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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » The World’s Problem is still America

The World’s Problem is still America

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1 The World’s Problem is still America on Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:49 am



The World’s Problem is still America

September 14, 2017 Covert Geopolitics

There are many things by which we have identified that the problem is still America, although the Americans are blaming their and the world’s problems to the Jewish bankers. But the fact remains that until now, this Khazarian war and money making machinery is still being hosted in the “land of milk and honey,” therefore the responsibility should still rest with the free people of America.
If they continue to justify that it’s not their fault, and for that, they don’t need to act, is the very reason why this madness proliferated to what it is now, to begin with. Some may say that shifting the blame is counterproductive, but isn’t pleasing the people for their own inaction is more like it?
We do understand that America is subjected to all sorts of economic, medical and environmental warfare from within. But then again, that is the price they have to pay for hosting the Khazarian Mafia within their soil, and for sending their children to wars that were instigated and designed by those same suit and tie Khazarian Mafiosi. If that is not stupidity on their part, then what is it?
We cannot remain oblivious to what America has become, i.e. essentially the bedrock of “liars, deceivers, cons, robbers, road warriors, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, identity thieves and social parasites of the worst variety,” as the Kingdom of Khazaria was in its ancient days.
To do so is to consent the Germans for hosting Hitler. Americans did not do that either. What we saw from Hollywood and heard from the US government was the constant demonization of the Germans post-WW2. That’s why the Germans suffered the national guilt for the actions of one group, for decades.
Even the Russians, who won the war for the world against Hitler and for defeating the overall plan to annex Russia for the glory of the Vatican Empire then, were demonized, too, through the Cold War and for “hacking the 2016 US elections,” which was really a self-inflicted wound by the Democratic Party.
Like the Germans in the 1930s, the Americans today are victims of a hijacked system, too, but that is not a good excuse for apathy, but should be a strong impetus for a strong and decisive action against those who usurped the system for themselves. If the people are helpless in preserving the republic they’ve been entrusted to by their forebears, then they deserve nothing but tyranny and oppression.
Whoever is providing refuge to these Khazarian bankers, and allowed its military to be utilized for the protection of the same and for waging wars under the latter’s direction, is also complicit in the crime. Every American should realize that.
Every death in the Middle East and around the world that has something to do with fulfilling the hegemonic ambitions of the US military industrial complex and the entire Khazarian Filth should be levied and charged on the hands of every American living in America.
That was the standard imposed on the Germans yesterday, and that’s the same standard that must be applied to the Americans today. Otherwise, what will compel America to reform itself?
Certainly, not the continued deterioration of its economy, and certainly not the constant barrage of truth from their own alternative media. Nor will the promise of “prosperity for all through global currency reset” will do it. What the latter has done instead is sent the “awake and aware,” via their astral projection, into the dream world. How many are still investing into the Dinar RV today?
What “free people of America?”
They have been enslaved for far too long. Agree, and enslavement has a tacit approval from the enslaved if he silently consented to it by his own inaction. But that’s the end of it. The people of America is until now under the protection of their constitution’s Second Amendment of the right to bear arms. Raising those shiny arms on the streets across America is more than enough to compel the US military to defect into their fold.
“I am suspending my own action against the Khazarian Jews because I am all alone in this fight, and I could not possibly defeat them if I do so. “
Wrong. The people sharing the same mindset are just waiting for you to initiate something. That’s right, everyone is just waiting for everyone. But that’s what cowards do. The mavericks take the initiative. They are willing to risk their lives by thinking they are already dead.
Think about it. Aren’t’ the Khazarians taking risks all the time?
Americans are good people, in general. They are the descendants of early immigrants who took the risk against the “savage” natives, and in the last 300 years took the initiative of severing their bond from the Anglo-Saxon Empire. It was bold and glorious.
But being good is not enough. Edmund Burke said that. And the Khazarian Mafia will have nothing else to anchor and leverage its globalist desires from without America.
Remember this: all efforts are being done to neutralize the Khazarian Mafia from the outside. The leaderships of these external forces have grown frustrated in recent days for the gross inability of the Trump administration to clean the Deep Swamp it has sworn to do so.
It is high time that the people of America must reciprocate these external actions to decapitate the Khazars who still have the clout to control the White House.
In short, America must sever itself from the Khazars right now, or be destroyed with it.

