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Earth Changes, ET Contact: Great Waves Of Change

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Earth Changes, ET Contact: Great Waves Of Change


Great Waves of change will bring great clarity to your life. They will
show you both your weakness and your strength. They will shake you out
of your dreams of fulfillment and tragedy. They will bring you to your
senses, and they will bring you to Knowledge within yourself. Therefore,
do not repudiate the Great Waves of change.

Do not deny them.
Do not think that they are insignificant or that people will have a
simple solution to them. For to do so is to deny yourself the calling
and the power of your time and the redemption that it is meant to bring
to you who were sent into the world for these very circumstances.

will reunite you with your strength and will break your attachment to
your weaknesses, for it is you who must be called forth now.

is not a problem for others to take care of, for everyone must take a
part. The more who can be called into their greater purpose here, the
greater will be the chances for humanity, the greater will be the
promise for humanity, and the greater will be the likelihood that
humanity will be able to survive the Great Waves of change, set a new
course and a new direction and establish a greater unity and cooperation
in the process. ....Continue Reading at

Music: Future World Music Spiritual Awakening (Volume 11)

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9/15/2012 02:49:00 PM

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