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Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool ~ Harvey Weinstein Updates

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Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool ~ Harvey Weinstein Updates Harvey-weinstein

Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool ~ Harvey Weinstein Updates Photo
Mark Dce   

Published on Oct 11, 2017

The city of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is a Satanic cesspool. Here's a look at what goes on behind the scenes. Order your "Liberalism: Find a Cure" t-shirt and other cool stuff here: - Subscribe now for more videos every day, and I'll see you tomorrow! If you love watching my videos then toss me a one-time tip at to help me stay fan-funded because YouTube is demonetizing my videos because they don't like them. Support me on Patreon: Did you know I'm an author? Checkout my books! Order them in paperback on here: Download my books from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook. Contact me via email at: Copyright ©️ 2017 by Mark Dice. All Rights Reserved.



The Audacity of Blaming 'Sex Addiction'
When others might go to prison, powerful people go to rehab.

Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool ~ Harvey Weinstein Updates Lead_960
Andreas Rentz / Getty / Katie Martin / The Atlantic  

Some people go to prison, and others go to rehab. Deposed Hollywood plutocrat Harvey Weinstein is reportedly going to rehab. On Tuesday, TMZ said Weinstein was en route to “a rehab center in Europe” to address “sex addiction.”

“We’re told Weinstein still believes he can get help, come back, and make a fresh start,” the site reported. “As a source close to Weinstein put it, ‘He wants to come back with fresh, new ideas.’”

After decades of both alleged and admitted patterns of abusive and coercive behavior, the 65-year-old Weinstein appears to be seeking a do-over. Though he hasn’t publicly confirmed it, he alluded to this last week in a postmodernist mea culpa , in which he misquoted Jay-Z and condemned the NRA and also conceded, “I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it. Though I’m trying to do better, I know I have a long way to go.”

Weinstein posed the conflict as a sort of infection that could be eradicated: “My journey now will be to learn about myself and conquer my demons.” In doing so, he managed to downplay his own agency in harboring or cultivating these demons. He appeared to have taken a note in exculpation from Phil Hartman’s character unfrozen caveman lawyer : “I came of age in the ’60s and ’70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different.”

The implication was that standards of decency and professionalism had shifted beneath his feet, and he is a naïve old dinosaur who can’t help how much he loves sex. The answer, apparently, is an (admittedly overdue!) jaunt to rehab for “sex addiction.” Then back with more ideas soon.

The ability to even attempt to sell this narrative is a luxury disproportionately afforded to powerful men—the ones who are not thugs or violent criminals but simply can’t help themselves.

The known facts are at odds with Weinstein’s moment-of-realization story. Weinstein reportedly met with resistance regularly from the people he attacked and people close to them. He was reportedly confronted years ago privately by Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck . He has paid multiple settlements . He has been mocked publicly at the Oscar nominations and on 30 Rock and Entourage . The problem was not new or unknown, and yet it was last week’s revelation that he considered “a wake-up call.”
The framing of Weinstein’s problem as one to do with sex reflects no reckoning with the nature of the charges.
The more glaring problem with the narrative is the mischaracterization of the incidents as “sexual”—and an addiction to that sex. “Sex addiction” is not included in psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, as the American psychiatric establishment chose to regard sex differently from other addictive behaviors—largely in that there are no serious physical symptoms of withdrawal. This is a consequential distinction. People can have problematic sex-related compulsions that interfere with daily life, but that’s different. For example, in a very real sense, a person approaching the lethal stages of alcohol withdrawal may rob a liquor store to save his life. This would not be the moral equivalent of raping a person to stem an onset of “sex withdrawal.”

Even for the minority of mental-health experts who would characterize sex addiction as a diagnosable condition, the fact remains that sex is simply not the issue at hand.

The acts detailed in the accounts of the many women reporting abuse by Weinstein were often tangentially sexual, in that they involved certain parts of the body and mimicked the motions of sexual acts. But to consider these incidents sex is a mode of thinking that fell out of use even before the “’60s and ’70s.” Sex is defined by consent. This is not a new concept.

The framing of Weinstein’s problem as one to do with sex reflects no reckoning with the nature of the charges. This is a case of excusing something as sex when it is not sex. There are parallels in this misdirection to what happened with the Access Hollywood tape in which Donald Trump bragged about assaulting women, and it was reported in the news as “explicit sex talk .”

These are rather problems of power and status that manifest as a violent disregard for others—a failure to acknowledge the autonomy of women or a problem accepting it and a compulsion to revoke it by force. So it feels especially jarring to hear that same person professing a lack of agency in these acts.

There is a serious role for counseling and rehabilitation, cognitive therapy and introspection in a criminal-justice case of this sort—and many others. The case of Weinstein, though, casts a spotlight on the disparities in access to these approaches, and the people for whom they are considered acceptable and sufficient penance.

For example, juvenile offenders of all sorts—most of whom are charged with minor offenses like “disorderly conduct” and who might benefit most from a rehabilitative approach to justice—are often given a purely punitive sentence. This leaves the underlying issue at the core of the behavior—an unsafe home, or an unmet basic need, or a lack of reliable adult role models—unaddressed. A single offense becomes a second and a third, and then a life in and out of prison.

Meanwhile, those who violate others with impunity are best positioned to sell their own victim narrative. Weinstein and other powerful admitted serial offenders are often given every opportunity to change—years of warnings and settlements and threats—and have every conceivable financial resource available to make that change happen, and yet don’t. Even after a landslide of allegations finally becomes public, these people have the gall not simply to ask for another chance, but to declare it, through a demand on the sensitivity of a public for the suffering of a person battling addiction.

