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1 SKYFALL This Fall on Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:41 pm




What is it about Fall that brings out all the gloom & doom about markets and madness?
It makes one think that Dr. Evil’s birthday falls on the 23rd and therefore there must be a celebration of doom. Of course such hype driven by psy-op’s and internet trolls must now deliver on their pledge of public persecution if for nothing more than to save face.

This narrative has become a seasonal staple that finds a new trove of suckers annually. I believe the 23rd date was first mentioned earlier in the year by Mr. Parks as a rough estimate of when there would be some sort of market correction, yet now we have everything from earthquakes to asteroids thrown in the pot.

Here’s a few clarifications about the market;
Most stocks are trading at inflated rates and have been for many years.
When greed is no longer a habitual human characteristic, stock values will fall!
Commodities such as Gold will indeed skyrocket during a frenzy of acquisition.
Those who took advantage of Gold’s past dip want you to buy at the inflated rate so they can double their returns. Another common Fall theme (scam), to cry wolf and take advantage of panicky investors.
Fear is the still the chief instrument used to bring down the numbers before repossitioning.
When there are currency issues the savvy will seek value within the markets.
Disasters, by and large will increase orders for durable goods when the dust clears.
Real-estate purchases in disaster zones will highlight another inconvenient truth!
The tugging of the rug is always a mental one, when some rugs are too weighty to pull the word remains mightier than the sword. Where their exists securities they are often managed by insecurities ;)
Let us mock the underworld by making a few prophecies of our own;
California gets rocked by the mother of all earthquakes which causes the surrounding land masses to be submerged, leaving it as an island onto itself!
President Trump becomes so angry at North Korea that he spontaneously combusts, leaving only his hair, which becomes the new high wig of parliament.
Polar tilting brings the equator to Antarctica, which melts the ice, thawing the frost giants who awake with an appetite for humans, solving the population problem.
Wearing gold becomes treasonous because it weakens the treasury, who need it more than you!
Reruns of V return to mainstream to awaken the masses, rioters commence to form groups of abolishers’ who besiege the wealthy to determine the truth by peeling off their faces.
A new virus is engineered that causes global sterility; babies are to be ordered on-line, but the establishment becomes their foster parent. You can visit them on weekends provided your payments are current; their curriculum is withheld, and there will be no touching.
Dominance and submission; the New World Order wants to leave nothing to chance, so all shall be segregated by virtue of their talents, lest yee be high-born. Art shall be forbidden, for it is seen as a waste of resources, which shall include music. Low-brow laborers shall be kept in their respective quadrants which serve those institutions. The able minded shall be treated as teachers pet; electronic collars shall be provided and indulgences charged accordingly. There won’t be a need for taxes, for there will be no income or personal property, all will enjoy equally the wealth of the commonworth. You will be provided only suitable reading material electronically, and books bearing the freedom of expression shall be forbidden.
Of course we have all seen the model via our regularly scheduled programming, of what they consider dystopia. But there’s always another side to this coin that’s seldom dwelled upon;
A new source of free energy is freeing humanity from the traditional 40 hour work week, making fossil fuels obsolete.
Breakthroughs in nutrition wean the masses from large scale industrial farming as needs are minimized, while the energy from alternative sources becomes many times that of traditional food diets.
Charging for healthcare becomes obsolete as income based living fades into obscurity.
Lack of the profit mentality equals lack of corruption.
Crime is practically non-existent within a society which is provided for.
Borders no longer exist from one country to the next and all may travel freely.
Wars no longer exist due to the lack of resource exploitation.
Everyone creates to give freely to one another, tier systems don’t exist.
Travel is quick and effortless, and going off planet is as common as driving to the market.
Education is provided by the parents and an abundance of materials are made optional electronically.
As the planet heals ecological and environmental chaos becomes rare, simply because resistance, fear, greed, and envy are no longer energetic staples disturbing the balance.
Negative ET’s no longer come here because they have a hard time exploiting the mind-full.
Positive race-lines visit freely and often, to trade wares and ideas; the taboo has lifted.
Most humans in the future no longer live on Earth, they travel in groups great distances.
Spirituality is no longer dogmatic, but caters to a no bars expansionism of consciousness.
Anti-life technologies no longer compete with the genetic exploitation of source codes, where limitation is no longer a conceptual antagonism.
This list can be endless but the idea here is to realize the options before us and know that we presently exist upon the threshold of crossroad. Our problem is not lack of credible solutions nor is it a lack of innovation, our problem is arrested development perpetrated by a small group of non humans that use our ignorance to perpetuate bondage. The moment we stop catering to them a short battle will follow, losses will be realized but in the long run our gain will be worth it.
Losses will occur regardless since their plans for humanity are about as dire as one can imagine. The problem often lies in free will choice, for when leaders make deals willingly they often walk into a well crafted trap. The question that faces us all at present (is there a way out?) is not so simple because of the hybridization issue which strengthens alliances.
