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 Blossom Goodchild – September 16, 2012

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PostSubject: Blossom Goodchild – September 16, 2012   Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:06 pm

Blossom Goodchild – September 16, 2012

Posted on September 18, 2012

Blossom Goodchild – September 16, 2012

Hello … me here. It would be great if we could have a chat if the timing works for you … it works for me.

We are happy to converse with you at this time. We are always
happy to converse with you and relay to you that which we consider of
value for you to become aware of at this particular time . First of all
we would appreciate very much your consideration in the matter of
sending congratulations to those upon your planet who have recently
decided to become part of the Light Workers Communion that is so rapidly
growing upon your planet with each moment. More and more of the human
race are awakening and through this … allowing the vibration to rise and
for it, therefore, to mingle with Higher vibrational frequencies …
which in turn allow US to become ever closer to YOU.

Consider congratulations sent out!

Secondly we would care to embrace each and every one of you
with our energy of LOVE. We ask you to KNOW that we consider you all to
be part of our family and as we draw closer in this way … it seems that
our connection with more and more of you is made more easily viable.
Consider too the knowledge that in these days that are presenting
themselves to you … you are being made more aware of your own energies
that are literally Lighting the way. For surely it is known to you that
the FEELING of one’s upliftment is stronger now than ever before. There
is excitement in the air and to those who have been in trepidation …
they are allowing that to leave their Being and are finding themselves
in a place that is much more in ease.

Consider the possibility that as more and more continue to
awaken … it is stretching all possibilities to become realities in a
shorter space of time. For instance … we would suggest to you that
although you may sometimes feel as if ‘you are going it alone’ … that
the evidence NOW far outweighs those who would question and ridicule our
existence . For in these days, is it not that so many of you are taking
this whole affair in a much Lighter yet more serious manner?

How we can FEEL your souls desire to unite with us once
again. How we long to put your minds and your hearts call at rest and
look into your eyes as you in turn shall look into ours. All barriers
broken down. All that was misconstrued placed in an understanding that
allows all doubts that ever were to melt away. Dearest ones … these
times are so close at hand. We give you no dates … we give you only our
Truth of what is to be .

May I ask you a question? How can we assist in bringing this union
about … how can we do more , because many feel that they are not doing
enough and yet I wonder if it is in the timing?

We are aware that many feel this way. Within their hearts
they KNOW they are here to do something. To assist in this great plan
and yet they feel that they are stagnant at this time, or find
themselves a little lost and unsure in which direction they are supposed
to be walking. Yet we would say to you … that when the time comes …
there will not be time for questioning what one would be doing … for one
will be doing it all the time!

For a way to express, we would say that you are ‘programmed’
to act when necessary. We do not wish for those of your world to
misinterpret that which we have just spoken of. You are not robots … far
from it. It is just that YOU KNOW what it is you are to do and for each
one … how you are to conduct the future part of your lives. In a way it
is as if a ‘switch’ will be turned on and the information you are so
keen to recall shall once again reside in the forefront of your minds.

Therefore at this time … accept the position you are in. Be
of joy about WHO YOU ARE . Go within as much as you can and connect with
the part of you that does not reside upon this planet. For this is the
part of you that will have much involvement when the days ahead are in
full swing and there will be a much stronger connection necessary with
the Higher aspect of the self.

Yet we say to you … all this shall come with ease.

That’s good to hear. Sometimes I wonder, going by ‘where we are at’
now … how ON EARTH we shall be able to move in such leaps and bounds to
get to where we want to be.

It will happen in such a way that you will FEEL you have been
acting this way all your lives! Which of course for most part you will
have been.

So will we FEEL like we have known how to do things … and just
remembered? … Or will it FEEL new to us? This is a bit odd … because I
don’t even know what things in particular I am talking about!

Oh but you will. You are aware of how little ones gifts and
talents and awareness are put into full use. You cannot at this point
comprehend how much is to come to you because of the part of you that
has been shut down for so long. Yet we say … when it is reborn … when
it is once again part of your Being … when it is reactivated … you will
be amazed at exactly how much you are capable of .

