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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » POWER TOOLS » 11/11 Planetary Meditation – Elevate The Collective Consciousness And You

11/11 Planetary Meditation – Elevate The Collective Consciousness And You

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11/11 Planetary Meditation – Elevate The Collective Consciousness And You

Posted on November 7, 2017 by Doreen Agostino  

The Power of your intention is required to turn the tide

From Doreen

Humanity is at a crossroads unlike anything in recorded history. Transhumanists believe what humans experience as consciousness has nothing to do with a soul but is actually the result of synaptic impulses. They reason, since robots can calculate so much faster and better than humans we would be better off turning over our world AND evolution of our species to the machine. This meditation can help turn the tide. Please read about ‘end times’ below. Doreen

Planetary Meditation 11.11.17

11:11 is a special time for a gathering of consciousness, well-recognized by adept spiritualists and the synchronistically initiated. It is an opportunity to join in group meditations for tethering coherent intentions for a better world, one that manifests through the collective consciousness.
This Saturday, on the 11th of November, at 10:45 AM EST, we will gather within this gateway, sometimes referred to as an Angel Number portal, for a coordinated meditation.
We invite you to this FREE webinar to participate steering the collective consciousness. There will be a brief introduction, followed by a guided meditation, concluding with an open discussion.
Through grounding, connecting and balancing to the inner realms of being, one can center within their heart-spaced intelligence, embodying the divine masculine and feminine archetypes for benevolent manifestation. Invoking this state of consciousness aligns one closer to a place of personal empowerment, where manifestation can take place with greater ease.
Scientifically, meditation synchronizes brain and heart fields, radiating a powerful coherent beam of consciousness-energy into the earth grid. The Maharishi Effect has demonstrated that coordinated mass meditations can have a powerful impact on the collective consciousness, reducing crime, calming weather, and balancing discordant energies.
Join us this Saturday as we invoke the power of consciousness for healing the planet and manifesting the world of peace, abundance, justice, and truth—for all.
Event Details:

  • Webinar begins at 10:45 am EST
  • Short talk before meditation begins at 10:50 am EST
  • Guided meditation begins at 11:11 am EST
  • Open discussion until closing at 12:00 pm EST

Cost: $0. 
SIGN UP using this link
Disclaimer: All rights to material generated is owned by Stillness in the StormTM, which has the right to utilize content/recordings for further public use. By attending the conference, you agree that any material recorded/generated can be used only by Stillness in the StormTM for the following purposes including, but not limited to: further production and/or media use, including derivative works. END

From Doreen

75 Benefits of Meditation for an Inspired Life

Whether you meditate alone or with others many benefits await you.

What if biblical end times is a metaphor for END of separation?

The END of believing in separation from the One True Creator, and discovering the Power which gives us breath and awareness is empowering our freewill choices.
The END of believing in separation from one another, and realizing that all creations come from the One True Source. Darkness is the absence of our light.
The END of believing in separation from nature that was created to provide everything humans require, and upon which all life depends for survival. Our silence is an agreement to harmful practices.
The END of playing small, and instead acknowledging our wholeness, body, mind, Spirit Power, a.k.a. inner technology, and taking responsibility for every intention, action and feeling so that life happens intentionally BY us rather than TO us by default.
Please spread the word. The more humans united in meditation the more light shines on darkness to heal it, and smooths our path forward to freedom. Thank you.
Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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