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Dinarians Are Getting FED UP!!!

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1Dinarians Are Getting FED UP!!! Empty Dinarians Are Getting FED UP!!! on Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:09 am


Dinarians Are Getting FED UP!!!

Where is it?
What’s the excuse?
Who are the elders?
Who is grandfather? Who is Yosef?

These questions needs to be asked because this is a financial investment. You paid real money in the United States for worthless paper, yet no one is outraged by how convenient it is that “no one can talk because they are being watched. People involved in this deserve full disclosure. Let me tell you, posting to a blog, YouTube, teleconference calls, are all violations of non disclosure agreements. So let’s hear names, let’s get facts, because as of right now here are the facts, no one has been right, the money you want to exchange is worthless, the usd is not gold backed. The imaginary intel is being provided to so called intel providers, but who the hell are they to get “classified” information. If it’s that easy, to just say you have information and become a reliable source, call me a guru, and my sources tell me that everyone who hears me talk about the rv says I’m an idiot and anyone who is involved is an idiot. That’s not me saying that, that’s the real world. So if we are really going to believe this is happening, let’s hear some real info, not conjecture and some guy saying that they have military contacts. That’s all, cut the shit, god has never cared about money, it’s a human creation, so stop hiding behind it and talk about other humans involved. When you look at how we receive information, and how it is talked about, and you really use some objectivity, we’ve been taken for a ride.



If we can all stop acting like 4th graders I'll get straight to the point without any of the BS. Its almost noon on the east coast. Yoseph, Bruce, Ray????????????

And once again its quiet.

Please don't tell us you guys did this to sell more subscriptions, get more donations or sell more vitamins!

I don't care if you 3 (and others) have a second agenda here, I just want to know what is happening. You guys are the ones that said come OCT 1, its going to happen so, WTH??????

I don't need to repeat all of the intel that you 3 dealt out to justify why you told us we would see it today, after midnight, OCT 1. Maybe I am jumping the gun. OK. I can be a little impatient but I have posted before about how I and others feel about being lied to.

So again I ask, whats going on?????



Well family.. although not at all surprising we have gone through yet another very very predictable pump fake this time involving the unsubstantiated lie that the RV was here. It Has been a very trying and expensive journey for me. Sadly I am forced to now end my journey.

What do I take away from this whole; experience?

A new lack of trust in individuals and groups of people I did not either anticipate or enjoy. This part f personality has been forever damaged in the "light" of all of this.

My self Esteem because of the inexperienced I have in being a newbie since a gear ago. No ones fault but my own.

A Complete loss of many lifelong friendships which would ber intact otherwise.

Damaged family support in all things in live. Caused by the bling faith in this and relaying of misinformation lied to us as go times etc.

my stable 10 year friendship and the loss of a place to live and be stable.
my job
my sanity
my entire belief system
all of it gone.

I am just slightly disappointed in all of me, in all of you, and with the planet.

As of monday morning I am homeless living on the street for the first time in my life with no support, no money, no food. and no happiness.

I begged and pleaded with you so called elders, benevolent being groups, Gais, Inner Earth people, christian God, and who ever would listen.

Got a few encouraging words from a few. Thank you for that. But like this blasted lit5tle game we are all plying; it has and will not produce the goals we were drawn here to do. I had found my purpose in life.. but you did not hear my prayers, you did not care to hear my prayers. And now I have stopped believing in prayer, community conscience and any other bull that everyone here seems to say helps with what ever.

I no longer believe in this cause, I no longer believe in the anything but you must survive in tthis black abiss call Earth. Despite of of the lights, smoke and mirrors everyone loves to spew here. I has forever damaged my purpose in live, and I am saddened to the absolute core.

This should really be no surprise to me .. the whole journey s and has been proven to be a lie. Not a single shred of truth have I found here.

I have made a few acquaintances who have tried to console my misunderstanding. And these three people Gina, Walker and Patrick seem to be the few decent people here. Thank you guys. Some how some day I will repay you support in some way.

