time will be much more intense so close to the source).
       "Any last words before we brace for impact with the Distortion?"
       The lady expressed, "Prayers we live. Uh. Or? Good luck and cross our fingers we return?"
       Staak added to her thought: "Since this is the negative universe, possibly, we should wish for bad luck and un-cross our fingers?"
       Ben gave the floor to John. He asked the Captain, "John?"
       "We've been incredibly fortunate over the last two years. Lost family members, but most of us are still here, still kickin' and I sure plan on hanging around for awhile longer."
       "I'll drink to that. How'd we forget drinks at a time like this?" Ben said and laughed.
       As the others laughed, the Time [gravity] Wave struck!

       REALITY WAS NO MORE. THE PROJECTOR STOPPED. THE FILM ENDED. THEN THE FILM MOVED AGAIN AND THE 'MOVIE' RETURNED~~~ Everything was back in place, where it was. But. Reality had shifted. Three Universes shuffled positions between themselves, changed order and switched back.
       The scene returned to the Ready Room...

       "Everyone all right?" Captain asked, after the trauma of being displaced in time and space, along with everything else displaced in time and space.
       Lazarus unexpectedly rose, not from the dead, but from a state of semi-unconsciousness. He stood straight up and got to his feet. He looked down at them in seats with high, purple backs. The man with blue eyes and a calm, sweet demeanor had returned. He smiled. He was very happy. "Couldn't be more pleased you've come to your senses. You needed a machine to tell you to do the right thing?" He looked around and stared into each face quickly. Lazarus' words were not harsh criticism, but they were critical. He was sincere and pure. "I really must thank you all for your help. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come along. Makes even me believe in Fate. Eh, Captain?"
       Captain Church was as surprised as the others. He said to the strange, tall, proud man that he believed had 'split-personalities,' "Guess you're getting your trilithium?"
       "Excellent." The man from the Bible was extremely pleased and clapped his hands. "Shall we prepare the crystals for transition? I'll beam down with you."
       "Thought you're the one who couldn't do that?"
       Lazarus answered, "I said I couldn't beam into your ship, I can beam out."
       John and Staak looked at each other.
       The man, still with the bandage over an eye, said, "Shall we go?" He smiled again.

       Later, the others had left the room. Guards escorted Lazarus to where most of the group would regroup: Engineering. John was concerned about his ship and, of course, the universe it was within.
       "Staak. Two more, yes? A small pre-wave and the Big One in hours?"
       "That's right."
       "We have to watch Lazarus carefully."
       "I know. Did you notice his bandage, sir?"
       "Say again?" John asked.
       "It's over the wrong eye..."
       "Huh? Didn't notice."
       "You must have been preoccupied, John."
       "That was it." There was nearly a chuckle and a wink.
       "I checked scans, before you beamed down."
       Staak stated clearly: "Lazarus is not a case of channeling or split-personas. He is literally switching places with the other one, his alter in the other world...because of the distortions."

       More time passed. More accumulation of raw magnetic-electric Power increased, exponentially. More violent G-Waves of space and time distorted and warped. The Time Saucer brought to an unnamed planet with silent, rock "gamesters," that concentrated and modulated a vortex between 3 worlds, kept them harmonious, in sync and...
       ...Would soon be the nexus point of an ultimate BOMB that could tear the universe to pieces! If so, one particular Big Bang will be eliminated from the grand Cosmic Gallery~

