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Crisis Actor Who Played Boyfriend of Alison Parker Handed Political Career For His Role In The Hoax

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Crisis Actor Who Played Boyfriend of Alison Parker Handed Political Career For His Role In The Hoax

Date: November 8, 2017Author: 50 Shades Of Pissed Off  1 Comment  
Well well well, what have we here? And people wonder why I never believe these false flags are real. Here is proof US elections are rigged. Chris Hurst, a homosexual crisis actor that pretends to be straight, was offered the role in the Virginia reporter shooting false flag and was very obviously promised a political career in return. Now he can push the gun ban agenda that the elites tdd watch as his political career is heavily marketed by the mainstream media and he rises in political power.
I don’t know if you can stomach it but here it is.
Chris Hurst, whose girlfriend died in live TV shooting, beats NRA candidate in Virginia
Continue reading the main story
Though the victory was still fresh, he said that he had briefly considered what Ms. Parker might have thought of his new career.
Continue reading the main stor
Continue reading the main story
“I think that she would be very proud,” he said. “And I continue to be proud of her.”
Ms. Parker and a cameraman, Adam Ward, were filming a live news segment when they were fatally shot by Vester Lee Flanagan II, who had been a reporter at the station where they worked, WDBJ in Roanoke, Va. The graphic footage was widely viewed, rocketing around social media after Mr. Flanagan, who later shot and killed himself, posted it on Facebook.
“She was the most radiant woman I ever met,” Mr. Hurst wrote of Ms. Parker after the shooting. “And for some reason she loved me back.”
Mr. Hurst was the only House candidate in Virginia who was endorsed by the advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety. But he chose not to make gun control a key campaign issue even as he ran against Mr. Yost, a three-term incumbent with an A rating from the N.R.A. Mr. Hurst focused instead on mental health, as well as issues like health care and education funding.
Mr. Hurst described himself as a gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment, but said that he was intent on trying “to reduce gun homicides, suicides and accidental deaths.”
The victory came on a banner night for Virginia Democrats. Lt. Gov. Ralph S. Northam soundly defeated the Republican nominee, Ed Gillespie, to win the governorship. And Mr. Hurst was one of at least 14 Democrats to retake what had formerly been Republican seats, putting the party in contention to retake the House of Delegates for the first time in more than 15 years.
Asked if he thought the results were a rebuke to President Trump, Mr. Hurst paused to consider.
“I still think politics is local,” he said. “But I think there are many people who got active and started organizing who were trying to send a message as a sign of resistance against President Trump and his administration.”
Ms. Parker’s parents, Andy and Barbara, attended Mr. Hurst’s victory celebration Tuesday evening at a Hyatt in Blacksburg, Va., along with a crowd of about 100.
“There was no other place we would be,” Mr. Parker said on Wednesday. “Chris has been like a second son to us.”
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He said that if his daughter had been alive, she would have been by Mr. Hurst’s side, making sure he followed through on his campaign promises.
“She had such a work ethic — she always did what she said she was going to do and she held herself to a higher standard,” Mr. Parker said. “And he knew that.”
Mr. Hurst had insisted from the beginning of his campaign that he was not trying to earn sympathy votes and did not want people’s pity, even as he explained that Ms. Parker’s death had been instrumental in his decision to change careers. He said that he hoped his victory would show people that “anyone can turn tragedy into triumph.”
“It’s not what happens on our worst day that defines us,” he said. “It’s what we do in response to it.”

Going back to a FB post I wrote a year after this false flag event. 

 I’ll paste the text of my above post here.  Wrote this Sept 2016:
So it was kind of strange the one year anniversary of the Virginia Alison Parker shooting came and went without any acknowledgment from the media.  Andy Parker and family are prob already underground with Allison and her “real true love” awaiting the arrival of Nibiru or whatever. Did you guys see the video that Montagraph did where he found Chris Hursts (her red haired gay fiancee’s) ACTUAL boyfriend and the address they lived at together a few years ago? Some friends in another group wanted me to post it so when I went looking for it I realized it had been removed. So then I thought I had actually found the video last night posted on liveleaks and I was so excited till I played it and realized Montagraph had cut that part out…about Hursts boyfriend and their records living together being on the same utility bills etc.
Back when I first saw it last year I went to Chris’s ex boyfriends Facebook page and looked around a bit. Definitely a gay dude but nothing exciting. Can’t remember his name now though. I think Montagraph cut it out because he couldn’t get the video to stay up for long with that info on it. And I remember last year when I posted it it came down just a few min later. No one got to see it. 
Another thing that’s interesting is that when I was looking for it almost every video on youtube that talked about Chris Hurst’s love life or about him being gay have all been removed. There were several but none are available to watch anymore. Obviously a touchy subject for TPTB. But this video by Montagraph is one of the most damning I’ve seen (even without details of Chris’s boyfriend) and it goes into a couple things I didn’t see covered by anyone else. And for me it was the most convincing evidence that this was all fake. So def watch it. Also just to note he does go into Daniel Wulz in the middle of the vid and of course that’s stuff we all know that was covered pretty extensively. I’m talking about what he shows at the beginning and also end of the vid. This vid was immediately taken off YouTube so trust me it’s a good one with unique info that I promise you prob never saw. This Montagraph video stuck in my mind all this time..Because for me it was the evidence I needed that pushed me over the edge. It was never seen by any of you though I’ll bet.
Also I just looked at Chris Hursts FB profile and saw some interesting posts. Comments above each individual pic below.

This one? Posted two months ago. Prob just in support of equal rights right? Nothing to see here folks

He has a baby now? That was quick. Notice no mom in the pic. Not sure if it is his but the comments below it kind of make it sound like it is. Who knows maybe it’s a nephew. OR….with all that money he raked in doing his acting debut last year Im sure he’s able to “have his own baby”…..any which way he chooses.

Comments below baby pic on Chris’s FB page.

Awwwww…her 12 monthaversary dying a horrible crisis actor death. “Said hi to babe today”?? Wearing his purple “outfit”. Such a poser! How does he live with himself?

This is the horrible photo shop job where they pasted him into her rafting trip. It’s still one of the cover photos on his FB. In one of his videos Montagraph showed from HER Facebook pictures when she actually went on this trip and it was years before she even met Chris. And Chris is nowhere to be found in any of them. Plus the copy paste job inserting Chris into the pic above is horrible

And again, if you want to see proof that they photoshopped Chris, a flaming gay man, into Alisons life….then this is your vid right here by Montagraph. 
So Congratulations Chris Hurst….but don’t forget….we know what you did to get here….and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Thanks to:


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