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Aug Tellez ~ The Free-Will of Making a Choice Requires Emotional Sense

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The Free-Will of Making a Choice Requires Emotional Sense
November 6, 2017 

One cannot make a choice if they do not feel emotion.That was one of the findings of a series of experiments. If the brain is traumatized or chemically depressed of the neurochemicals responsible for emotion, then the process of making a choice is impossible. Actions can be taken but no new behaviors can be learned.
The mind shuts off the capacity for emotional sensitivity that alters each moment by specific details that are unique in time and space. One interpretation could be that the unique details of the moment create a kind of higher sense of proprioception that organizes each ‘new’ moment as both a memory and an experience simultaneously.
Without the complex interactions of subtle awareness of each of the details of the moment the information of the experience is recorded from a detached state where the consciousness doesn’t have access to a depth of being required to make editorial changes to one’s internal script.
This kind of exploit is used in the manipulation of the human psyche as the ‘administrator’ access to one’s personality must be gained from outside the individual’s body. The interesting point here is that the systems used to develop such a link between the operator’s and the mind being viewed have moved from being highly physical and even brute-force in the methodology to being so subtle that they are both undetectable and undefeated by the unaware mind.
The goal of bombarding one’s awareness with simultaneous feeds of influential material that is subliminally tailored for multiple demographics and cultural backgrounds, is to replace the core personality with a personality that is manufactured as a reflection of the mentally corrosive information. When this is applied over the course of several years the result is cultural generation where enough of a demographic has been permanently changed from the previous course of development into something altered through the direction of the programming.
It is possibly related and interesting to note here that a large portion of the population is infected with a virus called Toxoplasma Gondii which is a Protist or an organism not classified as plant, animal or fungus. This is an organism that reproduces in the intestines of felines and can be found in the fur of regular house cats. Through cats this organism is transferred to a human who, if infected and the infection spreads to the brain, will show signs of mental and emotional change. Women are more out going and risky while men are less confident and focused. On a level of parasitic biology we may have emotional and mental challenges that are a constant for this society.
Emotions are used in the process of making a choice, yet they are interfered with by the hour or by the minute in this technologically saturated informational maze of pseudo-identities, cultural collages and ideological battles that are an everyday occurrence in the modern world. So the question becomes what can we do to stabilize ourselves and reduce the amount of emotional interference in our own lives? The next posts will focus on these questions and simple answers that may not result in the end of human suffering world-wide but can and most likely will enable one to free themselves from redundant cycles of repeated self-defeat and destructive attitudes which are fuel for emotional interference and physical stress that weakens each organ system. There are even studies which show that nutrients are used and eventually reduced in a body that is continually stressed.
The people are away from each other, the people are the world, the world is away from itself. Is this ‘the’ world, alone, or are there possibly others? It would be interesting if this world is healed inside by the people and all aspects coming into harmony, and this results in the acknowledgement of other worlds or even another world that is like a mirror to this one. Maybe that is something that requires emotional, mental and physical balance because of the necessity of a unified population and self-protective rather than destructive attitudes.
There are many questions such as the true shape of the universe, the possibilities in time, the presence of other realities, advanced technology, threats, and non-terrestrial beings. Each of these questions requires a grounded sense of self and a self-guided management system for disturbances and stress. The important aspect of disclosure is the truth and knowledge of the conscious universe, yet the basis for this is the healing of the emotional, mental and biological systems of the world. One must know the truth, yet one must also be healthy and capable of integrating new knowledge. This stalemate is the reason for the delay of this civilization’s acknowledgement of reality. Again, it is up to the people to choose, to consciously choose to assist in making a better world. It is not the job of a group or central management, it is up to each individual. When that happens, people will be capable of knowing the possible answers to such questions and even discerning the true answer simply by asking themselves and being honest about what they know and experience.
It is interesting to note that an overabundance of emotion has the effect of rendering one sensitive and vulnerable to disturbances that another may barely notice. Too much emotion can interfere with development and learning resulting in delayed or reduced capacity for communication and independence. The world is sustained through a balance of the aspects that result in order when harmonized and result in what can be referred to as ‘chaos’ when disharmonious.
The defining feature of the true self is the knowledge and will-power to make the choices that determine whether one’s perspective will be of harmony or of disharmony. That is the basis for self-hood, that the self is the one who chooses for the individual, how they will feel and how they will respond to events or concepts. That is all one can truly control in reality. The humorous higher dimensional irony is that when one properly guides that little portion of this reality that is their inner thoughts and feelings, then the whole of reality seemingly shifts in response. What may be occurring is that reality doesn’t change, but that there are enough facets of variation that are simultaneously supporting and nullifying one another that by shifting one’s focus a complete, yet slightly different universe appears through the shifting perspective of those facets. Most won’t conclude that they jumped to another version of this universe or that the universe actually contains multiple other possible variations within itself and that they are navigated through the focus of the perceiving reality. This is a multiversal capacity of reality. We are not in a single reality but a multiverse which is the system that multiple universes are contained or ‘grown’ within.
In a similar sense, your mind is not necessarily in a brain or a single body but is most likely composed of many brains and bodies that are located across multiple realities simultaneously. The interesting question here is what organizes the perception of “now” being the now in which you are present in this place instead of some other place? Or is this place simultaneously other places? Have we just jumped from one to another during the reading of this post?

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