Thanks to:


2 Re: The World’s Problem is still America on Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:10 am


PurpleSkyz wrote:
and in the last 300 years took the initiative of severing their bond from the Anglo-Saxon Empire. 

They thought they did.

In fact the reality is more the American Govt was encouraged to take on the role of the "Anglo Saxon" Empire and be global policeman, they did so but with much less grace and zero experience. They failed to see the controllers of Empires now controlled them and nothing changed but the flag, the HQ location (mostly) and the invoice to location.

In my experience American people are the some of the most polite, agreeable, and likeable people around. It is what they are stuck with as the "political swamp" that stinks. In that respect you only have to see the failed lab experiments in Westminster to see it's not much different here.

Washington and the controllers missed something crucial which is now catching up quickly, the age of Empires and gunboats ended in 1947.  
Over extension kills any Empire or Imperial dream as Japan found out in 1945

As did Germany, twice

And Singapore in 1941 effectively ended the last big Empire there will be.

The world problem is not America or American people, it is the American Govt and in particular American Govt foreign policy. Those behind this current mess are all elderly or dead, times are changing as they changed for ordinary people here in the late 40's. Before the digital comms age the nasties clung to power here, now we have the digital comms age they are exposed as the inadequate corrupt husks they are and American people have a better opportunity from available information to say no than people  here did 70 odd years ago

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

3 Re: The World’s Problem is still America on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:34 am


So the answer to the problem of greedy, violent, "might makes right" people is to wave our guns in the air?
Sounds like more paranoid cognitive dissonance.

4 Re: The World’s Problem is still America on Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:30 pm


From personal experience I know of the pure evil that the controllers of this country are.
The love of my life died a short while ago. She had PTSD, severe depression and other problems and developed physical problems that led to Her death. She is South American and 5 of Her friends were murdered by the satanist henry kissinger's policies. 
A wonderful lady stayed with Her while I worked. She is from El Salvadore and could not attend a funeral there because she might have been murdered by the gangs that rose up as a result of this evil country's (USA) meddling and drug dealing.
Another friend from there has led a very difficult life because going to school down there one day she saw the mutilated bodies of some of her classmates.
Thios is all the work of kissinger, the bush's and clinton's. The people who have died are at peace now and thankfully there will never be peace for the kissinger's, clinton's, bush's, etc of the world. Their deaths will be the beginning of an eternal hell for these sub humans.

5 Re: The World’s Problem is still America on Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:02 pm


Wanted to ad this. Qaddafi was a military strongman, a benevolent dictator.  Libya had the highest per capita income under him, now it is an unsafe wasteland. Thank's to the whore of babylon-hillary's and obama's policies.
Qadaffi was building the largest irrigation project on the planet to feed all of Africa. He always said he was not involved in the Lockerbee plane downing and turned over the two Libyan's involved to the UK.  He did pay money for the downing because Libya was suffering sanctions from the evil empire(usa, uk, isreal).
The ugly whore cackled "we came, we saw, he died hahahaha" after this man was sodomized and murdered. This evil nation has left a trail of carnage on every place we decide to "liberate" or "democratize".

6 Re: The World’s Problem is still America on Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:11 pm


Avebury wrote:So the answer to the problem of greedy, violent, "might makes right" people is to wave our guns in the air?
Sounds like more paranoid cognitive dissonance.

Hello Avebury

Was that post meant for me?

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

7 Re: The World’s Problem is still America on Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:30 pm


What a crappy article..jews are at the bottom of this world wide mess...They are changed the ability of Americans to process information. Their lies greed and desire to run the world is responsible for this mess...It is what it is....

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