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A Boy and his God ~ "When the Walls Fell" by TS Caladan

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A Boy and his God~
"When the Walls Fell"
by TS Caladan

The boy once more walked along the stone Wall dedicated to the fallen dead, those of all colors that 'sacrificed' and gave their lives in every war on every world.
       The stones were from many lands. The Wall stretched for thousands and thousands of miles. The Wall divided two kinds of life, two kinds of 'people' and two diametrically opposite ways of thinking: on one side stood the truth and on the other were lies; on one side was good and on the other was bad [positive/negative, light/dark, yin-yang].
       The boy again was compelled to walk along the memorial Wall of tribute for every fallen soldier from everywhere. The boy didn't walk inside the world of lies and along the Wall where deception reigned supreme, anymore. He no longer spoke with the voice that transmitted lies, now that the boy understood one from the other. Lies were for the living. In his present state, he could only walk on the side of purity, righteousness, integrity, honesty, morality, compassion, love and Light.
       He came to the special spot in the pattern of Wall rocks. Here was where the voice emanated from, the one that spoke the truth.

       "You are wrong, son. The Wall is not a standing tribute to all soldiers who have passed in battles on every world. The stones represent everyone who has died. You were under the false impression that the 'fallen' were military, soldiers. No. They are all people, souls, spirits, everyone who has passed, fallen from fields of the living."
       "Why did I presume: on the battlefield and in war?"
       "Because life is war, a battle, a struggle to survive, was it not?"
       "Yes. Hard for me and hard for everyone else. But it wasn't always that way. Life was wonderful, once."
       "Yes, son. When you were young; when your people were young. Everything changed. You know many things, now. You wear the crest of El House, the Knight and the Lion..."
       "And Ra's amulet, don't forget that?" The boy smiled and was amused. He touched the ancient neck-piece once worn by an amazing human being, long ago.
       "Obviously you are filled with questions. I will do my best to answer, like before," said the voice.
       "Good. Could you tell me of my last life? I probably have more questions about that one than any other incarnation."
       "What do you want to know?"
       "Why the pain? Why so many problems and suffering? Not only for me, but the billions of lives on Earth? It was hell! It was hell for everyone alive, as far as I could see. We lost. We lost what we were and society itself...darkened. We were enslaved by Masters we didn't even know existed. They had manipulated humans on Earth for ages. Why? Why was it allowed to happen?"
       "Why? It had to happen."
       "Because of karma. To end well. Everything nasty and negative you had ever done will come back to haunt you in your last life on Earth. Before you can move on, in a sense, you have to pay or pay the price for every sin you've ever committed. In last one, you also encountered the worst from relationships and not the best, those who you had hurt and those who had hurt you."
       "What about them? What about the planet in the 21st Century? Evil was allowed to run rampant, grow, infest everything, pervert everything, change everything to the worst? We were all pushed to the Dark Side over and over by (almost) every television show, movie, news report, commercial, celebrity. It was monkey see, monkey do!  Desensitized to horror and evil, so much of it was everywhere as if it was normal. Or far worse: We were made to love it, desire it; love our enslavement and only want more of it? How can God or the gods condemn the human race when every bit of Media and our leaders influenced us and made us the way we were? Violent, hateful, fearful. We had no choice. We are all brainwashed puppets and we are all INNOCENT. Ever heard of the word: entrapment? What kind of people can you expect, when even the Pope turned to the camera after a disaster where many children were killed and said, "Where's Jesus Christ?"
       "You believe the Pope is good?"
       "Of course not. It is idolatry and a money-institution that should be condemned by any intelligent person."
       "Then why wonder? Evil lies to the physical world, to your people, does it not? Same as on the other side of the Wall. At least, you've seen the Light. Here, it is clear."
       The boy remained puzzled to a degree. Everything wasn't totally clear. He carefully, slowly asked, "I cannot get over the fact we were originally gods and much later made slaves, forced into ignorance, misconceptions, misguided and kept imprisoned on one of the prison planets. But it was once utopia, heaven on Earth. Ha. I almost...I say, about recent times, I nearly want to ask: Where WAS help from above? Why were we left alone to suffer? We believed help would arrive; the Calvary would come in time. Where was the cosmic Police? In a sense, to give us Hope? Anything to help the suffering? I don't understand, completely. Earth was once an Eden, then it became purgatory and now it's become a hell. Great. Our choice. We did it, right? I still do not understand why we were left on our own. Free will? Or was it abandonment?" 
       The voice expressed, confidently: "What greater test?"
       "I have a strange thought. What would happen if the Wall fell? Can it collapse and no longer divide the living from the dead?"
       "Like it was in the beginning?"
       The voice that spoke with certainty stated: "I sense you have questions about the Wall, its construction, everything about it. Yes?"
       The boy had walked along a good portion of the Wall. He sat down on a large stone on the ground almost made into a seat for the child that took the next step. "Who built it and why? Could you explain how life and death were together in the beginning, undivided and what happened?"
       "Are you aware of what the Wall truly is?" the voice asked.
       "What is it?" the boy asked in pure wonder. His eyes were large. He did not know what the real answer could possibly be...
       "Everyone's sins. Everyone sins and the stones are the negativity manifested physically, what is called darkness. Evil materialized, kept here. Rocks in the Wall are the weight of an individual's crimes, everyone's crimes. The more evil, the larger the stone. The Wall is well guarded in this place, safe, locked away from the rest of the universe. It expands as more and more sin expands in the universe. The Wall contains it. Thanks to you, son. It was not always like this..."
       "Tell me." The boy felt fortunate to have the opportunity to learn.
       "Odd. We spoke a long, long time ago. And about the very same thing: the necessity of the Wall. Once I tell you the story, I am sure you will remember."
       The boy smiled, relaxed and listened...
       "It was a very different time. On a different planet, the fourth planet in the system that (unfortunately) will be known by Greeks and Romans as the 'God of War,' 'King of the Night.' Ares was real. We fought him. We won."

