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STOP S.O.P.A. UrgentGram To my Representative and US Senators THIS IS A PETITION

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you very much for signing the UrgentGram to your representative and senators
demanding they vote against SOPA in the House and Protect IP in the Senate

Dear Godsfool

I hope this letter makes it to you on time.

You see,

The government is certainly hoping you put this letter aside. Throw it in the trash. Assume I
am exaggerating the threat they pose to your freedom.

Don't make that mistake.

What they don't want you to know is

Government censorship? Government control over what you can see, hear, and read online?

If they get their way, your news online could look a lot like the above. That's why it's vital you complete the UrgentGram to your
representative and senators

There isn't a moment to waste.

Right now, the same folks that
brought you the so-called "Patriot" Act, indefinite detention of
American citizens, and an unaccountable TSA and an invasive Department
of Homeland Security are preparing to wage war on your freedom online.

The government is fully prepared to take unprecedented power over the internet unless you and I stop them

Two bills - SOPA (HR 3261) in the House and Protect IP (S 968) in the Senate - are
being pushed by the Big Government leadership of both houses. Action on one or both bills could happen any day

What is the government trying to do? Gain a
foothold in the last truly free place on earth - the internet. It's
no secret that websites, social media, and other online communities are a
hotbed of anti-government, powerful activism.

From cafes in Cairo to bloggers in Beijing, those
living under oppressive regimes organize, spread information, and fight
their freedom with their words and deeds online.

And here at home, from anti-war activists to
homeschoolers, anti-tax proponents to civil libertarians, Patriots fight for their freedom online
. In addition, these actions by the
government will harm the one place where capitalism and the free market are most flourishing.

Entrepreneurship and small business creation are at an all-time high
online. An idea and a lot of hard work can launch anything from a good
business to a worldwide enterprise online.

Minimal startup costs. Fewer regulatory
hurdles. Lower tax burdens. All of these factors contribute to a
thriving online economy - and one that would be directly and massively
harmed by SOPA and Protect IP (which should really be called Destroy

The bills give the
government the power to put someone out of business for even minor
copyright violations. In fact, as originally drafted, these bills give
government the power to shut down websites on even a private allegation
of a violation. No investigation. No charges. No
trial. No jury. No verdict. Entire websites could be shut down for
inadvertent violations, malicious attacks, or a made-up claim.

Campaign for Liberty could be shut down virtually overnight if someone - say
a Federal Reserve official - claimed a YouTube video we promoted was a "copyright violation.

You don't need to think very hard to imagine what a hostile government
agent or bureaucrat could do with this power. Our economy AND our
are threatened in one massive takeover.

SOPA and PIPA purport to give the government the power
to shut down websites and disable search engines in the name of stopping "piracy

Right. And they say they are only spying on foreign terrorists. Nothing for us law-abiding Americans to worry about.

But let's be honest…

If the government takes the power to
regulate the internet and shut down information, no matter what the
stated reason, you and I cannot control what they do with that power.

Has the government EVER taken a power it didn't use to stifle freedom? To paraphrase Madison, we are not
governed by angels. That's why you and I must act today.

I hope you will take a minute to
complete your UrgentGram I have
prepared for you.

I hope to deliver yours - along with hundreds of thousands like it - in the
coming days.

is only one hope to defeat SOPA and Protect IP, and that is a massive
public outcry and the spotlight of public attention, coupled with strong
action in Congress by friends of liberty like Senator Rand Paul

Already, public reaction has slowed the statists' plans, and proponents of these takeovers are desperate
to quickly stop the bleeding. That's why they are trying to speed their power grabs through Congress.

And please, don't be fooled by the bill's authors claiming to
have "fixed" SOPA to better protect online freedom. Any claim
that SOPA or Protect IP can be fixed is FALSE and should be ignored.

There is no fixing these bills - only killing them. And that's exactly what Campaign for Liberty will do with your
help today

Our team has put together a three-part plan to defeat Protect IP and SOPA:
Massive web action
: Since the most affected people would be those
who work or get most of their news online, Campaign for Liberty will
online sites and communities with web ads, Google ads, banners, and
emails. Our goal is to contact at least TEN MILLION people in the
coming weeks
- a huge undertaking.

Targeted media: Our staff will blanket the internet and the airwaves, the blogs and newspapers, as we sound the alarm

*** If funds
allow, we will launch tv and radio ads
as well, alerting talk radio listeners and news viewers of the dangers of SOPA and
Protect IP.

This undertaking must be done quickly, and it will not be cheap. That's why, in addition to your completed UrgentGram, I am counting on you to make a contribution to
Campaign for Liberty today

Please chip in a contribution of $50, $25, $10 - or whatever you
can afford. Whatever you can do, right now, will have a big impact.

What is your freedom
worth to you
? I know you are a Patriot who has rallied to our cause many times before. Please stand with us again at this crucial

As Senator Paul noted, it's up to us to fight this Big Government power grab. That's
why he is leading the fight in the Senate. Campaign for Liberty will have his back by leading a grassroots army.

I hope he and I can count on your being a part of this fight by completing your UrgentGram and
chipping in your maximum possible contribution of $50, $25, $10 - or whatever you can afford

Thank you for all you do in our fight for Liberty!

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President


If you don't want the internet to look like this, it is vital you act right away. Please complete your UrgentGram to help C4L
stop SOPA and Protect IP in their tracks today

And if you can, please also enclose a
contribution of $50, $25, $10 - or whatever you can afford - with your completed UrgentGram. Thank

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