As much as I want to follow through on this journey, sadly I can not.. my home is gone, my phone will be gone and my computer will be gone.

Maybe it's a good thing becauseI have no wish to further embaras myselkf by staying in the Family or Community. Iam sorry but I have run out of time, efforty, belief and will to want to continue. Some hoqw I hope I will make it through with the close on my back and that's just about it.

I hope you all find what you are looking for and have a healthy future. Without me in it.
Dinarians Are Getting FED UP!!! Cleardot

Jeff Walker


Is this person Beny Wilson "Fake News Radio" Cabal, just plain rude, or suffering from a mental or emotional disorder? I am not one to usually criticize others, but after accepting him on my Facebook, within a few hrs., had to delete him because of his behavior. He frightens me & was extraordinarily rude. I'm a Dr., and usually keep silent about his kind of behavior ---- first time felt very uncomfortable. Will keep this confidential. Thank you.

Dr. Carole Donovan


Yes Observer.. I never took the hook.

I've tired, weighed and measured Yo YO and found him wanting and lacking. ANYone that has to post everyday and even multiple times a day on DC.. is a adolescent narcissist. Like advertisers needing to keep their brand in your face at every turn.

I've put myself out there in posting my Proclamation and even today my BC.

As you state A fool and his money .. this is how I feel about this whole GCR thing. I equate it to the Move the Postman with Keven Costner.. he put on a persona of being a government employee,, as a postman. He had the whole village believing him, but the sheriff if you will. The sheriff escorts the postman out of the village not convinced to whom he was implying, but at the last min, said hell and gave the Postman a letter to take to try to reach his sister - I believe. More or less the sheriff said what the hell,, what if he is what he claims to be. Thus is my stance to the GCR, what if it really is true and I didn't take the chance and even risk and missed the boat.

As said I have stuck my neck out and took the risk of a fool, for my ability to sustain myself is vary limited. I am a carpenter,, but I have no transportation to get myself and tools to a job,, I most likely would never be hired by a company because I no longer (over 10 yrs) tie myself to a SS# and or having to have any # to provide the necessities of life. The house I'm in (not mine) is on the foreclosure sale the 16th. and my means to move is about nil, let alone the ability to pay a rent every month,,, it's been vary hard at many times. As I have post recently about the Greatest Threat to America, (video) is that all of our woes are as a result of our fiduciaries letting their guards down, and capitulate to the PTB. and that is in regards to the Right of proving the necessities of-to life without restraints or hurdles.

The 9th Ammendment says "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

Is that the ability to provide for oneself the necessities of Life ? See how far off track it's come.

“To try is to risk failure. But risk must be taken because the greatest hazard of life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, live, and love.” Leo Buscaglia

One last thing to even put myself out there in the public light. I am in a documentary in 2 places called America: From Freedom to Fascism, America: Freedom to Fascism is a 2006 film by Aaron Russo,

Watch it ,,,

I came to this as a result of buying a book called "The Federal Mafia"

peace out Vee. now you know why I am Vee,


You know it’s interesting at best and entertaining at worst see the postings that arrive onto Dinar Chronicles.

For more than 3 years I’ve been following all the promises, guarantees, dates, rates, etc that have come through here and other places of “information” on the web as well as through conference calls done by many. So many talking as if they are truly authorities on this release of abundance into this sphere, and yet NONE have correctly predicted anything close to a release of abundance. In fact the opposite has been more true. More a release of lack vs anything beneficial to others.

Problem is that while all speak of receipt of abundance and of taking that and helping others with “humanitarian” projects, NONE of them seek to resolve the debt that has been incurred by all involved in life along the way.

There’s no balance when doing this. You speak of helping so and so, signing up for this, buying that, but none of you speak of resolving the debt which all of you owe in your lives. That creates a vibration lacking of balance and due to this, none shall receive abundance they wish for.