       On the surface of the charged rock in space, an Away Team materialized. This included the usual "gang" plus Doctor and Councilor and four Security guards and a cheery Lazarus. Two of the guards were in possession of two very special, clear crystals. There was a stiff breeze.
       The Rocks continued to observe the situation. They upped their bets. One was positive negative would win. One was positive positive would win. One wagered on neutrality.
       Ben wondered aloud and his voice wavered in the wind: "Are you s-sure we're doing the right th-thing? John? Staak?"
       Commander offered a reply. The idea was like a cold, wet shiver up and down the spine to a few of them: "This is the anti-matter world, the negative one. In our right wrong?"
       Church was committed. He felt this was the proper course, as fate had always directed his life. Captain stated to the main characters and the others who heard (on all levels): "We're about to find out, Commander."
       Lazarus laughed and responded with soft words and a sly grin, "Why don't you ask one of your machines? Ha."
       Staak cocked his brow. It was time.
       In moments, the expected "pre-wave" would hit them full force since they were right at Ground Zero, within feet of the 'time capsule.'
       John Church had a weird question for the tall man. He felt it had to be asked in these moments of nervousness, anticipation and uncertainty. Now that he had the opportunity: "Who are you really, sir?"
       "We've met two times in the past, John. Ha. Last time, was not too long ago. But what's Time? I didn't look like this, of course."
       "You're not..."?
       "No. Not him, or him. And obviously, not Her..."
       The winds howled louder and rushed by them stronger, harder.
       Lazarus told them: "If...if w-we get out of this in one piece, Captain! I'll tell you."
       Confusion swirled around the vicinity of the ship as well as violent winds. The M.E. storm (only a pre-G-wave) approached quickly and HIT THEM HARD! Everything changed! 

When dust, dirt, rocks, sand, air, senses and "sanity" cleared, lessened and this particular universe reached normality...
       The other Lazarus went crazy and became the maniac once more. He raged inside, within his own violent storm, as the surroundings almost came to a perfect, serene stillness. "Are you INSANE! You're giving the Devil exactly what he wants! Mad Beast has tricked you! Do you not see him as the Monster, the Evil?!" The psycho again jumped and attacked the Captain!
       It was Commander Staak who fired his FASER first, before four Security guards.
       Lazarus dropped to the ground.
       Dr. O'Leary rushed to the man in an action that was instinctual. In a few seconds, Ben declared, "He's dead, John."
       Captain was quick with the quip: "I wouldn't worry, Doctor. He'll be back."
       Everything was calm. Quiet, before the super, magnetic, electric, storm-front, in what was not an atmospheric disturbance, but a phenomenon of universal proportions that would erase everything in one of the worlds. The serenity of the static world around them was an illusion. It was the quiet tranquility before the END OF EVERYTHING! Or was it?
       Sooner than expected, the BIG WAVE struck everything at once...

       Reality changed again. It wasn't the end of all things. Not here. Here was outside: a fabulous scene with blue skies, mountains, streams, trees, green grass, clean air and a wooden cabin that John Church recognized. 'He was given this place in one reality' and understood that he "bought" this place in another. HIS RANCH in Kansas, no longer flat. Kansas of the future was teraformed into mountains, streams and made to resemble northwest America. Unbelievable. The past: now a real world around him?
       "It is reality, Captain," the voice of Lazarus told him. Words emanated from a man, but not 'the' ancient man. Another one. He walked out of the wooden cabin.
       John turned and was stunned. "Lazarus?"

