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There is a place in our galaxy where labors aplenty, where the minds of the creatures will build to your hearts desire for little more than technological trinkets; they call that place Urth!
Let us then take this day, not totally in vain, for look at this life chalk with possessions, that large counterweight that anchors the mind and body via the conditioned nuance called status. The homo-status-erectus may be how future humans define us; there our likeness will be in the year 2525, illustrated amongst a myriad of other ape looking hominids in a fashion vindictive of some contemporary evolutionary suggestion, or not!
There will be those who would say, not! But then optimism is a foreign country whose borders are patrolled. Surely there will always be a place for loyal and obedient labor where thinking within the box is just too cozy to resist. Keeping the mind occupied takes no special skill when we can just hand over said mind to the mind police who know well that an idle mind is a dangerous mind, while by navigating the rivers called emotions they satiate by satellite.
Who in Who-ville wants to be the quintessential Grinch; not I, I’ll not party poop in public, let thy feces fertilize fungi for the next trip. These goods are too weighty for mothy minstrels who seem immune to any principled perception. But we shall regurgitate openly and endlessly without judgment, if just to gage reaction and elasticity of ego’s. There’s no pooping pulpit you see, but rather rhetorical ramblings of a science unfounded for lack of an accepted equation.
Dwellers of the fringe, rejoice, your power is there within thou voice!
Loosed now be millions of junior goddesses with wares; age is irrelevant here. They are in touch with intuitive voice with nurturing ambiance. Tread not upon thee, for they won’t shy from lip-smack from Neanderthals with more insecurities then sense. The keepers of the garden need no cardamom for their love is as real as its healing potential. In a world drowning in neurosis they balance the scales by grounding with fecund fundamentals. In a sense they are the bee keepers who ensure habitat for the moment, though in the future the matriarchs shall return to their matrices as their indifference to patriarchical privilege shall push gender falsehoods under the bus.
While most refrain from injures mental and physical labor this weekend the real world of war rages with scanty review, for this war has no newscast, no film-crew and no genre congruent with today’s topics. The war is well within the fringe; that narrow bandwidth that separates one reality field from another. Only whispered within certain circles, said war is often far more relevant than some Korean missile practice and needs no pre-emptive propaganda, for it has been invading relentlessly on all fronts. When the advance has been checked in one category another becomes more hostile. Such Armageddon provocateurs do everything in their power to push their agenda’s and regardless of your current belief system the removal of certain key players may slow but won’t stymie the lot indefinitely.
When dealing with a rational mind there exists a degree of logic and uniformity. In sword play for instance there are formalities, style, speed and even grace, in all a common ground. The more one fences within the fringe the greater the realization that logic is but akin to a wheel of fortune, for the minds of ones opponent often have blurred parameters. Synthetic minds can be highly illogical in regard to the conservation of life, energy and economics. Insanity works in a similar fashion, but insanity may owe more to a conditioned response from external stimuli. The physical and mental body when compromised via attachments may also represent degrees of insanity, for words and actions of such an individual go beyond whacky, they are often insidious and the most susceptible often have drug dependency issues, which makes us critical of old McDonalds giant Pharma.
Of all the ET intruder races within and upon surface earth the Zeta have the greatest number of synthetics within their fold which makes them the most unpredictable. They are also the most aggressive with campaigns to infiltrate, dominate and decimate Humanity. They are like a virus that no one knows exists until it’s a zombie fest. Though they have been known to work with their Draco cousins, the Draco are wise enough to handle them with care, for a Zeta agenda and Draco agenda are often at odds. The Anunnaki have no love for the slippery Zeta but have been known to work with them in a pinch and have seen the corruption first hand.
The technology of the Zeta has a few advantages over other intruder races because of their AI superiority which continues the grow unchecked for lack of organic oversight, and they are quite fond of time jumping which holds less in the way of complications for non organic beings; hence the MIB phenomena. If we consider the fact that well known ET intruder races have been here for many thousands of years, yet acted more as a steering committee behind the scenes during that time, though there were periods of increased presence and exploitation overall it pales in comparison to what transpired upon our planet in just one century with a Zeta presence.
