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Awesome building found on Earths Moon, Nov 2017

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November 4, 2017

Awesome building found on Earths Moon, Nov 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Awesome building found on Earths Moon, Nov 2017 Secret%252C%2Btrump%252C%2Bnews%252C%2Balien%2Bbase%252C%2Bearths%2Bmoon%252C%2Bnew%2Bscientist%252C%2Bnobel%2Bprize%252C%2Bscott%2Bc.%2Bwaring%252C%2BUFO%2Bsightings%2Bdaily%252C%2Bmoon%252C%2Bbuilding%252C%2Bstructure%252C%2Bdiscovery%252C%2Bfound%252C%2Bfind%252C%2B2%2Bcopy
Date of sighting: November 4, 2017
Location of sighting: Earths moon, Equator area

When looking for a building, I don't look for just right hand corners, but instead try to keep an open mind and search for all objects that stick above the surface that are so huge and so unusual that they could not possibly been created by nature, but instead by intelligent beings. Here we have such a structure. There are two oval round areas that are white, attached to a larger area that looks dark grey metallic. I colored it above so you can see it better. It might not just be a building, but may be a ship that is parked there, long since abandoned, but left there for parts later.

I wonder if Trump will make the UFO files public anytime soon? Also if he disclosed that aliens do exist and are even friends with governments of the world, it would be history changing. Releasing the existence of intelligent aliens to the public would make Trump the most significant president in American history, and in world history, not to mention the giant business deals Trump could make with the aliens worlds, becoming the richest person in the world. It could happen. 
Scott C. Waring

Awesome building found on Earths Moon, Nov 2017 Strange%252C%2BET%252C%2BW56%252C%2Balien%2Bbase%252C%2Bearths%2Bmoon%252C%2Bnew%2Bscientist%252C%2Bnobel%2Bprize%252C%2Bscott%2Bc.%2Bwaring%252C%2BUFO%2Bsightings%2Bdaily%252C%2Bmoon%252C%2Bbuilding%252C%2Bstructure%252C%2Bdiscovery%252C%2Bfound%252C%2Bfind%252C%2B2

Awesome building found on Earths Moon, Nov 2017 Alien%2Bbase%252C%2Bearths%2Bmoon%252C%2Bnew%2Bscientist%252C%2Bnobel%2Bprize%252C%2Bscott%2Bc.%2Bwaring%252C%2BUFO%2Bsightings%2Bdaily%252C%2Bmoon%252C%2Bbuilding%252C%2Bstructure%252C%2Bdiscovery%252C%2Bfound%252C%2Bfind%252C%2B1

Awesome building found on Earths Moon, Nov 2017 Alien%2Bbase%252C%2Bearths%2Bmoon%252C%2Bnew%2Bscientist%252C%2Bnobel%2Bprize%252C%2Bscott%2Bc.%2Bwaring%252C%2BUFO%2Bsightings%2Bdaily%252C%2Bmoon%252C%2Bbuilding%252C%2Bstructure%252C%2Bdiscovery%252C%2Bfound%252C%2Bfind%252C%2B3

Awesome building found on Earths Moon, Nov 2017 Alien%2Bbase%252C%2Bearths%2Bmoon%252C%2Bnew%2Bscientist%252C%2Bnobel%2Bprize%252C%2Bscott%2Bc.%2Bwaring%252C%2BUFO%2Bsightings%2Bdaily%252C%2Bmoon%252C%2Bbuilding%252C%2Bstructure%252C%2Bdiscovery%252C%2Bfound%252C%2Bfind%252C%2B4

Posted by Scott Waring at 5:21 PM
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