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Aug Tellez ~ The Liberation of Humanity from the Fallen Spiritual Enslavement System plus more

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The Liberation of Humanity from the Fallen Spiritual Enslavement System

 omnipulse   CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, Fringe   October 11, 2017 

All the defense groups need from YOU is the support of the liberation of humanity.
If you support the liberation of humanity, the truth, compassion, increasing self-awareness and the awakening of the collective human soul then you are beginning to break contractual, manufactured agreements with the fallen collective that currently rules this scripted area of time-space.
Without your support of the liberation, you are, by default, supporting the total annihilation of your own species unless you choose to knowingly sell your bloodline over to the dark side for protection. And then, you have to recruit or sacrifice human souls or you will be dropped and then it’s just a waiting period until the One True Creator, the over-soul of the ALL will eventually make corrections to Creation and remove all the destructive tendencies and all the fallen, distorted complex beings that are not in harmony with the One True Spiritual Force of Compassionate Self-Awareness.
The public must openly break the contracts by acknowledging the agreements as illegal, as manufactured consent where a meeting of the minds was not and therefore is unconscionable and illegitimate, fraudulent. They must openly reject in mind and body (therefore spirit) the act of WAR against all life on the planet including human life and innocent life and denounce such behaviors as destroying all wildlife and all planetary resources in the name of GREED and DOMINATION. Such is the creed of the fallen.

Here is an inside look, the paperwork that marks up some of the titles for the inner groups lists the profession as “wildlife management”, humans are considered a form of sub-sentient creature that must be herded and controlled through fear and fire like a wild animal, according to the script. The whole system is defined through a network of mental control systems extending from Rome after Babylon gained the knowledge of stargate technology. They are the same groups, the same people, they do not die they use cloning technology to ‘soul hop’ from body to body.
They have been doing this since then and that is why the timelines were collapsing because DNA is meant to be realm relative and temporally localized meaning when they were transplanting soul and genetic material across time through the higher dimensional cyberspace using advanced technology and quantum supercomputer systems they were literally ripping up the turf of time-space like someone doing donuts on a football field. The ripples from that, as the whole network is connected like a web, began to create undulations that have been whipping events around wiping some events and distorting others to the degree of changing the outcome of world-wars and even bone structure and collective memories.
All of this is related to the secret projects, it began in Babylon and before then, the ancient texts are literally the first disclosure of the secret space program. The reasoning is this, if the defense groups step in and defend you, yet with 99% of your energy and free-will you’ve chosen to accept the debauchery and your own annihilation, even rooting for it, paying for it, and specifically requesting that outcome all along the way, then their stepping in is an act of war. IF you reject the abuse and the spiritual enslavement system and simply consent to truth, harmony, self-awareness, compassion and healing then that is not an act of war but simply the truth unveiled.
Again, this may sound paradoxical as you are not being saved. The idea is you don’t need saving from that. You were never going to grab your concentrated emission rifle and hop aboard an electrogravitic cruiser with a team of trained personnel ready to make the arrests and protect the population from the latest plan to launch an underwater nuke to rupture the fault line. Unless you were. The idea is THAT is being handled by the trained professionals, YOU must denounce the fallen system and the bullshit illusions they are attempting to use to trick you into being their hyperdimensional escape pod blasting your entire bloodline into genetic and quantum dissolution in the process. That is the nature of the fallen.
The difficulty, the threat, the challenge is to your mind, your soul, to you being able to handle the truth of this reality and what has been done here and the true nature of how humanity has been meddled with and experimented on. That is the traumatizing nature of the truth and that is where the threat is. Everyone must see it because it’s the underlying truth of how we got to this point in history. Awakened, Souled Humans are immortal beings that cannot die and have a pathway to life everlasting through the One True Creator above and beyond the false architect mad-man that thought mixing the DNA of two completely opposing beings would provide for some entertainment and nourishment for the next 20,000 years.
Research George William Duffy’s videos on the spiritual enslavement system through legalese, mental control systems. Here’s some from Rohan Lorien on the basics of how YOU have been drafted into the MILITARY. YOU are an ASSET OF THE STATE. You are considered PROPERTY, if YOU identity as the given LEGAL FICTION identity that is OWNED by the one who OWNS the fallen system. Reject that system in mind, body, spirit or they will come for the debt. The word is that this system is being shut down and crashed from inside out.
Talk by Rohan Lorian received on the 25/9/2017.
This is how it works:
1. You are in the Military.
2. The part of the Military you are in is the Merchant Navy.
3. The Merchant Navy operates under the Red ensign (flags act 1953).
4. Your parents registered you with a Birth certificate into the Military.
5. Your Christian Name is epithet-ed with an all capitals Military name.
6. All capitals is a Glossa.
7. All capitals can be used for the name of an actor in a theatrical production.
8. Thou shall not kill – to get around this you are considered to be a actor and not a christian (person = actors mask, Nom de theater= false theater name) in a theater of war. It is all an act.
9. The surname is warned against in the bible as the thing that creepeth. This is the Military.
10. If you hand back all military contracts (drivers license medicare etc) you become postliminary and return to being a living Australian national.
11. Incorporation is the act of putting a man or woman into the military where they are considered dead. A ledger is kept of your military service. A ledger is the stone that goes over a grave.
12. The Money is actually Military scrip or script which is a Military contract to pay.
13. The courts are not civilian but are Military court marshals with coats of Arms. This entire system is unlawful and is considered slavery but you must be postliminary. That’s what I know so far. everything can be referenced.
Wonder why you can’t win it’s because you must follow orders in the Military.