Though the Zeta have not been successful in making Human Zeta hybrids due to incompatible genetics, realized during the 30’s, they have had success with human synthetic conversions via the Nano as illustrated in the film Transcendence, though this technology was easily 20 years old by then. The largest threat humanity faces now is the Zeta infiltration within the intelligence agencies and the MIC in both protagonist and antagonist countries. For in any situation they need only a handful of the top dogs under their influence to gain the upper hand toward fulfilling their agenda of expanding their AI platform with human synthetics.
It was noted by the Guardians that just prior to the Hurricane that hit Houston great numbers of Zeta small craft were seen fleeing the planet, which is good because re-entry is not so easy. We can only assume that South Texas or this Gulf region holds a Zeta base or multiples. Such craft are vulnerable in storms due to the increase in EM activity. Who knows, perhaps certain Zeta adversaries sent this storm inland, though the suffering of millions of people is no Guardian act and is frowned upon and will stimulate their own form of collateral damage so those responsible will know that adding insult to injury in such a fashion is unacceptable. The Guardians are quite aware of the Zeta problem and are have plans for a peaceful resolution.
The Fire Storm raging across the planet has little to do with climate change, unless one considers weather manipulation natural. The West and Northwest territories within the US are intentionally being heated, but this too will be neutralized through the removal of the systems responsible if the charade is not curbed.
These fires for the most part are being intentionally set. Those responsible are associated with the same lunatics that are behind the Chem-Trail campaign, and are vengeful since a great deal of the C-trail operations have been culled.
The Fires produce excess ionized carbon within the atmosphere which can be steered for manipulative purposes or used to bounce around erroneous frequencies.  Smoke can also shroud the planet from genetically altering wavelengths. Fires also consume mass quantities of Oxygen while removing Oxygen makers known as trees. Fires also increase heat and dryness and keep the populace in a desired state of helplessness while fanning the mindset of apocalyptic insecurity. Trees help cool the environment, so there removal adds to global warming. Trees provide wildlife habitat and lumber and the less trees the more expensive lumber. Trees are a symbiotic harbinger of life and ecology, and those who have been mind controlled into genocidal agendas to curb populations with the promise of subsurface sanctuary don’t understand that this is exactly where ET wants you.
ET wants to keep their labor force, food source, hybrid source etc., ET is mining this planets resources and we are that principal resource. The last thing ET wants is for humanity to flower, so now that we are standing within the cosmic crosshairs of our divine inheritance the world around us will seem at odds as the Bevis & Buttheads of the ET community resort to their most desperate acts to upset the apple cart.
Though the planets sufferings may increase, so too can the mindset of peace. Even now upon the faces of hurricane victims who have lost all we see a sober humility surface, and as they surrender tranquility becomes them. For we now see this evil game is a psychological ruse designed to increase our emotional instability. The matter world becomes weaponised as a psychological deterrent to thwart spiritual progress. But it matters not, for anytime one commits to inner expansion their outer world comes under attack, the only difference now is its happening on a collective scale, which means there are too many budding to attack individually.
Please don’t go out and try to save the world until you have gone through the motions of saving yourself. Let those who are here and equipped to fight such battles deal with the trouble makers, your healing is paramount to the Human species and your own soul collective and this requires an abundance of solitude until a state of bliss can be achieved. This is ones own zero point and it can’t be ascertained easily in an electronic world full of disturbances and distractions. The inner voice, the truth, the platform of salvation is not a matter state, but the state of the matter. Your fullness, your richness, your brilliance is so profound, that when realized it would make ET cringe with envy. Please make your confirmation verbally to yourself with passion, feel the real you; a grand creator!
Val  9/4/17

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Excellent article Val! Thanks for sharing here.


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