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NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Update plus MORE

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1 NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Update plus MORE on Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:34 am



Terral BlackStar
Published on Oct 19, 2017

Seismic event indicators say Earth is moving through the middle of the second earth change uptick period for the 2017 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star positioned in the Libra Constellation. Year-over-year weekly seismic event values show Earth following the 2016 seismic pattern very closely except for having five of the 6-magnitude earthquake events that mirrors what we saw in 2015. The fact that we see three sub-200 weekly-event values* for the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events represents a strong indicator that Earth has moved through an earth change mini-lull period at this stage of the orbit cycle for the last four years. See the Seismic Chart and complete newsletter, by subscribing at Complementary Link to Newsletter 41: Week-over-week seismic-event values show an increase in earthquake-event values for Week 35 providing strong evidence that Earth is experiencing an activity bounce moving through the predicted mini-lull period for the month of October 2017. Earth saw a steady decline in the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events from Week 30 (Jolt value) through Week 34, but global seismic activity will be in up/down/bounce mode from now to the third week of November. The forecast is to see fluctuating up/down weekly seismic-event values, until global seismic activity reaches a peak in the second two weeks of November moving into December 2017. The predicted backside-alignment quake event is scheduled for November 19, 2017, when Earth passes behind the Sun relative to the Black Star... ...Our Watch Area for the coming week is shifts from Central America/Mexico across the Pacific Ocean to Japan, Eastern Russia moving into the Aleutians, as the deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone are now striking on the Indonesia side of the Origination Zone equation. These deep earthquakes between 410 and 660 kilometers below the surface add energy to the expanding deep magma plume formation with a high percentage of that energy moving up and down through buoyancy barrier corridor #1. Some of this deep magma plume energy is likely to move west through deep magma plume corridor #3, which can easily create environmental conditions conducive to generating new volcanic eruption events in Italy first and then France like we have seen on previous orbit cycles... ...Project supporters for this week include Cynthia, Bill, Gary and Pamela all subscribing to the Newsletter/Survival Group Programs at to receive full benefits. Trevin, Scott, Steven, Dennis, Bryan, Lisa, Geoff, Niki, Cindy, Claudia, Andrea, Thomas, Brady, Kristie, Michael, Susan, Simon, Patrick, Matthew, Edward, Mike, Kevin, Dale, Jordon and Lance renewed subscriptions from previous years. Steven, Bill and Marc upgraded their Newsletter subscriptions to obtain Survival Group benefits. John secured his autographed copy of The Mystery Explained with his 50-dollar donation with Steven and Bill making donations to the research. Note to Claudia: Please write and update your email address, as the one connected to your Paypal account / notifications is not working and creating error messages. Jennifer, the publisher’s project coordinator, wrote this morning saying that the next phase of the publishing process for The Mystery Explained is underway. Get your signed/autographed copy of The Mystery Explained with a donation of 50 dollars or more at remembering to include a mailing address in the notes. Those seeking other payment options can write me using the Contact Terral button on the website. Correction: Rosemary, Tina and John are the three people making major editorial corrections in The Mystery Explained. Many thanks again for your efforts. Also, my sincere apologies to Michelle for my oversight on Wednesday confusing her with Michele. My radio interview with Kim at Mysterious Radio (website link) is scheduled for Friday, October 27, 2017 at 8PM Eastern Time. Many thanks to everyone supporting the research for making the Newsletter/Survival Group and related Programs possible. Terral Read the Full Report and related articles, by subscribing to Terral’s 2017 Newsletter/Survival Group Programs at See last week’s complete newsletter using the complimentary link to Terral's 2017 Newsletter Volume 41.


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