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False Disclosure, Research Celebrity Cloning, Donald Marshall and the Others

 omnipulse   Cloning, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, Fringe, The Bigger Picture, Underground Bases   October 11, 2017 

As a reminder, ANYONE who has information about “who’s who”, or “who’s doing what”, or what secret title and outpost, or icon really relates to what but is not stating outright that they were involved with secret operations and have been brought to public for disclosure is attempting to indoctrinate the public in preparation for a mass take-over of the collective mind through sealing off the public in a fear-based paradigm.
They will attempt to use the human as a hyperdimensional portal to escape the response from the collective when the collective wakes up. Before this the goal was to keep the collective asleep but the soul-level awareness is coming closer and closer to the surface of consciousness. Thus, their goal is to flee while there is still a chance but the stargates have been deactivated and they are being sent back through the gate if they do make it through. That was part of the debriefing, there is some army or some defense group that is literally throwing them back through the gate if they attempt to flee. Everything is to center here on the Earth plane, the whole world is to know the truth. That is how the balance will be restored but the indoctrination system has conditioned people to accept insanity and reject the truth and so that is the complication.
This sounds paradoxical but I assure you they are all perfectly recorded and individually acknowledged for what they have done in private. Everything is recorded, this entire dimension is one large, spatio-temporal magnetic recording device made out of ether. With the right device and frequencies one can literally play back time-space of any location or event, especially relative to one’s DNA and individual experiences and decisions made by a particular brain, body or soul.
Research Donald Marshall, he literally informed the public of all the details, the whole set-up, from the Pindar, to the dragon society, to the brotherhood of the fallen, to the Monarchy, to the game of thrones, to the duplication process, to soul scalping and stealing, droning, replicating or fabricating memories, using temporal technology to create a temporal distortion field through frequencies. It’s all there.

