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TRANSGENDER AGENDA! (The Biggest Secret) by TS Caladan

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(The Biggest Secret)
by TS Caladan

Wouldn't it shock you to discover famous woman have been men all this time and famous men have been women? They have LIED to you about almost everything. The deception goes back centuries and always centered around the British Empire. If you think a Black Market ring of pedophilia or child prostitution is the biggest secret among royalty and celebrities, think again. "Trannies," men who have altered their bodies and changed to women and women who have transitioned to men, is by far the biggest secret among elites. You are being distracted away from possibly The Biggest Deception of them all! This is not a criticism of someone like Chaz Bono who transitioned to a man, it is a criticism of people [always in the Industry] like his "mother" who will not admit the truth and has continued the deception along with almost every top 'star' in Hollywood and in many other fields.
       Above is a Time Magazine cover around the time Ally McBeal was on air. The white letters are my addition. Did someone back then suspect the death of feminism? Did they know of things to come?

Do you have your seatbelt on? Because it's going to be a bumpy ride. You're not going to believe this, but try to keep an open mind and please investigate the evidence. Use your eyes. Know small details of differences between men and women. The new word is called "transvestigation." Do it to photos and films of famous people forced upon us!

Everything is illusion. Hollywood, directed from Britain, is the most magical [deceptive] of all! What's really behind dark curtains of Oz? What are the true intentions? These are actors; they play scripted roles on the screen and they play scripted roles in their personal lives. They must. They're not going to let you in on the Big Secret. As you've heard and might have suspected: there's service to Satan and an androgynous Goat demon called Baphomet. You've seen their symbols. Open your eyes and learn the meanings, the agendas and decode the constant flood of lies from every Media source, daily on television and in movies.

Why was it THESE celebrities, in the middle of the ceremonies, who gathered together for an impromptu moment and snapped a photo? Thought it was cute, did you? Outsiders, who don't know, would think so. Insiders know the truth: it was trannies only!

       Try this on for size. Take British James Bond films and look closer at the girls and villains: 

The real question is: Were there any WOMEN among the Bond girls?

[If we investigate?] There's physical evidence to suggest, possibly: None of them were men! (They could always toss in a real one to fool you). Male and female HORMONES are quite potent and the big secret behind the illusion on the big screen, little screen and every screen we view, which includes our inner psyche. Huge problem for the actors, men and women, who have lived full lives as the opposite sex is...
       Time catches up with you. It becomes tougher and tougher to keep up false appearances to the public. They revert to what they were originally. Eventually, there isn't enough hormones in the world to maintain the illusion. Look closely at the James Bonds and other famous actors and actresses as they appeared late in life. Men usually age gracefully. Why didn't James Bond? (Does 'Bond' mean the bond of male and female? Androgyny is considered a royal trait).    

There is the possibility that only trannies can get the top positions in show business that, in many cases, lead directly to a golden statue. You'll see evidence that, possibly, ONLY TRANNIES can get plum film roles, high-paid commercials/modeling, world tours, TV shows, etc. Research!
       Look closer. Give Media personalities and politicians the Transgender test. Insiders know that many congressmen and senators are not the sex they appear in public. Outsiders do not know. In every department from Sports to Science to Country Music or any music and anything else that exists, you will discover (if you open your eyes clearly) trannies are everywhere!

Kevin Hart said on TV: "Justin Bieber really does have it all, I'm serious. He has a dick and a pussy. Justin. Stand up, (show us)." Another celeb told Ariana Grande, "I liked you better when you had balls." As the YouTube pointed out: They're telling us the truth, we're not listening. Who wants to know this? THEY are counting on your disbelief. I thought vampirism, witchcraft, Satanism, pedophilia behind the scenes were bad enough. Now add the Cult of Trannies to the madness. One more secret club. As a film director friend of mine told me: Studios love to have something on these shining stars, the perfect control. Secrets are contained. If not, look out.

[One more time] The question is not was there ever a United States First Lady that was transgender? Real question is: Was there ever a First Lady that was a woman? What if the office or position was and had always been set up that way...only they never told the public about it? U.S. is Little England, New YORK, the New Empire and totally owned and operated by the Old Empire or Europe or Rothschild or Britain. We, here in the United States, must do as they command. You don't think you're an independent nation, sovereign and free from Britain or secret (Occult) world fascism, do you? You're not; you are England's slave. They own you. England: source of forced homosexual tendencies and forced androgyny and TGs upon the planet.