If there is diagnosable compulsion on display in this case, it seems to be an inability to hold oneself accountable. In such cases, systems exist to do that.

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Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool ~ Harvey Weinstein Updates Woody-Allen-Hollywood-Actor-e1507749451250   Director Woody Allen speaks at the 2017 American Film Institute Life Achievement Award– Show, Los Angeles, California, 08/06/2017 [REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni]
It’s Not Just Weinstein — Entertainment Industry Filled With Accused Sex Abusers

It’s not just Harvey Weinstein.
Weinstein is accused of using his powerful position in Hollywood to serially abuse women, particularly models and actresses.  At least 20 women have now accused Weinstein, who is a major Demoratic donor and fundraiser, of sexually harassing them. The New Yorker published a bombshell report containing graphic details of Weinstein’s abuse of several women, three of whom accused him of raping them.
That Weinstein was sexually abusive is said to have been an open secret among Hollywood elites.
But Weinstein is far from alone. The entertainment industry is filled with men accused of sex abuse.
Rapper R. Kelly was accused in July of running an abusive sex cult out of his home.  Kelly allegedly made teenage girls sign nondisclosure agreements, before forcing them to be his personal sex slaves.
Legendary film director Woody Allen is still writing and directing star-studded films despite his own sex abuse scandal .
Allen was accused of sexually abusing his adopted daughter when she was as young as seven years old. Allen’s son, Ronan Farrow — who broke the bombshell New Yorker report on Weinstein — wrote a column last year describing the media’s complicity in keeping his father’s alleged abuses out of the public eye. Allen is still welcome among Hollywood elites: his upcoming movie “Wonder Wheel” will star Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake.
Director and producer Roman Polanski was accused of drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. He later pled guilty to the lesser charge of statutory rape but avoided prison by fleeing the country to Poland, where he has successfully fought efforts to extradite him to the United States. Four different women have now accused Polanski of sexually abusing them as teens.
Hollywood is a Satanic Cesspool ~ Harvey Weinstein Updates 2017-10-04T200326Z_1_LYNXMPED931V8_RTROPTP_4_SWISS-POLANSKI
Director Roman Polanski arrives to present his movie “D’apres une histoire vraie” at the Zurich Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland October 2, 2017. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann
Polanski’s sexual abuse scandals haven’t kept him from popularity among Hollywood elite.
An audience full of movie stars, including actress Meryl Streep, gave Polanski a standing ovation at the 2003 Academy Awards.
Polanski continues producing films today.
“The truth is that Harvey Weinstein was able to get away with what he did for so long because Hollywood, led by two-faced Ms Streep, doesn’t really give a damn about powerful men abusing young women,” Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan wrote on Wednesday. “That’s why they cheer Polanski and still finance and star in his movies.”

Mark Salling, the former star of “Glee,” pled guilty to child porn charges earlier this month. Salling is expected to serve between four and seven years in prison. He was previously accused of rape, although police never brought charges. (RELATED: Investigate Hollywood, Mr. President)
Actor Corey Feldman has said that he and another actor, Corey Haim, were repeatedly sexually abused as child actors by men in the movie industry. Pedophilia, Feldman said, is more prominent in Hollywood than the public realizes.
Feldman said he “would love to name names” but fears getting sued if he does. At least one of his accusers, he said in 2016, is “still prominently in the business today.”
Director Victor Salva pled guilty to five felony accounts related to his abuse of a 12-year-old child actor. Salva served three years in prison but remains active today. Earlier this month, The Daily Beast described Salva as “The Pedophile Director Embraced by Hollywood.”
Actor John Travolta has faced a string of sexual abuse claims. Documents published by Gawker in 2013 revealed that Travolta’s insurer paid out $84,000 the previous year in regard to sexual assault claims against Travolta. At least seven different men have accused Travolta of sexually abusing them.
Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson has said the Department of Justice should investigate Hollywood’s culture of “systematic sexual abuse.”
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Ahhhhhh, the Hollywood types....I find it all rather amusing....Sexual abuse IS the industry. Most all of them are involved and do so willingly....Few are brave enough to tell the truth...The parties, the children, the sex, and the  PAYCHECKS....We get it. Its so sad to see them now crying about abuse....What a game they play...


Kubrick was "Hollywood."
Is he to be blamed or cheered for Eyes Wide Shut?


Hmmmmm to you ave....You cannot be this confused about the reality of the Hollywood...I have come to the conclusion that you may very well be a misinformation guy...A troll...ITS A BIG GAME FOR THE THEM...Politically driven with personal amusement as a side bar..


The "woke" use the red pill analogy to show how aware they are. Yet it was Hollywood who made the Matrix...
If the "elite" can control everything, don't you think they are controlling their exposure as well? Don't you think disinfowars is obvious controlled opposition?
The conspiracy folks seem awfully eager to wave flags and guns. How is that being sovereign? No flag defines me and I have no need to shoot anyone.


You seem to want to simplify the minds and intentions of the very sick. You are dealing with people who abuse and torture children and when they are done they eat them. You greatly underestimate their power and influence worldwide. They have assets at their disposal that truly make this war unfair in a 3D fight. And, they have some really powerful helpers!  I suggest we all move on to another dimension...As for weapons, thats a personal choice..Sometimes shooting the assholes seems like a really good idea!


We all feel that we are correct and our violence is justified.
Just like "they" feel we are useless eaters and worthy of being shot.


Even when you shoot them ave, they come back....Just have a different body....You see, many of them are stuck here in this 3D world..And who is "we" and who is violent?

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