What qualifies me to speak of such things? I’ve asked almighty God to share with me that which is real, true, and I’ve committed to share without filter to those who are meant to read, to hear, to appreciate such things. Some will read and dismiss all written here. Others will smile, Still others will curse, and finally others will say “WOW, how’d he know what I was thinking”. It’s a blessing and I am simply one to receive and share as I can.

Personally when someone asks of me what I shall do if/when the rv comes to pass and there is an exchange? My first response is always as follows:

“I will give thanks to God for this allowing of abundance to flow into my life. I shall repay any and all debts that I have incurred along my path. I shall repay all of those who have offered me help along my path. I shall then seek to level the playing field in the lives of others around me, as well as in my own life”.

By doing this, I have created a vibration of honesty, integrity, love, appreciation, and balance. With that established, more is open and free to flow my way and I am open to receiving all of the great and wonderful things that the universe is already sending me.

So for all of the “GURUs”. Just stop. NONE of you are informed as you claim to be. You’re as lost in this psyop as the rest are. You wish you were informed. You’re guessing. I’ve seen it time and time again. “I was on a call with the elites today”. Really? And who are these elites? “I can’t tell you because they don’t want me to tell you”. Really? BULL. The “Elders” in China have been dead for hundreds of years. There are no elders there. Spaceships battling outside of our atmosphere? Sorry, wrong again. Why? because if they were battling, the number of satellites picking them up would be in the hundreds. Currently there are over 2200 man made satellites orbiting this planet. Enough to surround the entire earth and to detect anything flying around the planet. So you’d be seeing footage on tv or hearing about it on HAM radio and no newspaper would miss the opportunity to broadcast such things around the internet. None are. BREATHE DEEP. It gets more interesting!

There are others out there who are offering people to come to California to “exchange” with their bank, with people they know. No one in their right mind will exchange DINAR or DONG or RIAL or ZIM for anything near the amounts of money that people want. Why? Because the DINAR right now outside of Iraq is pretty much worthless. The ZIM is completely worthless and banks laugh at you when you go in and want to exchange them. I know from personal experience and because I have friends who are very well connected in the Treasury that know what the game is regarding all of this. They’re saying “No, not happening, and keep us posted if anyone promises you anything”. They’re ready to jail a bunch of people. They know who you are as they monitor these sites.

With regards to those offering subscriptions to a website in exchange for certain activities. Good luck with that. You’re stepping into an area of legalities that if you’re not well protected, you can be not only be sued for millions, you can be arrested and jailed for violations of certain laws. What’s funny is you’re offering subscriptions to a group of people who are not in their right minds due to stresses on them in the area of finances. There are compliance laws for LLCs and corporations. Want to do things smart? Don’t set one up with any website made up of people in Dinarland. Do it through a reputable website that has experience in these areas. That way you’re dealing with people who are not promising you the world and leaving your backdoor wide open so they can swoop in and steal from you.

Yes, people will steal from you here in Dinarland. It happened in RENO to a bunch of people over 2 years ago when they were told the RV was happening and they needed to come to RENO, bring all their currency and they ended up getting robbed blind.

Anyway, sorry to be a downer on a day when we were once again promised that this would be the day the exchanges would be wide open at all banks and we could go and take our currency in and swap a few Dinar notes for millions of American dollars. It did NOT happen. A friend of mine told me it would happen at Midnight. I sent a text at 12:13 after I went out to see multiple banks in the area still closed up tight: “Once again, a deadline has come and gone with no exchange”. I got a text back this morning saying “Sorry it did not happen”, and that followed by a bunch of info about Puerto Rico which has nothing to do with Iraq and the Dinar.