Dearest friends of ours … we have spoken to you of creating
the world that you are to walk into. We ask you to understand that this
creation is taking place NOW … and all in that which you are creating
shall become your New reality … a True reality … brought forth by the
thoughts which you choose to think about . Become aware of that which
you would like to BE. Introduce it to your BEING and offer more ‘add
on’s’ as you go .

We ask you to not only think … yet to visualize … and within
that visualization … most importantly we ask you to FEEL what it would
be like to have those thoughts become the world in which you reside .

Sometimes in doing that though … I find myself being a little selfish
because I seem to concentrate on how I would like ‘my world’ to be …
the ‘it’s all about me’ world … and I don’t seem to stretch my
imagination to a global effect.

Yet do you not see? … This is certainly by far the best
possible way to begin. For by doing this … by allowing yourself to FEEL
the joy that you would like to encounter throughout your days … you are
putting into practice that which is. By making yourself FEEL what YOUR
future will appear to be … you are creating that world of which we
speak. For if each and everyone did the same … Hey presto … there is
your New World … for we could not imagine that one of you ….given the
choice would create for themselves a world that did not FEEL good.

Combine this with the wonders that are to transpire before
this year is through and we would say that you have the recipe for the
dream world which you all created long long ago before you even arrived.

That’s quite a hard concept to understand. Too complicated to put into words … and yet somehow I get what you are saying.

Think of the excitement that is gaining momentum in your
world amongst all of you who KNOW that things are about to change.
Couple that with the excitement from many Star Nations that have been
awaiting these happenings for as long as you have.
you put this excitement together … it is beyond imaginings at this
point … yet it certainly bodes well for lifting the planet into its
rightful position.

It is indeed exciting. You have gained quite a fan club I might say.
Of course there are those who are still very much asleep and those who
are semi awake and semi sleeping. Those who are aware of you … yet not
too sure of your agenda. In other words quite a mixed bag of emotions
concerning you!

Many are saying that they want proof of our existence. We
would suggest to those who feel this way to take to your computers and
simply look into the matter more fully. For if it is proof they are
looking for … there you will have it …on camera for all to see.

There are those naturally who have the proof within their
hearts. There is no stronger proof than this dear ones. For inside of
you lies all KNOWING. There are those who question our agenda. They have
a caution and a right to do so … yet we would say categorically that we
have a burning desire to assist in the raising of your planet and those
upon it . This has been our quest for so long. This massive project we
intend to see through … and when it is done … how we shall rejoice … in
friendship with one another. There will be no need for questioning of
what or why. For our presence in your company shall put all minds at

There shall be a time when all doubt has to be removed. This
we are working toward and have for many a year in your terms … discussed
the best way for this to take place … causing the least possible
‘stress’ for those who are still asleep. One never likes to waken one
from a slumber in a fashion of great noise and turbulence. How much
sweeter it is to gently coax one into awareness and softly announce
‘it’s time to wake up now’.

So many of you are preparing for what is to come. Yet you
become frustrated in the comparison between what you FEEL your world to
be in now and that which you desire it to be in.

We have said to you that the process has begun and indeed it
has. The changeover in various degrees of vibration is continually
taking place as you are moving through it . Yet would you not say that
there is a certain Knowing inside that we are ever closer?

Well, yes … but I sometimes wonder if that is just because we are
getting nearer to the end of the year and so expectancy is high .

And we would reply by saying that they are one and the same.
All is in alignment and going according to plan. Your patience on this
matter serves you well . Your hearts Knowing in this matter serve you
well also … this is why you have the patience!

Dearest friends … for it is an honor to call you so … WE ARE ONE IN LOVE .

There is nothing that can come between us . Nothing. The road
has been long and the wait sometimes arduous for you. Yet … here you
are, almost as we said … at the finishing line. FEEL us sending
through to each one of you our message of what is to come . FEEL the
reality of our friendship and our combined efforts bringing about this
happening . FEEL us sending to you the visualisation of our greetings to
one another and the celebrations that shall occur due to this .



This I know also. I’m feeling that its time. Thank you … so very much. Cheer ho for now. Over and out.. In love and thanks.

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Blossom Goodchild – September 16, 2012
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