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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » POWER TOOLS » NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for September 17-23, 2012 – by

NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for September 17-23, 2012 – by

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for September 17-23, 2012 – by Pam Younghans

Posted on September 16, 2012

permit me to say that while I believe the financial collapse is
definitely on its way, I’m making an educated guess that it is unlikely
to happen this week. Lauren Gorgo in her recent (paid) post suggested it
might happen by the end of the month, and I happen to think that is
more likely than around the 16-17 time frame – but whatever actually
does happen, let’s all try to stay cool about it. Hugs, ~Jean

Photo: Auroras on September 15 over Salla, Finish-Lapland (photo by B. Art Braafhart)

THE SECOND Pluto-Uranus square occurs this week,
exact on Wednesday. We have been working with this influence for several
weeks, so this energy should already feel somewhat familiar.

We may also recognize a similarity between events this coming
week and those that occurred around June 26, at the time of the first
Pluto-Uranus square. But, even if we find similar themes present in both
time frames, we can also “expect the unexpected” this week, since
Uranus excels in creating surprises.

What we know for sure is that both of these planets are intent on
bringing about necessary changes. We also know that neither planet is
noted for subtlety. With both of them strongly activated now, a new
world is in the midst of being created – at times requiring that the old
world be demolished first.

URANUS IN ARIES has the effect of an extra adrenalin
pump. In square aspect to Pluto, Uranus can exaggerate our reactivity,
so that we are more likely to act first and think about it later
(maybe). The “fight or flight” mechanism can be strongly engaged at this

We also tend to be less concerned with fitting in and being accepted
with Uranus pushing us forward. We may appear more than a bit selfish to
others as we experiment with new ways of being and moving in the world.
Apologies and niceties may seem like foreign concepts.

At the same time, because Uranus represents higher consciousness, the
potential is also available for us to more fully align our personal
will with a knowing of right action. Fulfilling this potential takes
considerable self-awareness. It requires being cognizant of where our
buttons are being pushed, being able to take a step back from purely
instinctive reactions, and utilizing the often untapped portions of our
brains to find solutions instead.

IN ANOTHER CORNER of our planetary arena, Pluto in
Capricorn stands ready. Pluto is the bulldozer, tearing down both
internal and external structures that do not support our highest

Like Uranus, Pluto also can trigger our instincts, especially those
that are engaged when we feel bullied or victimized. Through these
situations, Pluto reveals how we continue to give away our power.

As Pluto squares off with Uranus, we can become very aware of where
and how we feel boxed in. But, if we take the time and have the
courage to search more deeply, we may also realize that it is through
our own self-perceptions that our sphere of activity and influence has
been limited.

MERCURY interacts with both Pluto and Uranus this
week, creating a configuration called a ”cardinal T-square.” A cardinal
T-square is formed when three planets, each in a different cardinal
sign, all come to the same degree of their respective sign at the same
time. (This week, Mercury is at 7 degrees of Libra, Pluto is at 7
degrees of Capricorn, and Uranus is at 7 degrees of Aries.)

This means things could get pretty complicated when it comes to
communications and logistics this week, especially on Thursday — a bit
like a Mercury retrograde moment, with a bit of extra intensity thrown
in for good measure. Manifestations may also include revelations of
previously hidden information, and unexpected insights and solutions
coming into our awareness.

WITH MERCURY at a pressure point, we will also need
to be careful of the tendency to speak thoughtlessly or from places
within ourselves that are less enlightened. That instinctive,
automatic-response verbal mechanism is highly activated with this

For help in dealing with issues that arise, we can look to the
“missing leg” of this T-square — the fourth cardinal sign that is not
represented. That sign is Cancer, which means we will want to call upon
our natural sensitivity and sympathy as way to regain our balance.

AT THE SAME TIME, we want to take advantage of the
potential for liberation and personal empowerment that is promised by
the Pluto-Uranus square. No small task, balancing such extremes of
motivation. We have to be very clean and clear with ourselves and with

Because, if we aspire to have autonomy (Aries) and authority
(Capricorn) but forget the need for sensitivity (Cancer) and fairness
(Libra), how are we any different than those who enslave and manipulate
for personal gain? This is one reason why these are such powerful times,
requiring each of us to become more conscious with each passing day.

IF YOU FIND YOURSELF feeling especially restless and
impatient this week, take heart that you are not alone! And yet,
knowing that many (or most) of us are dealing with the same triggering
mechanism means that we will need to be especially patient and kind with
each other.

That ability may come more easily at the end of the week that it does
at first. The Sun moves into conciliatory Libra on Saturday, helping us
all play a bit more fairly for the next few weeks, and reminding us of
the importance of getting along.

SATURDAY IS, of course, also the September Equinox,
when autumn begins in the Northern Hemisphere and spring begins in the
Southern Hemisphere. The alignment between the Earth and the Sun that
occurs during an equinox provides the opportunity for us to access new
levels of information and insight.

In her “Celebrating the Equinoxes” article on the Shamanic Astrology
Mystery School website, Cayelin K. Castell explains a bit more about the
equinox potentials:

“During the equinoxes, the Earth’s auric or magnetic field is
affected by the Sun’s alignment with the Earth’s equator. Twice each
year, at the equinoxes, the Sun rises and sets exactly over the equator,
remaining closely aligned there for approximately 48 hours. This
produces a reduction in the magnetic field of the Earth, allowing us to
connect more easily with other dimensions.”

No doubt about it, this is a powerful week! Our homework is to be a
wise and adept surfer – to watch the energy waves as they come in, to
make balance a priority, and to use our intuitive guidance when choosing
just the right wave to ride …



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