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UFO News ~ 3 cloud-like portals on NASA’s live footage outside ISS plus MORE

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3 cloud-like ‘alien’ portals spotted on NASA’s live footage outside ISS

These three objects are believed to be UFOs.

September 11, 2017

UFO sightings have always been interesting with the real mystery always hidden and unknown. Many have been close to experiencing UFO sightings with convincing figures of spaceships possibly housing extra terrestrial beings. A new possible UFO sighting has caught attention primarily because it comes from the ISS’ live footage of the earth.

Posted on YouTube by popular ufology channel thirdphaseofmoon, the live footage shows three cloud-like “anomalies” floating above the earth’s atmosphere. These objects were first spotted by YouTuber Landis from NASA’s footage outside the ISS. Unlike most video footages, this video was broadcast in poor resolution making it difficult to determine what exactly the three objects were. The three so-called portals hover above the earth separate from the major abode of clouds in the atmosphere.

At first glance, the three objects do look like clouds in shape, form and color as well. However, folks from thirdphaseofmoon refuse to believe so. Some possibilities have been ruled out such as lens refractions from the ISS window which sometime take the shape of mysterious objects. Another reason for this sighting is thought to be the ongoing weather changes in the US. ALSO READ: Alleged ‘Alien UFO’ spotted in International Space Station video

The video posted on YouTube currently has almost 65,000 views, and has received mixed reactions from the audience. With majority shunning all theories about these objects being extra terrestrial, there are some who consider the slightest possibility. Some of the comments read, “clouds you baboons”, “They are called CLOUDS!!”, “they are. clouds watch at the beginning. the land mass is moving in the same direction and speed..i can’t believe they would not mention that elephant in the room sad.”

More comments follow with the response that these objects are clouds, and nothing else. There were only a few who believed that it could be something different, and the age old debate of NASA lying to Earthlings comes up again. What do you think these three cloud-like portals are? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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