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2 More Years of This Crap or Yes, You are an Impostor if you Claim to get messages from Prime Creator

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2 More Years of This Crap

September 28, 2017 Ines Radman 

It’s getting very challenging for me to come up with something to write about. The video below is the reason why. These guys just don’t stop with their make believe crap. Watch it later. It’s not that I don’t want to write something, I have so many things that I’m involved in these days and a lot of thoughts going through, but they are personal. Most of my time is spent working in my clinic, taking care of household, growing food and medicinal plants, preparing for hard times. I’m feeling this urgency to prepare and get my life simplified.
If I woke up tomorrow morning without water and electricity, can I make coffee? Yes. I have a French Press and gas stove. Can I flush the toilet? Yes. I have 500 L of water in attic for that but living in the country, I can go outside and do it wherever I want. I have started making written notes on recipes and such because if the power goes out, so do electronics. Do you have your phone numbers and addresses written somewhere?
It’s been pretty crazy with extreme weather all over the planet, but  you only hear about the hurricanes in the US. We here in Croatia have had months of flash flooding, rivers overflowing, so much loss in agriculture that our dairy products and vegetables are getting really expensive. Our climate is totally changing but most scary is unpredictable. For the first time since I have been gardening here in Croatia, I have never comes across fungus. It’s normally in countries and regions where it’s cold and lots of rain. Well, we are now cold and getting too much rain. How about getting enough rain in one day that we normally get in a year?  This is why my ancestors had cisterns/wells because they had to collect 1 or 2 rainfalls per year. That was it!
Since we’re on an island, our water and power comes from the mainland by underwater pipes and cables. Should there be an earthquake, it could easily disrupt everything and could take months to get back.
There is not going to be a Pole Shift. One of my readers emailed me this question. I doubt there is going to be a nuclear war either but let me tell you something. Everyone except the US thinks it’s no longer a world power. Our media is making fun of Trump and everything that is going on in the country. The hypocrisy of being a democratic country is now really showing up in your face.
I believe and I have written about this that the Earth is expanding. There are many videos showing the earth literally cracking open for miles and sucking in everything above it. Lakes and rivers are literally being sucked into the Earth, so it’s not just climate change, but the planet is changing herself. She’s ready to give birth and she is now in the stage of shaking off all the parasites on her.
The US will not attack Korea. This is just a dog barking because it’s all it can do. It knows it’s lost power and so for it’s own audience, it must pretend it’s still powerful. We on the other side of the world have known this and have seen the demise of this once beautiful country. Like all empires, this one has to crumble as well but it’s for the best. This extreme weather will go on for a few years.
I have debunked most of the folks that claim to have intel and higher sources, that the cabal will be arrested, financial crashes, dollar revalutions, The Red and White Dragons along Benjamin Fulford claiming to spread all this money around, to the prophesy  believers and those who claim to get messages from God. I was going to write up a post about Alexandra Meadors. The video below is about what I simply didn’t have the stomach to listen to again. I wrote about her way back in 2014 but she’s really gone off the deep end now. Can you believe it? Prime Creator didn’t choose you or me to talk to and chose her? She has to read her conversation with Prime Creator and uses proper English? What? She can’t remember her conversation with GOD????? She made sure her services and goods were mentioned at the start of the video yet she claims to be working to save humanity and work in my behalf? Are you kidding me? Did she talk to Jesus while she was listening to Prime Creator? Didn’t Jesus say he died for all of us? Does that mean Alexandra is prepared to die for us? And then she calls him PC?
I wrote the same thing about Kathryn E. May. How could GOD choose her to be his spokesperson and not me? That these ladies were given the job to spread the word while 2 billion people on this planet don’t have electricity? How do they get the message? What criteria did Prime Creator use to choose these ladies? Did God have a special place where he could collect resumes? What qualifies to talk to Prime Creator? Well, he’s here 24 hours with me, I just go inside and connect. Don’t see why Alexandra has to make an appointment and wait so long to talk to him. Sheesh, that must be frustrating, I guess they can’t seem to get their schedules unified.
So, old soul, you keep doing what feels right. You can’t save the world and neither can I. For many years I believed that I could save the world from madness but I learned over time that in order to save the world, I had to save myself first if I’m to be of any benefit to others. My job really starts when shit hits the fan. I have collected prescription drugs from anyone that will give them away. Did you know that prescription drugs, most of them anyway never expire? Did you know that Aspirin can last 25 years?
