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RKB Needs your Good Vibes to Get Out of Jail.

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Alchemy: Invitation Creating RKB Freedom
by BZ ⒾAM Riger  /   Saturday, 04 November 2017

Alchemy:  Invitation Creating RKB Freedom
by Barbara, published on November 4,2017

Okay, I admit it!   Every minute it seems data dumps rain on us from from everywhere;  I simply can’t keep up with the massive volumes which I’ve tried to faithfully digest. A few days ago it dawned on me to stop with the voracious reading frenzies and start DOING. What inspires are awesome well written perspectives from awesome Creator Beings, but I think the most inspiring messages, of late, have emerged from several  phone conversations between Randy Keith Bean (RKB) and BZ Riger,( the Imagineer of this I-UV site), and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf who recently shared  some most valuable key alchemical elements of what she knows about manifestation.
Randy’s authentic and heartfelt Stand Up! plea (see I-UV blog post Oct. 27) urging everyone who’s fed up with the energy harvesting slavery system to get up off their butts and start creating what we want, went straight to my solar plexus.
I heard you Randy.  I see you.  Because of You and All That Is, in my DOING, I urge those to join me with all those who want to  spring RKB from the Slammer— with prejudice, with particularity and specificity!  LOL!!!  I know you are fed up so I invite you, Randy, to do this visualization when you can. Let’s once and for All manifest your release from Hell.  Along with that,  you will manifest a piece of 5D Pacific Northwest marionberry pie.
Randy, the invite still stands—The Mother of All Parties and dinner at my casa— I’m cookiin’ up Freedom and below is my recipe for those who wish to cook up a nice big Feast of Freedom for you.   After that, let’s get going on more of what we want, how we want to BE, what we want for Humanity and The Mother Herself.  Who’s in?
With Heather’s recommendation,  I focus on the end result:  Randy, free and safe at my doorstep.   I feel, see and taste the Ordeal is Over. Done. And Randy is far far away from the Tennessee prison.
After several minutes in a quiet, uninterruptible space, centering my attention on my Heart Brain, I deep-breathe for about a minute— rolling my inhales right into the exhales, like an ocean wave, one following the next and again one breath following the next.  It’s an easy relaxing roll and  I take as long as I need to feel that loving glow.   With each breath I draw in golden-white light directly into every cell of my body, raising my vibration higher and higher.
Continuing on another minute or two and I can tell my frequency has raised significantly because my hands and feet start to tingle, and the energy runs up and down my spine – the focus becomes intense. I start to feel a flood of emotion— I’m almost dizzy with loving gratitude for the awarenesses that have come forth through Randy and Heather’s contributions, ever building and building—I thank the challenges, the lessons, I thank all the Actors playing their roles— they are dismissed with thanks for they no longer have to go against their true nature and be Mean to Randy.  Done.
I hold that loving energy all the while I focus on seeing, feeling, BElieving, hearing Randy’s knock at my door.  I feel the Magic of hearing his approaching footsteps, the doorbell ringing.  I fling the door open wide.
And then I see you so clearly, Randy, grinning from ear to ear, vibrant and commanding – a human lighthouse unwaveringly Strong, kind and forgiving, patient, joyous, bright eyes, twinkling, you there all gorgeously FREE and there you are waiting to be hugged under the porch light.  I pull you in and offer up the biggest ecstatic hug of your life.   Together we create a tsunami of joy, tears flowing, for it doesn’t get any better than gratitude for RKB pure freedom!  It’s so Crazy Good!  I hear the words to Cole Porter’s, “sWonderful, ’sMarvelous!  More joyous friends come pouring forth, for they can’t contain the excitement of the Moment— pure joy and happiness  flow with tears of gratitude for his safety, for the Gift that you are here with us to celebrate. For we have all been praying, watching and waiting for your release with agonizing anticipation.  There’s so much energy generated that the Company of Heaven can see us All — shining so bright the Archangels and Benevolants are more comfortable to slip on shades it’s so dang bright!  Who would have thought mere Humans could generate so much light that they all have to put on sunglasses!?  It might just be a First for us!
We hold these high vibration thoughts for a good minute to send our Heart’s Desires out into the Multiverse, and we hold the KNOWING, the TRUST that our desire for RBK freedom will be granted and granted with great speed.  We give great thanks for setting him free.  Free to move about the Good Mother Earth at will!
It’s hard to come back from that High Vibe so give yourself a few minutes to integrate back to Earth.  Congratulate US!  WE did it!  Welcome HOME Randy! And so it IS!
Thanks to:


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