The USN…was supposedly going to be released 2 years ago, then a year ago, then 6 months ago, then today (the FED does not move money on the weekends, and NO FINANCIAL RESOURCE has seen “the USN” printed, which it would have been shown many months before release. None of my contacts in Treasury know anything about it and I have worked with them for over 15 years. So for right now the USN is a pipe dream, another excuse as to why the RV can’t take place. “The RV can’t happen until the USN is released” I’ve been told by certain people for over 3 years. I’ve laughed at them every time they say it. It has nothing to do with IRAQ or IRAN or VIETNAM or ZIMBABWE. It’s non-existent. Anyone who tells you it is, is full of themselves.

Even this website! has mention of the USN and the GOLD BACKED Currency, and that “NOW WE CAN RV!” Did we? Nope. See this article and look at every note that says FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE upon it.

"New USN Currency/US Republic Restored" - Anonymous Intel - 8.4.16

Something to note from a recent article in forbes is this:

"Switching to a gold-backed currency regime does not mean switching away from fiat currency, it means switching to a fiat currency system where the money supply is linked to a commodity.”

(* Actually, properly understood, no currencies are "fiat" currencies, since the word "fiat" refers to a government decree that makes money money, but in reality, while the government fiat matters, it is useless without the consent of the currency users. But insofar as we use the expression "fiat currency" to refer to currencies that have no "intrinsic value", then all currencies are fiat currencies.)

Here’s that article:

So in the end, here’s my suggestion:

Create a vibration around abundance as well as paying back debt incurred so there is balance.
Hold positive thoughts, but be aware of those negative thoughts that come near you. Bless them and wish them on their way, away from your vibration.
Be open to receive all the great and wonderful things the universe is already sending your way, and be willing to share them with others.
Be open to receive without question.
Know you deserve the abundance coming your way, and commit to doing the right thing and helping as many others near you level the playing field of life.

One day, you will receive great things. When you do, say “THANK YOU GOD!” “Thank you UNIVERSE” and share that joy with others.

I’ve not named names. I don’t need to. You know who you are. We’re all in this life together and we all will one day cease to exist in this life. So your choice is whether or not you leave this life better than it was when you arrived in it. Do you leave a proud legacy that people will remember you by? Or do you leave it as one who manipulated and lied to others to get as much as you can from them when they were down and out creating a legacy that none will remember but will do their best to erase so you are completely forgotten.

The choice is yours.


Note, some of this is channeled, some is not. Not all that is channeled is ever 100% glossy and good feeling. Some of it is direct, with no filter as that’s the commitment to share at the level of vibration that will be understood.

Yes, I am like others hopeful, but until such time as there is an exchange we can walk into and swap our foreign currency for real US DOLLARS, I am nothing but hopeful just like you. You’ll be able to do without any sort of an NDA. Don’t let people mislead you on these. NDAs do nothing and are difficult to enforce. How do I know? Because I have signed over 2000 of them in the past 20 years. 2,000 of them for projects worth BILLIONS. Will I share what’s in them? No. But that’s the extent of it.


Bullies don't bother attacking groups that aren't going anywhere, doing anything. Why would they? There's no life force vitality to steal through chaos and disruption.

Fireswan, not another one of your child psychology sessions? Please...

OK. We'll graduate to Middle School.

Imagine a group of bored teenagers standing in line for Guardians of the Galaxy on Opening Night. They're in a long line, huddling together in awkward stuck-together groups, insecure, trying not to look socially inappropriate by glancing at their cell phones whenever there is nothing to talk about.

As they slowly move through the line, in their boredome, they glance around at the not-so-subtle advertising placed strategically next to turns in the queue for the highest potential for grabbing attention. There's posters of trips to the Bahamas (before they were destroyed by Hurricanes). Turn the corner and a star-filled images of Vegas, Vegas, Vegas grabs attention. Next, there's a free trial of Boomer Booster with the promises of gym memberships for the determined. And an ad for a pre-pre-release-preview of the next Outlaws movie coming soon to a theatre near you (only your theatre isn't listed in the small print below).

Unbelievably bored, the teenagers awkwardly wait... thinking about how painful the wait is... their feet hurt... their eyes hurt... their hearts hurt (although they don't know it, yet).