Many people will be without water, food, medicine and many will be sick so I’m saving myself first and the prescription drugs are really trading items. They are high value items. I make Colloidal Silver, DMSO creams and solutions, Cannabis Oil and Tinctures, all these things will be medicine just like it was before. I may not have coffee, but I can trade 1 drug for 10 parts of coffee…these are things that are necessary. Also, I get a sense of security knowing that should it hit the fan, I’m pretty situated. We may not have a huge food supply, but I have Moringa trees that provide incredible nutrition. Living on a small island makes it difficult for invaders as well. If power goes down, no ferries will sail. At least that is how I think it would be.
In a way it’s nice to be an unimportant EU member. Nobody wants to immigrate here and we don’t have the problems that other parts of Europe are having with the refugees.
The end of this reality is near and many will freak out and not know what to do. I’m ready for the leap but the event that leads to the leap can be very scary and traumatic especially if you follow religious beliefs. Those that panic stay here in 3D Earth to continue their evolution while the awakened old souls shift over to new Earth.
This is what I know. No soul from lower dimensions can incarnate into the New Earth, only higher vibrational beings can. Those in lower realms including 3D have to work on their karmic baggage so they don’t infect the New Earth.
Our experiment failed badly. The Earth was designated to be the Living Library and things went wrong, you already know this. We were trapped in this reality and most of us (not me) have been tricked into re-incarnating here for thousands of years. This reality is now coming to an end. It will get difficult, many souls are leaving because they can’t handle it, they simply couldn’t remember who they were and why they came here.
Destruction and death bring humanity closer together and this is why things must get bad so that we forget about politics, gender, skin color and all that shit that we claim to make us human.
Nobody is coming to save us; been saying this for years, there is nothing to save, this is an illusion matrix, a game we all agreed to. It’s like god making man in his own image and then punishing him for lying even though he gave him free will.
There is no angry god wanting to punish us. We are gods. We simply got trapped in this experiment and forgot who we are. It will happen in a flash, however you choose to leave the body will just flip you over to the New Earth if you have been living in love and from the heart. There is no free ride and NO, not everyone goes over.
There is nothing to fear. Fear is your ego, afraid of losing control of you, fear is imagined. The Ego will do whatever it must to survive. Remember that the ego is part of the mind/body suit. It’s not part of you the spirit/soul. It was implanted into the body suit to keep you from being love, keep you in fear and keep you from experiencing a Soulful Life rather than a human/body life. You are not your body, you are beautiful, eternal, immortal. You are the Light.
I may not be writing much because there are so many things to be done but promise to stop by when I get the urge to say something. If you’re reading this blog, you’re in my soul group. See you on the other side.
Don’t be fooled by space ships or aliens arriving. They are not the good ones. We don’t need saving, we need our memories restored back and once the veil is down, you will get your memories back.
You are loved beyond measure, no Creator would allow us to suffer, we’re here voluntarily, we came to get the job done and we will find our way home.
Do not fear. Celebrate that this reality is near. Celebrate that our end is near and we will be free of this prison planet. Celebrate your existence and that you were special enough to be here at this time. I can feel it. Another 2 years at the most!

Thanks to Ines at:

Please note.. the video Ines mentions above was pulled. If she reloads one I will add it.



Yes, You are an Impostor if you Claim to get messages from Prime Creator

September 29, 2017 Ines Radman Uncategorized

Here is the proof that Prime Creator chose Alexandra to be the “only” person he channels through and anyone else is an impersonator. Did you hear that? I wonder how long this video will last. Do people actually believe that a Prime Creator will choose ONE person in this reality to channel to? You decide for yourself.
There is nothing new in this message that most awakened people don’t know or feel. I’m never dispute the information given to people, I dispute the “chosen” ones because we were all created equally therefore, we either all get the same messages or nobody does. What makes this person special? Did you notice that 2.5 minutes was spent on advertising and marketing? Judge for yourself.
I’m sure Alexandra is a good person and like everyone else has to make a living, but hey, I get messages too and my Creator doesn’t ask me to be his messenger.
Let’s see how long this video will  last before it’s removed.

Thanks to Ines at:


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