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Dreaming in American Twilight

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1 Dreaming in American Twilight on Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:38 pm



Dreaming in American Twilight

Written by Goro, September 3, 2017

Great American Eclipse & Judgement at Threshold 618

It was a moment when everyone in America stopped what they were doing and stood in awe as they witnessed – either in person or through TV – the Sun turn into a black hole in the middle of the day. All the bickering and shouting and hating were temporarily silenced by the grandeur of the celestial display. The magical sight took people’s breath away quite literally and many including TV reporters simply could not hold back tears. No words, just the pure experience of witnessing something undeniably bigger than anything in normal human experience.

[Watch eclipse reaction video 1 & video 2]

It went straight to people’s heart and gut. Very few things in the world can move people so much so instantly. If there really is a higher intelligence watching over this planet, this is how it would make contact. No landing on the front lawn of the White House, no coded texts in radio signals. No, they would put a freaking Moon, just the right size and distance, so that it would perfectly cover the Sun periodically and turn day into night! Through it we receive the gift of realizing how tiny we are in the universe, the gift of putting things in perspective, the gift of inspiration, and the gift of dreaming.

Before the solar eclipse, we saw a disturbing display of America’s darkening heart…

Followed by the cosmic wonder of the eclipse over America, sending a quiet, unifying shock wave…

Followed by great challenges befalling America…

…which did not break the nation but revealed its true heart, coming out of darkness.

America is about dreams. About possibilities and moving forward and breaking down walls and the future. Without dreaming, America will cease to exist.

Will America fight for the American Dream? Because that is the big question being asked of America in 2017. America’s heart is on trial and being judged in 2017. Should America continue or should it end?

Can it still dream and make the dream a reality? The Moon covered the Sun right in front of the heart of Leo, “Regulus”, meaning “Prince”. It was about dreams… hopefully to be resuscitated after the “total eclipse of the heart”.

The earthly Leo in the form of the Great Sphinx points to the “Dream Stele” right in front of its chest where Regulus would be, on which is inscribed a story about a prince who fell asleep and dreamt in the shadow of the Sphinx.

America is not in Kansas anymore. It is in Egypt, a Martian land, as hinted by the eclipse peaking in Southern Illinois known as “Little Egypt”…

…with area code “618“.

In Threshold 618 – American Eclipse we discussed how “618” signifies the threshold between dreaming and being awake.

That’s where America is in 2017 right now

…in that twilight zone between dreaming and reality, between the American Dream and a darkened heart, between the Old Matrix and the New Matrix. Why the “618” region overlaps the New Madrid/Matrix Seismic Zone.

[Southern Illinois/”618″ geographically overlaps the New Madrid Seismic Zone responsible for four of the largest North American earthquakes in recorded history. “Madrid” can meanMatrix.]

Cross the Threshold successfully and America will enter a New Matrix, fail and remain in the Old Matrix, stuck in the time loop.

It’s 6:18 and it means we are at the edge of light and darkness. The astronomical term for it is “twilight zone” or “terminator“.

A terminator or twilight zone is a moving line that separates the illuminated day side and the dark night side of a planetary body.

At daybreak time shifts. It’s Judgment Day, when escaping the time loop is possible.

[“Day Break” (2006, ABC) – watch Trailer 1, trailer 2]

Waking up every morning at 6:18…

“I know all this because I’m living the same day… over and over again. The day is the same, but different things happen. Every morning I get another chance.”

It’s when everything changes, where everything can change. The time machine – the Matrix – reboots for a new beginning, or the same beginning all over again.

[Primer (2004) – trailer]

[Detailed explanation]

This is where the next New World is born. Whether or not America will be part of it is up to what’s in America’s heart. Light or darkness…

Dreams or hate.

First, Judgment…

Then, freedom. If deemed worthy.

The next New World will be born with or without America.


Thanks to LD for the forward and:


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