Then, out of nowhere, a magificent thing happens. A group of teens come by with video cameras and microphones to interview those in line. They ask about their dreams and aspirations. How do they want to see the world in 10 years? If they could change one thing about their country, what would they want to work on? Do they have any ideas about what to do about the theft and corruption? If they got a grant to do a project, what is their heart's calling? Why?

Someone listens, cares and is putting it on film.

Notice how quickly the bored, hopeless teenagers suddenly become animated and excited. They light up. They're starting to feel their hearts again... What's that song, "hello my old heart, how've you been..." They're feeling "seen" and important and... and... wait for it... and... RELEVANT!. These previously-bored teenagers are enjoying talking about themselves so extensively that the are not noticing that the line is moving. Suddenly they at the front of the line. Its their turn to go in and see the movie. Maybe they don't want to see the movie afterall... anybody need a ticket... maybe they do... what to do?

Reassurance is offered. You can have your movie and star in one too. The film crew will be here after the movie is over.

Yeah, Guardians was fun. But, the kids can't wait to exit the theatre. They meet up with their peers to talk about starring in their own projects featuring themselves starring in their own lives. Nobody notices the Vegas-Vegas-Vegas signs. They walk right by the Boomer Booster ads. Even the desparate ads to save Mary on life support go unnoticed. The missing persons poster of Richard McKim barely gets a glance...

OK. Fireswan. We get the parallels. What's the take-away?

The participants in Dinarland, Zimlandia and Dongville are like these teenagers, cell-phone-movie-trailer bored waiting for the NPTB to save the galaxy. The only emotion that can break through this level of heart-numbing boredom is getting a real-tangible opportunity to make a real-tangible difference in our real-tangible lives. Our hearts remember a feeling from long ago, in a galaxy far away... what it's like to do something real-and-tangible to care about our lives again.

The movie crew breaks the monotony (lol - monitize-tony).

The HAS team has put together a platform where we can star in our own lives by helping others star in their own lives... who help others star in their own lives... who help others star in their own lives... building up star-by-star-by-star-by-star a Galaxy of Humanitarian Guardians who project-by-project create a tangible "better way" to "make America great again", through a chain reaction one community-at-a-time. This group and program has a real-tanglible chance at giving Gaia and all that live on Her surface a fresh new start at this critical time history. Why? Instead of focusing on when, where, why, how everyone and everything seems so lost and broken, this group is focused on what are YOU going to DO to inspire the lost, fix the broken and heal the sick in YOUR communities.

Who wouldn't want that?

It is unbelievable to me that any teenagers would continue to stare at their phones, fixate on advertising posters, or stay behind in the theatre waiting for Intel reruns. It is unbelievable that some of us who have been waiting in line with us don't want to leave Vegas behind or trade in the Boomer Boost for real vitality to jump in and explore how to participate in real-tangible ways in the mercy movement.



Look I don’t care what one Guru has to say about another or which Guru is trying to get one up on the other one.

So far none of them have been right yet some a little more not right than the other.

But I would like to know what happened?

I don’t see military people walking around on the streets.

Today is October 1st, 2017 were the Sitreps wrong again?

Is this another pump fake?

Where is the announcement that Abadi was going to make concerning the RI/RV today?

I can remember the whole story line since the election which is to long to go into now.
This was suppose to the year and it still may.

Now the story is starting to change about October 1 to January 1.

The NPTB are showing that they are not in control and neither are the OPTB it is turning out to
be smoke and mirror’s.

I have seen Guru’s come and have seen them go since I have been involved in this for well over 10 years.

I hope that there will be a change in the Forex later today but!

So where are we? We are at the point where the Guru’s are playing one up manship and excuses.

Sometime it has to stop!!!!!




A lot of red flags kicking up brother as it relates to what the implied “intent” was and what the reality now is. You have been a voice of reason in representing the real value being the projects; the work that needs to be done. The empowerment that will follow. That work requires human hands; volunteers.