Believe it or not many races hybridize and a certain amount is sanctioned when a race line is facing extinction. One would assume that any developing specie is heretofore fair game to any advanced species as is the analogy of any food chain within the jungle we call the Milky Way. But as we know nature in a state of balance does rely a bit on the survival of the fittest. Or at least to a point, many species upon planet earth have been hunted to the brink of extinction as sport.
Here within the jungle predators get preyed upon and this will not change anytime soon. There exists a certain hypocrisy when one curses draconian habits while gorging on a bloody steak. However there is one thing that can break this cycle; this karmic cycle can be altered by raising ones consciousness to allow one to get off the merry-go-round.
Let’s shift gears here and discuss a few issues we have been dealing with locally;
The X class solar flares were not the result of mischief, and would normally be considered a rare event during a so called solar lull. However the Nibiru cluster travels at a plane of indifference from standard orbits as we know. The Sun has poles so opposing fields near these areas may be causing disruptive patterns upon the surface, fortunately the majority of the energy blast will be aimed away from us; for now!
From what I have heard the actual magnetic field extolled from Nibiru is quite weak, being less than even Pluto. At its closest pass it won’t come that close to Earth, but even so tides and fault lines and even volcanism will become unstable because of its screwy orbit. Predictive math can give us a heads up, but chances are the corporate controlled MSM won’t sound the alarm, or if they do it may be too late to react, so let’s keep an eye on the ball for our own sake.
The dry, hot and hostile weather in the West and North West that has made entire states a tinder box should be subsiding within the coming weeks and cooler moist air should return in full force to these areas under attack from wildfires. This event was unfortunately not being caused by global warming as they would have us believe.
The Hurricanes which decimated parts of Texas and Florida was in no way God’s wrath, and many have awakened to this fact. The steering committee behind these events have predetermined motives and the laundry list is as long as it is diabolical. Although the damage received was unprecedented, if they had their way the damage would have been far worse. Please understand that Guardian intervention works indirectly because of free will. They are often more of a coaching service when there are students on the planet who they expect to step up to the plate. Hurricanes of this magnitude are a major learning curve to contend with, but with each calamity new revelations are made which advance our ability to face such challenges with greater confidence amidst a better arsenal of countermeasures. Though our focus is often on our losses I can assure you that what won’t be made public is “their” losses and the Hurricane Jose languishing in the middle of the Atlantic is testament of this fact.
Amidst the bad news we will end with some good; the Zeta collective of synthetics which composed over 2/3rds of their numbers will no longer be in the fray. They have officially been terminated! I won’t go into specifics because there are still hundreds of hybrid human/Zeta sympathizers which need to be rounded up. But before you shed a tear, let me remind you that these are not what one would call organic hybrids, for the biology which once contained human DNA has been con’scripted into a synthetic biology, blasphemous and toxic. Though they may resemble humans they are characteristically spindly, with almost translucent skin, no naval and a shadowy and sinister demeanor. These hybrids are not hive minded like the older Zeta synthetics but more autonomous which makes them even more dangerous and they are never far from their biological Zeta creators who they protect like guard dogs.
Getting our wings back will in no uncertain terms require overcoming the Zeta before they overcome humanity and creation in general. To them this planet is nothing more than a Petri dish ripe for exploitation. If we can prove ourselves against these malicious parasites we will gain status within the galactic community as being able and willing to stand-up for ourselves.
Many have been asking the question in light of recent events; Have the Guardians forsaken us, or why have they not intervened on our behalf?  I could write a book monthly on what measures have been taken on behalf of Planet Earth and all her species, yet such will never be front page news simply because humanity has yet to come to terms with realities of this magnitude.
 Within the sphere there is much to contend with, but it’s not as insurmountable as they want you to believe. The news is designed to discourage one to a point of helplessness to break our spirit, while in truth change is occurring rapidly and these chaotic countermeasures are desperate acts being used to try to regain some semblance of control, while the resistance grows bigger and stronger with each passing day.
This is a war of attrition, but for them its costly because they don’t have the benefit of light or plasma technologies which are beholden to source and its infinite nature. Where competing technology requires resources, manufacturing and tremendous labor to keep it afloat, not to mention the vulnerabilities of such tech’s which require assembly line production to compete. All in all it’s quite fuelish and futile, much like the occult rituals against light workers which will only expose occult circles to Mothers wrath, which not only means anything can happen, but that everything will happen which may or may not include loss of life. For demon worship is an insult to source that goes beyond tinkering with robots. Your whole world and existence which includes this entire Time Matrix is a blessing bestowed by Mother, to deny its source puts one on very thin ice. O.k. then enough said!
Val  9/17/17

2 Re: SKYFALL This Fall on Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:12 am


Excellent! Thanks Val .
I had read earlier in the year that the time to watch was 7/7/17 - 9/23/17. Now I found this to be interesting as 7/7 was my fathers birth date and 9/23 was my mothers. What are the chances of that I thought!! LOL

Thanks for sharing your work here!


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