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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Israel Provides “Intelligence” That May Prompt US to Join Iranian Strike – this is a really strange article, and it’s apparently showing up all over the internet. . . ~J Posted on September 16, 2012

Israel Provides “Intelligence” That May Prompt US to Join Iranian Strike – this is a really strange article, and it’s apparently showing up all over the internet. . . ~J Posted on September 16, 2012

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Israel Provides “Intelligence” That May Prompt
US to Join Iranian Strike – this is a really strange article, and it’s
apparently showing up all over the internet. . . ~J

Posted on September 16, 2012

Susanne Posel
September 15, 2012

Angelina Jolie, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations has arrived in
Syria to survey the destruction caused by the proxy war created by the
US and Israel; as well as confirm that there is a need for the continued
supply and support of the CIA-sponsored Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Jolie, after spending time with
the estimated 253,000 Syrian refugees, recounts horrific events. She is
part of the UN peace keeping envoy. Because Jolie has travelled across
the globe on behalf of the UN before, she has been deployed to “help the
Syrian people.”

It is expected that Jolie’s envoy will meet with Assad. Lakhdar
Brahimi, UN diplomat travelling with Jolie, has replaced Kofi Annan and
expects this mission to be “very difficult”.

In the manufactured war concocted in Syria, al-Qaeda has become a US asset .
Using advanced tactics in terrorism and suicide bombers, as well as
recruiting young and impressionable men to fight with the FSA.

Mainstream media is declaring that the Syrian government is weakening because
they are preparing heavy artillery such as military aircraft,
helicopters and tanks. The Obama administration is behind the
propaganda, with Jeffrey White, fellow at the Washington Institute for
Near East Policy (a globalist-controlled think-tank) and veteran of the
US Defense Intelligence Agency saying that “[Assad does not] have enough
combat maneuver units to deal with the rebellion.”

The UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has decided that
credible intelligence coming from Israel that Iran has advanced their
work on nuclear technology and are calculating their “destructive power”
through computer models – and have for the last 3 years. IAEA is now
convinced that Iran will have nuclear capability by November.

The Obama administration is hoping to exact some pressure on
China and Russia to persuade them to stop supporting Iran militarily.
In a bogus resolution, combined with influence from Israel, the Obama
administration is feigning diplomatic talks, while the persistence of
Zionist-controlled Israel demands violent strike against Iran.

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State has met with her counterparts
representing Germany, China, Britain and France to negotiate a secret
deal. Behind closed doors, these nations are unifying against Iran.

David Albright, member of the Institute for Science and International
Security, which is a globalist think-tank that has strong influence
over Congress and various forms of the US government, has voiced that
the US government would “want to have a theoretical understanding of the
working of a nuclear weapon that is then related to the experiments you
do on the various components.” Albright goes on to say that “the two go

Based on this new “evidence” provided by the Zionist-controlled
Israeli government, a military strike against Iran appears to be

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, has asserted that
the US has “no right to stop” Israel from striking Iran. Netanyahu
declared: “The world tells Israel ‘wait, there’s still time’. And I say,
‘Wait for what? Wait until when?’ Those in the international community
who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to
place a red light before Israel.”

According to the Key Judgments of the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s Nuclear Activity published in
2007, Iran was cited as “halting its nuclear weapons program” while
“keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons.” This ending of
Iran’s endeavors for nuclear weapons was prompted by a “response to
international pressure”.

Even the US State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research
concluded that “Iran is unlikely to achieve this capability before

Netanyahu is publicly becoming tired with the Obama administrations
want to pursue diplomacy with Iran. Clinton has explained that the US
will not “set a deadline” on talk with Iran, while Netanyahu is calling
for a military strike before US November elections.

And then suddenly the “intelligence” appears that would be the decision maker between going to war and continuing talks.

Leon Panetta, US Defense Secretary, asserted that if Iran were to
develop a nuclear weapon, the US would have less than 12 months to make a
choice about attacking. Panetta said: “It’s
roughly about a year right now. A little more than a year. And so … we
think we will have the opportunity once we know that they’ve made that
decision, take the action necessary to stop (Iran).”

Netanyahu clearly says that: “If Iran knows that there is no
deadline, what will it do? Exactly what it’s doing. It’s continuing,
without any interference, towards obtaining a nuclear weapons capability
and from there, nuclear bombs.”

Jay Carney, White House spokesperson, explains that “the line is the
president is committed to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,
and he will use every tool in the arsenal of American power to achieve
that goal.”

Dan Shapiro, US Ambassador and Netanyahu minced words over Netanyahu’s frustration with Obama’s Iranian policy.

However, this tiff is part of the propaganda surrounding Iran and the
US/Israeli attack on the sovereign nation. Behind closed doors, Obama
and Netanyahu have laid out plans to use military and propaganda to justify and cover their agenda against Iran.

In their scenario, Obama
will request permission of Congress in writing for the of use military
force against Iran in response to their alleged nuclear weapons program.

Regardless of his obtaining approval from Congress, Obama will go ahead with the plans to attack Iran.

Obama has agreed to speak in Israel just weeks before the US
elections wherein he will promise the US military to Israel’s plan to
attack Iran. Paralleling this strategy, the federal intelligence and
surveillance agencies in the US will be “upgraded” so that regardless of
who is elected this November, the US government will be equipped with
the necessary resources to attack Iran.

This scheme is scheduled for the spring of 2013.

Susanne Posel’s website is Occupy Corporatism.

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