Everyone else is BSing, they are making the shit up to get attention and will receive literal hell-fire, plus some well known on the radio shows have literally molested and tortured me as a 9 year old boy with the lady-thing wanting to draw blood from the penis before being able to orgasm herself and the fake, wannabe tough guy drunk POS wanting to beat up a kid before having rough sex with his implanted, insectoid consciousness wife-thing. I’ve seen a few weep to their family members about how bad a person they are feeling guilt over the whole thing but at least they have the choice while in that state to receive full memory of the events and in doing so they will either become a complete drone consciousness soulless monster in every second of waking reality or they will make the choice to inform the public.
Research Donald Marshall please share the information. You must realize there is not going to be any help for you other than the truth and technically a team of individuals prepared to heal and restore balance. So there is help, but the truth is still challenging and that is simply something that must be overcome. Fear must be overcome. Cognitive dissonance must be overcome. Either you inform the public of everything, or they will get your soul and there is nothing anyone can do for it. There are literal .01 percentages of human souls that are powerful enough or clever enough to balance their energies to merge through the labyrinth that surrounds this time-space holding everyone in.
They say the net is down and the system is crashing but I don’t trust everything I hear. I do know, however, that the net must crash, humanity must survive, otherwise this whole time-space disappears forever because the One True Creator who manages all of time will not give Acceptance to this Existence and all will perish into the void as if it never occurred at all. So this means since we are here now, that someone and somehow, Humanity will survive and this is the process of surviving.
Like I said before, if I told everything I would literally have to step away because of the number of suicides it would cause. You think you have a clue, Donald has not told 1% of what really goes on there, it’s all just the game parts, the joking parts, the fun stuff they do in between eating hot dogs made out of human flesh. Yes, and they don’t tell the celebrities that they’re made out of people at first. They say, “oh well, we can have endless clones, lets just eat whatever we want and do all the drugs we can.” Meanwhile, they’re getting them to seal their souls off with the hybrid races so that they get cut off from everlasting life by their behavior in the sight of the One True Creator.
It’s way deeper than anyone can imagine. We went through it so you don’t have to, but everyone will have to be awakened to the truth.
The ultimate truth? The electromagnetic grid will be activated and all memories of all sentient beings will be accessible by simply focusing. Those who are incapable of handling the fact that we have been in the presence of interdimensional vampire “hellions” for all of history will go permanently insane and that will shatter their souls, thus, people must be awakened slowly, according to a schedule and this is part of that. It will push the limits of sanity and challenge one’s mind because that is the only way to know the truth.

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The Underground Race of Vampiric Parasites and the Ancient Genetic Experimentation on Humans

 omnipulse   CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, Important Posts, Underground Bases   October 10, 2017 

Note: I have even had some threats and harassment from the previous post where I look at the expose of the underground bases and the ritual satanic child abuse cults and drug-induced rituals and possession.
The only people who do not want disclosure are those who are content with remaining slaves and mind-controlled pets. They are scum, soulless, unable to think for themselves and are literally hell-bent upon remaining connected to the only secret system that they feel powerful in, the one where humans and children are abused and everyone is lied to in the public.
I repeat. There will be no prisoners. I repeat. There will be no prisoners. If you are caught assisting in the destruction of life and providing a resistance against the liberation of humanity you will be marked permanently and known as a member of the fallen empire.
This is a transdimensional operation. Why people have blank stares and when given this information they turn it into a mockery of attention grabbing, competition, insult hurling, snarling pig-brained, monkey bodied, emotional blood lust? Because in the near future their soul is merged with the AI underworld systems and as a result their entire trajectory forwards and backwards through time is soulless and compassionless. They never were, never will be, they never existed as human and cannot ever experience the compassion of a human. To them, liberation is a joke and human as anything other than a pet is a mockery of what they’ve fought and sacrificed (other people) so much for.
That is cowardice at its finest, an insult to every living being, and the literal sacrifice of their entire bloodline, their entire genetic stream and all beings that are connected to them. Yes, if people have sex with these beings, a ‘fallen’ one, then the mark transfers and this is part of the generational blood curses that has descended upon the people and has taken multiple generations for people to even realize what has happened and remember the battle of Heaven and “Hell” (the underworld) over Earth.
These people are sorry excuses for the bug ridden smashed in, flooded, tunnel grave they crawl out of every 20,000 years and it is complimentary to them to tell them, “You stink”, “you are literally the most vile creature I’ve ever seen”, “you will kill someone just to get what they have and reign over a group of people”. To them and their kind, that is a compliment. I am telling you, this is not a situation where they’re kind of mean, strange and different. They are literally foreign to the frequencies of life that humans exist through. They are what you would call an “alien”, and this is simply because they exist through an inverted frequency spectrum and so they don’t “try” to be evil or mean or alternate. Every single impulse, behavior pattern, regular thought-process, nature or nurture is 100% reversed from what the human is used to. They are vampiric in nature and eat their young and weak believing in the collective and empowering the hive through that.
All the rituals, all the secrets, all the illuminati, all the hidden knowledge pertaining to the darkness and mind-control is literally all simply the blending of behaviors and tendencies from this hidden species into human society. All of the secret circles and behavioral repatterning is literally simply the experimentation of blending that insectoid society with the human behavioral complex and researching how the mind fractures and can be rebuilt. That’s it, it’s not about attaining dark power, or some mystical process. It is, to a sense, but this is all sourced from an underground species who manipulates by nature and feeds on the young out of instinct.

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