1. You state in your update that people are getting quads. I am sure you own currency. If so you are getting quads as well. Why would you need help paying for a site?

2. You state that 1’s of thousands of people are enrolled. If 5,000 people paid a subscription, that would generate a half a million a month in revenue. I have ran sites. It does not cost a fraction of that. Why necessary then?

3. Further to the point, if these funds are only to pay for the site, are you going to stop charging when you are cash flow positive? Are you going to starting decreasing the enrollment fee when you have real numbers?

4. Are you willing to provide transparency as to how these funds are being utilized? Thus holding H.A.S. as an example for all?

5. Please tell us and show us you are different, and not just another ‘Humanus / Jerzy” trying to cash in on good people’s intentions. Please use this opportunity to re-instill Faith in our fellow man, and, namely in you brother.

I Do Know


I used to look forward to Yosef's posts, now I just pass them by. The intel didn’t help and the vibe just got lower and lower.He is such a horse’s ass. To those of you who are angry at him for dissing Trump: He has now paid him the greatest compliment by becoming just like him. Think about it. Sad!

I could turn out to be wrong but Steve Beckow seems like a treasure trove of info. In his case at least you know who his sources are. It might not really be them or they may not be what they seem but they have a name and a reputation. With the other "gurus" they are just "my sources". I never understood why the sources don't post . I know, I know, but when will the games end...

Anyway, Thank you Steve B. New hope for fresh (at least for me)info.



Looks like zap has some Muhammad Ali in him..
He just did the rope a dope on Yosef..lmfao...


If you spend as much time working on actually securing funding for the worthless commitments you have issued, as you do suffocated writing all this crap on the internet each week, all your projects would be funded by now. Unfortunately you are drowning in BS, Pride and Ego and cannot see beyond the mirror half the time. The only thing I see Humanus having accomplished is to capture,( through whatever deceitful measure), quality projects that give you two things – 1- Relevance and legitimacy by association. And, 2 -Then the projects can be used to justify some overage scenario (perhaps the 80% into projects – 20% into God know what) model, that has been rumored. You always represented your funds are NOT associated with the RV. You always represented your funds would be out well ahead of the RV. Yet here we are. The RV about to go, and nothing.

Everyone is tired Jerzy. Tired of all the crap and misrepresentations. Enough is enough

How about your next post reads something like this “We, Humanus, have received and disbursed our first funds” In the absence of that, I don’t think there is anyone in all of hyperspace that has an interest in hearing ANYTHING ELSE.

I DO Know…


In case anyone was wondering, its 10 o'clock eastern, 8 o'clock mountain and not 1 word has been said about where the RV is or if it will manifest yet today. I cannot believe I let myself hope again. These people posting out and out lies are despicable and beneath contempt. The people holding this back, well there are no words to describe them.



No onne likes fights. I read each blog for Intel only. Personal agendas do not interest me. When I do listen to conference call relays, I skip ads, requests for help, etc. I am on disability and can barely get by. I am sure many others are in the same boat. No matter the agenda, why can't the Gurus just let well enough alone. Since Yosef opened the mud slinging, I blame him more. I used to enjoy reading DC but lately have become disgusted - especially with Sitrep. It used to be I looked forward to INTEL from these posts but now I am almost afraid to read them. Does anyone else agree?

I appreciate what Patrick does do as a service with DC and hope these "wars" don't destroy his efforts to help us.



Well... Here we are again...another weekend gone...another key date pàssed without RV...