       "Many times we spoke much like we are now. We flew. We fought together. We were united as one, living force. You as the Knight and myself as the Lion..."
       "Lion? We were...early Martians?"
       "Yes, son. My form, you would consider a dragon..."
       "All was once perfect, precision, perfection. We were divine spirits that served the Light, the beauty, everything good and loving upon what was later known as Mars, the fourth planet."
       "What happened?"
       "Maann happened. Dreams ended."
       "Maann," the voice corrected the boy with a subtle difference. "That was the fifth planet, between Mars and Jupiter..."
       "In the gap? Where the asteroids, it WAS the asteroids."
       "Yes. Maann was a real utopia, a fabulous super-tech Metropolis, a massive world twice the size of Earth with 112 billion people..."
       "Yes, son. Utopians, futurians. In a sense: gods in the material world. HUMANS that did everything the right way. We were their dreams, a Martian dimension unlike the real world on the fifth planet. Mars was the mystical ideal...with blue oceans and blue skies and lovely green grass. It was also the perfect place for the 'Seed of Evil' to sprout. The unreal dimension of dreams became perverted, corrupted, diseased or invaded by darkness and death. DEATH. Death for the first time..."
       The boy interrupted with, "I don't understand. Our ancestors didn't die?"
       The voice replied, "Billions of gods on Maann had a system of body-renewal through sarcophagi. They de-aged themselves, recycled themselves again and again. The gods were virtually immortal in the physical world. Humans, who used incredible technologies and mind powers, left the Solar System and built fantastic empires elsewhere."
       The words of truth continued: "In time...we...dream-fantasies of the gods became horrible NIGHTMARES. Our planet changed into a violent, evil, red planet called 'Mars,' God of War..."
       "I'm not clear on the different worlds. Maann was a real Metropolis planet with many billions of people; Mars was a dream?"
       The voice explained, "Both were real planets. But. If Mars had visitors, they would only view the million-year old ruins of a lifeless, red planet and not what actually occurred within an invisible realm there. In a timeless dimension on the other side of what could be described as the DEAD, stood a barrier which kept the universes separated. When my counterpart destroyed the Wall in that world, under orders from Ares, the repercussion in the real world was:

