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Energy Screening for many Reasons…

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Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
Energy Screening for many Reasons…  Perf-Screen-2-316x400
Since energy is my forte, I spend most of my time studying energies, fixing energies, changing energies and sometimes adapting energies.  The focus in this lifetime for me includes the training I’ve received from teachers, mentors, and other assorted helpers which mostly centers around energy and how to handle, adapt and change it.  It reminds me in a fun way of Mickey Mouse in the movie “Fantasia”.
One of the most interesting energy usages comes from a technique I learned from a Lakota medicine woman that I apprenticed with for over a year when I was about 23 years old.  ”Screening” is the name she used for this technique.   I learned her technique and over the ensuing years, I have modified, developed and adapted it so it can be used in a variety of situations.  It is Energy Medicine, a powerful remedy to cure the undercurrent of issues/ideas which we tend to battle out of a belief that they are somehow out of our control.
When you first start working with this idea, thought, imagining, you’ll want to use creativity.  Make it your own; own it.  Imagination utilizes the right hemisphere of  the brain, present moment, the God part of the brain, if you will, to activity work,  divinity magic in the world of solid form (left hemisphere).
I have added a few links so you can get a visual image of the kind of screen I create.   These links should give you some guidelines when creating or visually thinking about designing your own screening method.  Since I’ve been working with screening for a while, I have become extremely proficient to the point where the beings I work with on other planes actually shoot the images into my mind.  This direct connection actually bypasses much of the early work that I used to undertake to get the information needed.
The screens can be as large as you can imagine for the task at hand.  For example, let’s say you’re screening your yard because you have excess insect issues.  Your screen may be as large as the area you need to cover.  On the other hand, if you’re using a screen to work on a mouse, you may come up with something that resembles a tea screen for steeping tea.  Over the years, I have used a wide variety of screens of every size and shape.   Sometimes they have a tight mesh and sometimes they’re wide open such as links in a chain.  The colors of the screens can also vary depending on the energy needed.  I always allow the beings to show me what we’ll be using as far as size, mesh, color and type of material they’re created with.
When screening you are crossing over into a 64 dimensional level.   You are clearing energies that in the beginning you may not see.  In the beginning, you may need to imagine more, create a bit more in your mind.  Eventually you will grasp it and it will no longer be as much work.  The being(s) who can assist you are what you’re  comfortable with.  Use a being that you trust or feel good about.  Examples for these beings and the physical forms they may take are entities such as angels, mythical gods, fairies, elves, light rays or light balls.  Choose whatever you like, whatever makes you feel you have the help and support for the work you need to do.   Everyone’s work and choices will different.
Questions are often good.  I actually use screening for most of my work.  When I am working on a person, animal or a piece of land, I may have no idea where to start or what will be the most helpful for this situation.  I will often ask the question, What does this person, situation need?  What is being blocked here?  To what level is the person, structure clogged?  What is the best use of screening right now?  A voice or a thought will produce the answer.  Sometimes the answer may be short and sweet.
Next, two things can happen.   One scenario is that I will call in my light beings team to show me and help me create the screen or screens needed.  The highest number of screens I’ve ever been involved with at one time is 74, one at a time.  In most cases only one, two or possibly three are needed.
Sometimes the light beings team may show up on their own and notify me of a job or a screening assignment.  I help them by forming it and bringing it into the physical world and just act as an anchor at times.
Another important item that I should mention is that, at least in my work, the screens are usually some kind of metal such as  platinum, gold, silver, or material combinations that I cannot identify.  The screens look different, feel different and are a variety of colors.
Now for the mini blog demo.
I have a dog that I am not sure how to help. I ask a question to my light beings.  “What kind of screening is needed to help this dog”?  Then I may hear or see an image.  In my make-believe scenario, let’s say I get the message, “In the tenth layer the dog has picked up a disease from its human”.  This would mean to me that the dog took on an energetic disease for the human, for whatever reason, a long time before it manifested as a 3-D or third layer disease in the body.  I would prepare for the work by visualizing or seeing my light beings. We would create the metal, form it, and color it.  We would make as many screens as we needed based on the beings who handle the tenth layer to clear not only that level or layer, but all 64.  Each screen is made individually for different reasons.  Then together as a team we’ll put our energies into the screen by lifting it to the top or at the end of the 64 layers.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, I cannot get there on my own.  So I will put my energy into the mix and wait for the screen to come into my visual levels.  As the screen drops through it clears, cuts out, repairs, and evens out all of the issues that we’re clearing and focusing upon.
Each screen has its own time frame.  I have found that the tighter the mesh, the longer and slower it moves down.   Conversely,  the larger the mesh, the faster it moves.  When the screen has moved all the way down or through, then there’s usually a “cleaner being” who will take the screens to be transformed later on into something else.  The energy is just transformed. I will ask them to sweep up areas of debris that I do not want in my space after I’ve finished my work.  I also make it a point to have my work areas  “professionally cleaned” by the spirit world.
A woman who was also involved with the medicine woman at the same time as I was “back in the day” actually was the person who used the screening on her yard. She was having serious issues with bugs taking over everything she planted.  They kept eating everything and nothing would survive.  Our teacher advised her to try to screen them out.  Sure enough, after a couple of hours of using the screening methods, the number of invading insects started to decline.  The next day they were completely gone and did not return.  She had cleared the energy at the level that was causing the issues with the insects.  On another note,  a family of doves moved in the next day, multiplied and stayed for years.  Obviously, the clearing brought in help and support by the birds as well.  The possibilities are endless.
Give it a try, let me know how it goes.  If you have any questions, please ask me.   Also, if you find any new uses for screening, please let me know as well.
Happy Screening !!
Grow Food, Be Free, Live for a Living!

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