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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » A general Comment and overview from SaS concerning the downward spiral of the cabal, September 16, 2012

A general Comment and overview from SaS concerning the downward spiral of the cabal, September 16, 2012

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A general Comment and overview from SaS concerning the downward spiral of the cabal, September 16, 2012

Posted on September 16, 2012

There are two aspects of this controversy that many, in the
Lame Stream Media, have overlooked. As this issue is “revealed” to us,
there are two classical poles of contention, on the one hand you have
“The West” with all of its many alliances and undisclosed, private
compacts engaged in “business as usual.” From this perspective, we
observe that political elements of each regime continue to fascinate us
with their abject stupidity and amoral depravity. Banks continue to rape
and pillage their own people as well as those of their client states.
War is ruthlessly raged against a defenseless and undescribable body
politic with little in the way of tools and tactics that can be deployed
against the machinery of conquest other than their own fragile bodies.
Disinformation is spread like a fetid salve upon the wounds of public

On the other hand, a tsunami of opposition and courageous resistance
is building against these interlopers. There are 196 countries in the
world today. Of those 196, we read that some 140 nations have begun to
follow the “Non-aligned” movement. Of the 56 remaining countries, some
30 nations seek neutrality, leaving the infamous “G20″ to argue the fate
of the world amongst themselves. Of that group, the countries aligning
themselves in opposition to the NWO such as Russia and China are
gathering a host of worried subordinates to their influence. This leaves
roughly the “G5″ (The United States, the U.K., France, Germany, and
Italy) to do most of the dirty work of the Cabal. These countries have
been cut off from the currency exchanges and are now being isolated from
the commercial trade markets. Granted, my observations are crudely
categorized and I’ve little in the way of verifiable references to
underwrite my assertions but, I am certain that most of you can see the
same thing that I’m seeing in the way of “patterns of development.”

The United Nations is wholly owned by the Global Crime Consortium and
represents their interests in securing hegemony and world domination.
Most of you, I think, will agree to the veracity of this assertion.
Given this obvious fact, what do you suppose was the effect the meeting
of the non-aligned nations had upon this Global Crime Consortium? Why
abject terror, of course. The meeting did far more damage to the NWO
folks than meets the eye. It went even farther in its scope and purpose
than just moving Iran into the light as a victim of contrived
circumstances. It not only offers some protection to Iran as a major
player on the International stage, but that meeting of the non-aligned
nations signaled the beginning of the end of the influence and efficacy
(if indeed it ever had these aspects) of the United Nations–BLOW NUMBER
ONE. It also endorsed a common commercial trade strategy that would
permit its participating nations to employ to circumnavigate all these
idiotic “free trade” agreements negotiated by cabalistas over the years.
These agreements are not free in that they ultimately award control of
the signatory’s national gross domestic product to … yes, the same G5
bullies that have been consuming vast quantities of the world’s limited
resources (for free) for the last several decades now.

The Non-aligned movement is a “shot across the bow” of the cabal’s
one remaining dreadnaught of coercive influence: International Trade.
Let me give you an example of how it works. You’ve all read Ben’s
columns wherein he would often explain how Japan shipped all that
product to the U.S. in exchange for U.S. dollars. Saudi Arabia was
coerced into agreeing to a similar “trade agreement.” So were many South
American nations, African nations and many of the nations of Indochina,
Australia, and New Zealand.

Given the fact that the Federal Reserve has held the interest rate
for banks borrowing money from it (the Prime Rate) at Zero (0) percent,
what does that make the U.S. Dollar worth on currency exchanges
throughout the world? That right! You guessed it! Zero. China took the
first bold move to permit non-aligned nations to engage a completely
different financial exchange paradigm that is based on real value
instead of “perceived” value. There will be other programs in the near
future that drive more nails into the coffin of the NWO. So, you see,
the meeting of the Non-aligned Nations in Iran was something very much
bigger than a “breadbox.” It was the beginning of the end of “This
System of Things.” From there on out, everything that the NWO attempts
will be frustrated because the balance of all the illegitimately
accumulated wealth that they now have in their possession will be
jeopardized by any insane, outrageous, or contentious action on their
part. Their wealth exists primarily as electronic figures in a system of
automated management unique to just the countries that they control. As
their influence continues to evaporate, the resources required for them
to maintain their dominance and hegemony will dissipate as well.

They’re all in trouble now and they know it. They can threaten and
flex their rotting hulk of a military machine all they want. Their
resources cannot be replenished so they would have to fight any war that
they wanted to start with only those resources that they have in their
inventory. Without the ability to replenish those resources (for free
through the currency exchanges) they’re toast… or, to put it the way I
think Poofness would put it: “They’re the grass and the Non-aligned
movement is the damned lawn mower!

Love and Light,

Thanks to:


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