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NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Update plus MORE

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1 NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Update plus MORE on Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:02 am



Terral BlackStar
Published on Sep 14, 2017

Seismic indicators say Earth has moved into the second and final earth change uptick period for the 2017 Earth orbit cycle relative to Black Star currently located in the Libra Constellation between Jupiter and Saturn relative to the Sun near Mars orbit path. Year-over-year weekly seismic event values show global earthquake events at the highest value for Week 30 in the last four years with 493 recorded events. Earth saw the first 8+ magnitude earthquake event (8.1 Mexico USGS) since the 8.3 Chile Quake (USGS) from September 16, 2015 corresponding to Week 34 of the 2015 Earth orbit cycle that you can see using the 2014/2015 Final Seismic Chart link below. See the Seismic Chart in Terral's 2017 Newsletter Volume 37. Complimentary Link: (Please Share!) The seismic pattern shows an increase in seismic activity since Week 28 placing the “O” (outside-orbit position) in the chart where you can clearly identify the low-water mark with minimum earthquake activity around the globe. The “J” (Jolt) appears with the extreme-high weekly-event value for the 2.5 to 4-mag indicator quake events that jumped to more than the two previous weeks combined. We see this extreme-high weekly value and the sudden jump from Earth turning around in orbit once our planet reaches the 90-degree angle position, because the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection that was lengthening from May 9th to the third week in August 2017 began shortening. This sudden shortening of the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection causes a percentage of connection internal conduits to switch from passive to active state to increase Black Star electromagnetic potential. Historically this Jolt comes up to five weeks after our planet reaches the 90-degee angle position relative to the Sun and Black Star, but obviously Earth received the Jolt sooner than expected for the 2017 Earth orbit cycle. . . . . .Brenda has been working on getting the website up and running again, which you should be able to visit right now. Brenda is a gifted lady with experience in building websites and publishing the weekly newsletters, so she is taking over all website duties from Bill who is having health issues. Brenda also has many ideas on how to make better presentations for the weekly newsletters, so she will be owner/operator/webmaster at and editor-in-chief of Terral’s 2017 Newsletter moving forward. All newsletter contributors are encouraged to write me for Brenda’s contact information, so the articles can be sent to her email inbox for placement in the coming newsletters. I am stepping down as the newsletter editor in favor of being a newsletter contributor writing the weekly update reports and featured articles when needed. Many thanks to Bill for his dedicated service over the years in managing website operations. Please pray for Bill and his improved health. Project supporters for this week include no new newsletter/survival group subscribers, as the website has been down for more than a week now. Paul, Ronnie, Les, Jennine, Jason, Chuck, Ben, Joseph, Clayton, Duran and Brock renewed subscriptions from previous years with no donations to report for Week 37. Irma and all the running around took up most of my time this week leaving little time to finalize The Mystery Explained manuscript for the publishers. There are only about 20 diagrams remaining to fix and convert to the TIFF format for the typesetter with the text, bibliography, etc. already complete. I should have that work wrapped up this weekend, or early next week; God willing and the creek don’t rise again from another storm. Blessings to everyone supporting the research for making the investigation possible. God bless Brenda for standing up and taking on the website/newsletter projects that should leave my hands free for doing more of the research and more radio show interviews for bringing more members to the Survival Group Program. Terral Read the Full Report and related articles using a complimentary link to Terral's 2017 Newsletter Volume 37. Subscribe to the Newsletter/Survival Group Programs and support the research at


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