A gigantic, Pyramid Super-Weapon [once used to power Utopia] at Cydonia FIRED! A focused beam of powerful, dark (-) anti-energy SHATTERED MAANN, the fifth planet! Pieces of Maann were flung far beyond Pluto and became the Kuiper Belt, other pieces returned as comets. Maann's two major moons joined the parade of shards around the Sun as asteroids. And 112 billion gods were consumed in the center of our galaxy. Inconceivable loss of positive energy, which we still suffer from in the present...or we did."
       "Why? How?" the innocent boy asked.
       "...Because the phenomenal explosion of such great proportions...opened the Martian Rift to the Dark Side even wider and hurried Doomsday. Darkest futures came at a faster rate. When the Walls fell, unseen monsters of all kinds entered the real world as well as visible ones on dreamy Mars. You, Knight, upon myself, your steed you called 'Balthazar'...we fought every type of dreaded and deadly foe of darkness. We were the Old Rangers and the New Police."

     "I remember my steed. Ha. You didn't speak my language at the time."
       "I knew you would recall. Time after time, we defeated all demons and daemons, won every battle: 26 wars against the Devil, the 'Beast,' in great varieties of creature-shapes and war-weapons, and 26 victories! Yet, the War always raged onward, continuously. Real Victory was to forever destroy evil during a Final Battle. The Evil was the leader of the Dead: Ares. He would have to be fought next, in a Game of Life and Death, one-on-one. Either positive forces of Light would win, every bit of Darkness gone and the Wall stood tall, solid and blocked a conduit for evil to crossover...Or, the rubble of a particular Wall-section remained at the bottom of a Grand Opening and the future of the real world would be forever in the hands of dark minions and hordes of Walking Dead. Ares won the Game! But, son. He was Master of nothing, only an Emperor of a Kingdom of Dirt. He reached the ultimate goal: apex of the Pyramid and WON everything!"  
       "Wait. We defeated"

    The voice continued, "...The other dragons stayed out of it. We allowed King of the Dead to believe he had won the Game. He performed his tasks, reached his pyramid capstone before you reached yours. Therefore, his will won: Wall was no more and Darkness reigned supreme for an eternity. With no Wall, the Devil believed the dream-dimension and real world were one and the same and he controlled them both." 
       "You're saying: he didn't? How did we deceive him? How did he lose, but thought he won?"
       "The Beast had sole control of everything within his universe he believed was infinite. Only his Kingdom was really finite..."
       "What?" the boy asked.
       "The Black King failed to realize a Wall surrounded his universe of Darkness. We contained him, son, inside his Kingdom, his prize. We were the Ace. He was trapped, sealed off from the rest of the physical world. Devil was contained on Mars: a desolate, red planet of dreams that he thought was real. He made bogus war; his efforts and energy were moot because he had been diverted away from reality. It meant a brighter future for the true world. Thanks to you, son. You are one of the few Knights that have been saved, not destroyed. You now see the Light, understand and walk on the right side. You will come to walk up stairs soon. Time will be right for you to move on to, to something else."
       He was no longer a boy. He was Ra, Apollo and Horus. The man asked, "What will that be?"
       " take my place, of course. Then I move on. You will be the spirit, motivator, steed and vehicle for another and that Knight will eventually replace you. We all move on, infinitely."
       The man replied with: "Almost all. Hm. Also. You thanked me, but it's I who have to thank you for being there, you know, all these years. I had my doubts. Now I know. So, thanks to you as well. What, what do I call you?"

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