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ROSWELL UPDATE: Shock new twist in Roswell 'alien autopsy' case

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Published on Sep 29, 2017
The plot thickens. The biggest UFO case in history just got a brand new chapter and it is as mysterious as the actual original UFO encounter itself? Apparently the 1995 Roswell Alien Autopsy video released was based on the original footage which was to poor of quality to be released to the public who couldn't really make any of it out according to the film maker? He has released a single grainy image taken from the original footage and it shows an Alien on the table just like in the released video but really hard to make out, but it's definitely there on the table. If it's just another ploy or hoax to make more money we think no one will ever know the answer to that just like the original footage? It brings up more questions than answers? Please like and subscribe for more great videos and great content, thanks.

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