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What DOCTORS really are...

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1 What DOCTORS really are... on Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:58 pm

Consciousness Of Economic


I Cannot wait until my association gets the world conferences up and going for the alternative, traditional, original, indigenous medicine people. Tired of everything is about doctors who if licensed are fraud. It goes back to the admiralty law copy paste over the American constitution of law on the land. The Word Doctor is an admiralty law word placed onto what was originally the Dock Attendant. Once the government raised landmass borders above our land areas, the made the whole USA underwater, creating the law of the sea no longer the law of the land. What was one of the first takeovers under that law? the medical profession. Before the take over by the American Medical Association people were called different things and medicine was also called different things. Once the AMA made the proper Admiralty law jurisdiction over medicine and what was to be known as a Doctor which was a dock attendant. I want people to know that I have worked and had practices right along doctors who resigned the license of such and practiced once they understood what the word doctor was and medicine really is. Under admiralty law, the dock attendant registers all items alive or dead in good shape of bad that comes out of the birth of the ships that port in say USA. The government fully owns whatever ports on any part of the USA and the contents of that ship. the dock attendant watches everything that comes out of the birth of the ship for civil or economic purposes. When the doctors, Medical establishment came about it was to register live birth via registration by the dock attendants in the hospital. the mother was the ship, that gave up the contents of her birth as a commodity. All people in the USA are registered at birth, alive or dead either way the gov makes money as commodities. if live birth the gov gets the document and under admiralty law files the human person lost at sea and creates a corporation in which they get to be the trustee all your life from. making you a big slave. Do not believe me do a search and all corporations, trusts are always in capital letters, check your dl, bills, passport it is all in caps because you are not considered found. Doctors are part of this. I get most doctors do not understand what their title actually is. it is why they never learn anything that is really helpful to heal people, like nutrition. Because by being born in a hospital and your birth registered by the dock attendants or doctors and the gov using that as a claim, no one can live on water mind you, which means they can refile you as lost as sea and create a trust to manage everything about you, which means clam to you, not your parents, this is why judges rule against alternative treatment for kids, you do not own them they do by doctors creating the original documents. the gov makes huge money as they also take out life insurance policies on the lost at sea people, some I have seen up to 300 million. so they need the people to die. Doctors also register the death so payments can be made and not to you. I want to add the word all court law under admiralty law the law that govern all of u. The word they use is a monster for us, since whatever physical is acting like us and attached to the trust the government has us in because they registered us lost at sea. That is why the judge treats you that way. Because in all law in the USA you are a monster. People do your math, start looking, this all the truth, scary yes, but only you can change it. Posting legal term:

2 Re: What DOCTORS really are... on Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:56 pm


Yep yep and yep...All part of this fraud we live in...

3 Re: What DOCTORS really are... on Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:09 pm


Unfortunately... YEP !

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
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