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The Process of Transcendence and The Future of Humanity.

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The Process of Transcendence and The Future of Humanity.

 omnipulse    November 8, 2017
Just so you know, the entire debriefing, the specific phases of the programs that are being made visible and the unveiling is necessitated because the dark agenda was avoided and the soul-trap system was defeated. However, people still have to disengage personal-level attachments and programs, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire stretch from here will be easy and relaxing.
The previous age was a time ruled by Lucifer. This is due to a contract made between the governments of the world and the military genetic groups that require the permission of humans in order to interact here because they don’t hold any actual right to be here.

People must accept the knowledge of what has happened in order to fully retract their power. I’ve said this repeatedly already, the various systems of ‘order’ are actually verbally and logistically disguised systems of soul, energy, and identity stealing systems of spiritual warfare. Humanity was marooned on a deserted plane with an exceedingly biased amount of challenges and set backs programed to keep low self-awareness and mental distractions constant.
Those systems must be acknowledged for what they are and only then can the population be considered awake. If people are awake then they pass a series of requirements designed to indicate whether the individual is sufficiently consciously present to be considered spiritually healthy as a mental, emotional and physical being represented as one unified awareness.
This process of coming to awareness as defined by the unification of the multiple primary systems that comprise one’s living essence is part of a process of transcendence that literally enables one’s self-awareness to function as the collective awareness that exists as each individual aspect together as a combined ‘extra’ aspect.
This is the basis for the extra-dimensional process in which the ‘container’ for what is being observed is always one plane below the plane that holds the observational essence. This means the energy of your awareness, the spiritual biological component that enables pure-observation without thinking or recorded or instinctual brain programs is contained on a dimensional level higher than your body.
The body is what is being observed when the awareness looks inward and thus the body is within the 4 dimensional aspect that one’s mind accesses to view space-time. Just as the mind, emotions, and physicality are combined to form a single unifying essence of ‘self’, the various cells and organ systems of the body all combine to form a single unified ‘self’ that is identified by the body’s appearance and feel.
The process of transcendence, of unifying the multiple individual components that come together to form the unified ‘self’, is the routine for selves ‘all the way up’. The difference in these coming times (which have influenced the ancient past) are whether one will mix technological methods for genetic storage and engineering together with the biological systems. The big hint here is that some have already done this and this stretch of history is actually the first experimental civilization created by mixing genetics from all other civilizations.

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