I just read the Sit Rep "Atone". I am seething. Yoseph, do you own a damn watch? Its almost 6:30 on the east coast and where is the RV? Instead of puffing your chest out like an adolescent teenager on steroids, you should be digging for some intel as to where the hell this RV is. I cannot believe you don't have the guts to answer some hard questions but instead continue to blah blah blah about your web site and Bruce and Zap. You do realize NO ONE GIVES A SH*T ABOUT THAT, DON'T YOU????!!! You were the loudest voice in this whole thing as to it happening today so what gives? I cannot believe you have anybody that will listen to you any more much less pay for a subscription to your web site after posting that latest Sit Rep. How about practicing a little humility that you so easily say none of us have. Why don't you get a little indignant and go back to your sources and tell them what gives, I look like a horses ass to my followers? Was this all a pack of lies again or did you just make everything up? You sir are playing with the hopes and emotions of a lot of people, have you read the posts of late? What you are doing is cruel beyond any measure. I cannot believe this! I hope I am wrong and will be the first to admit it because I am a humble man. But you sir have some explaining to do!

Pissed off


Don't give up now, folks.

I know it has been a quiet day as far as intel, but remember that we have often been told to hang in there until markets open....and banks have their new rates on their screens tomorrow.

Yosef said the military was all set for the exchanges and offered his last Sitrep, although no intel was in it. Tank told us it was coming into our laps. Bruce said the table was set to go.

Do not lose hope.

Hang in there and let us pray this into manifestation tonight.



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2Dinarians Are Getting FED UP!!! Empty Re: Dinarians Are Getting FED UP!!! on Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:10 am


Well Autum,

Markets are open. No RV. More lies. More BS. And no responses from the "top" 3 guru's. Great.

My condolences go out to the people killed and hurt in Las Vegas.

And no, that wasn't cabal related.



After mid night and nothing. Just posts from guys like "I just want to be safe" man, are you clueless or what. We'll Yoseph, Bruce, Ray, what have you got to say? Are either of you really not going to say anything? Yoseph, especially you. No pithy comments on Trumps hair or his wife. Come on out from behind the curtain and take the criticism like a man. Better yet, just tell us where the damn rv is, and no BS this time. No more lies, can you handle that?



But Yosef's team responds (or perhaps Yosef himself):

Take the money and run?

Run to where? Run from who?

They have a website, service, product, calls, personality and a great team.

They just put into action what you've just been talking about for years. I'm with them. I believe in the movement. Why are you so angry? Because they beat you to the punch and have momentum while your boat sprung a leak? Why are you trying to make us feel bad for our convictions? Shame on you. Why do you care about who helps humanity? Isn't the goal the same all around? Do you offer the same deal? No. You do not. So chill man. You do you and let HAS do HAS.

They offer a project and compliance portal that allows me full autonomy to perform my work. You want to own my project at a percentage. Sorry. I'm not down with that bro.

You drew first blood and are offended that they swung back? C'mon man.

I see that HAS has a product and a service that I feel I need and I am willing to pay for it. Anything wrong it with that? Are you equally appalled that your dentist wants money for his service and that's why your teeth are messed up?

You both are apples and oranges. Those who resonate with you can go with you and those who who resonate with HAS can go that way. Pretty simple. There is no shortage of do gooders.

I just opted for the younger, experienced and energetic group. They still got a lot of tread left on their tires and are burning rubber. I resonate with that.

Best regards,

Human Angel Pioneer


Finally! Thank God.

I bought it. What did I buy?

I bought a system that allows me to see projects in motion and click to donate while remaining anonymous. I love it!

They can send funds to anyone I want to give to and present it in a thoughtful and meaningful way and nobody has to know that I'm stupid rich? Kidding me? That's worth $100 for a whole year. Or at least the minimum 25$ for 3 months. That's like one Starbucks a week.

Don't want it? Don't but it.
Don't see the value? Don't buy it.
Can't afford it? Hey I can't afford a Ferrari so I don't get one. I don't go curse Ferrari.

But I heard on the call that they will place you on a hardship list and at some point you'll be gifted a subscription if you really can't afford one.

That just killed the whole charging money to people who can't afford it BS.

And what entitled person thinks all that product should be free? Go check out Wal-Mart with that attitude and see how many free boxes of depends you walk out with. Maybe you do but oh no! Security is coming.

Get a grip people. Wow. Just wow.

Tom Pflueger

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