It looked like Lazarus. The man remained tall, a bit older this time. He wore a dark green, natural fiber, outfit, made for outdoors. No beard. Different eyes.
       Horses whinnied from the back of the cabin, where there was a corral (jokingly called "OK").
       The Captain heard them and controlled his excitement. "My horses."
       "You like horses, don't you, Johnny?"
       "HA. Johnny." The Captain hadn't heard his early name in some time. John didn't know or really care what was going on. He just loved the old feelings that rose to the surface of his skin. The fresh smell to everything. The wonderful, little river he remembered. Even the beautiful birds. Great memories. "Okay. I get the impression, sir: The world didn't explode, or maybe it did? I also are not Lazarus. That right?"
       "Ah, ha. As they say, John: You are a joy..."
       Church's palms were out and faced up. "Who?"
       "Let me introduce myself: I am Robert Adair Mackenzie Brown. I'm an actor. Call me: Bob." 
       John caught on quickly. "This IS the Real World! I been here. The...the...the third side to matter and anti-matter, yes?"
       " portrayed Lazarus in the, the play, the, the Televison-performance or whatever you call it?"
      "Yes, again. In the next to last episode; it was a doozy. The Rocks weren't happy in the end. GOOD to meet you, John!" The tall man shook hands firmly with dazed John.
      "Ah! You're the Monster. The Beast...Devil in the trees, come to destroy the Universe?"
      "Or he is? Depends how you look at it. Right, Captain?"
      He changed the subject. "You know. I wasn't captain when I was here. Oh, God. Why did I think it was given to ME? Star Command gave it to my father; I grew up here. That was strange. Uh. Mr. Brown?"
      He smiled again and repeated, "Call me, Bob."
      "Bob. Bob? I shouldn't worry? You're saying?"
      Bob's response was, "What? You worry?"
      They shared a laugh.
      "Lovely here." John took a large breath. He heard the horses again. But he heard something else that called and understood he had to leave. "I probably have to go, now," Johnny confessed.
       Was there a resemblance between Bob and Steve, his father?
       Bob answered John's unspoken questions with the words: "You're probably wondering if you can leave and will everything return as it was, to a consistent universe, one you can believe in? Yes?"
       (The good news was...) "They'll be one more reality change. That's the Prime Mystery that is beyond me. Baffles me and I can't explain it, Cap. Must originate from far beyond the Big Bangs."
       "We have to return to our jobs. Our purposes for existence: you in 'life' and death..."
       "You see. I've been preparing all my long lives for this: to fight/battle, make War against the Devil herself, ha! Keep her occupied, off-balance. Round after round, planet after planet, world after world...I live again, rise from ashes, even in defeat...and fight again another day on some plane or every plane of existence! I may Win, next time, maybe I Lose? The WAR NEVER ENDS, the Test never ends, as you know. In this way...for all of Time, the Door and Hole to 3 Worlds will remain CLOSED. Three worlds continue safe and sound. I'll hold her, locked in Wars with ME, not you...forever. Winking-out G-Waves, magnetic distortions, potential end of everything...will never, ever threaten the Universes."
       John was massively confused at who he stared at. He uttered, "Do you know what yer saying?'re just a fucking actor!"
       Bob and one other Lazarus laughed out loud. The laughs were the biggest laughs in awhile.
       "HAA! Captain. I speak for the other one. Lazarus will be the one to do it...hold her off. We're like 3-in-one. You, of all people, should understand that."
       "All right. You have same answers as the passive Lazarus?"
       "Yes. Sure. What do you want to know?"
       "You said if we came through this in one piece, you'd tell me who you are. Who are you?"
       "Ah, ha. Well. For one, you should know: I appeared way different and different than the one with beard. A part of me supremely wants to thank you, John. You saved the universe and more. You unfroze me from my 'eternal' Bryson Sphere prison, remember?"
       "What?! Oh. God."
       "That's about right," Bob said and laughed. "Ha."
       John only scratched his head in complete astonishment~
       "If not for you and your valiant crew, sir. I would still be frozen in my stationary confinement, unable to destroy the devils, to take on the challenge and fight the good fight, change Saturn. Like an Old Ranger, like a Nemesis. I was poised to send the Beast back through hyperspace and back to Hell, but stopped in the last second. You and your kind made dreams possible. You gave me reason to live and I awoke. You ignited Radon, inner sun. Many thrive there now in the cracked/new world, my former prison. I will forever be in your debt and gladly..."
       John Church cried.
      "...Do my part. I will fight well, John. You blew apart sides of Bryson exactly like you said you'd do. You freed me. You freed me, you fucker." Bob cried. "I'm staying on the ranch. Ha."
       They hugged. No need for good-byes.
       Last Changes happened...

       Church sat in the Big Chair. He got there, eventually, in the right time and in the right position. Everything was safe and sound. At last, everyone was home.
       Alice asked, "What of Lazarus, sir? What of Lazarus?"

For Lazarus, the War against darkness was eternal. If he was defeated...

HE LIVED AGAIN. He fought again in another time and another place...

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