Why would they? Because they're sick perverts, drunk with ultimate power and can get away with it. What they OWN they control, utterly. What year it is is moot. There is only one year to global elites: 1984. George Orwell warned us.

       More research will take you further along the 'rabbit hole' or 'briar patch.' You might find that all A-List actors that are really male, MUST be married to a transgender! She appears female (hardly) but is really a man in drag. Reverse might be true? Have you seen what Robert De Niro's wife looks like or McConaughey's? Check out all the supposed "wives" and their fake children, of course. Make sure you trans-investigate ageing actors, males and females as they show signs of their true sex. Have you seen what Chris Walken looks like now, or an old Gary Glitter, Joan Jett, Suzie Quatro or Ginger from Gilligan's Island? Did you not know Ethel Merman was a man? She was nastier than any man in her chorus line. Pick an old rock star or actor/actress: Men we viewed have really been women and the women we viewed have actually been men, mostly. Unbelievable, I know.
       Hard to believe that the epitome of sexual icons over the years such as Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Bridget Bardot, Diana Dors, Mamie Van Doren, Farah Fawcett, Raquel, no, no, say it ain't so...were males in drag. Amateur drag queens knew and they emulated onstage the real TGs like MM, Jayne, Cher and Carol Channing. Wasn't it obvious with Mae West or Jean Harlow? We didn't want to see under the surface. Hold onto your hat fellas when you discover the new age of sexual icons like slim, no hourglass figure, Victoria Secret girls: many were and are MEN. You know what Victoria's Secret is, right? The Queen was a man, baby, and the origin of "queen" used to refer to a homosexual man. Check the torso of celebrities and know the subtle and not so subtle differences between males and females shown at article's end. 
       America was fed 'I Love Lucy' in the 1950s and it has never stopped with all of its evil permutations on every single channel, forever! So I knew there was something downright satanic about the redhead bitch, I mean bastard, LUCY. I only recently found out what the show's title meant...wait for it (those who don't know). It means 'I Love Lucifer.' Lucille Ball (Baal) was a man! Baphomet loves androgyny. Hard to believe? So were Ricky, Ethel and Fred. William Frawley was a woman. YouTube the research and physical analysis of all of these bizarre characters we were forced to accept and laugh at as entertainment. See a young Lucy dancing: she's huge; she's way too aggressive; check the belly button and finger length: that's a man. Now I understand the endearing and enduring magic of the show: It was Black Magic, like Disney, all this time.
       If you were asked about Shirley Temple (Black, black temple), what would you say? "Oh, that cute, little, child star, like Jon Benet Ramsey of her time, placed in movies from the '30s, like 'Curly Top' and 'Good Ship Lollipop.'" Have you ever really seen them, what they had her do in something called 'Baby Burlesk'? See YT. These films, certainly never shown in the Bible Belt, had Shirley as a child prostitute! You will be sickened if you see what was apparently accepted. The small Shirley takes a child 'John' to a child brothel where there's a child cast in almost diapers. They played music and the sickos had them act like they were adults. "Gay" always meant gay, as was said in the film. A black child strips down to diapers and dances. I don't want to tell you what a child was made to suck on, you have to see it for yourself. Who knows if Shirley was born a boy and elites paraded her, filmed her, abused her as a little girl? But it was horrible, like when you discover what the 'lollipop' really symbolized and see her group-manhandled by adults.
       Point is Hollywood "Royalty," they are called, seem to do this from day one (if they haven't 'sacrificed' their children for Satan). Famous families changing their child's sex right after birth is a practice and a ritual. Also such a mortal crime, such violation, when the innocent child had absolutely no choice in the matter. And, again, forced into serving and sacrificing themselves all for this Beast they worship at the top of the Social Pyramid. Young Jamie Lee Curtis sure looked like a little boy. Young River Phoenix sure looked like a little girl. Debbie Reynolds: Man. Carrie Fisher: Man. They may still be alive, but probably not on Earth. As trans-researchers have suspected, these elites that have served their purposes COULD have deals to fake their deaths. And elsewhere, they might be living as their original sex. Or been killed. Who knows? Not us outsiders.
       Star Trek. You think I wanted to learn that the "actresses" that played Deanna Troi and Beverly Krusher were men? Not 7, Dax, Major Kira and T-Pol, too? Aaah! See what they look like now. Old men in drag. Or to learn that Sir Patrick Stewart started as a girl? Jean Luc's baldness and red and black (fascist) colors were a clue. Gene Roddenberry's wife sure had a large face and was undoubtedly a man. Sorry. Take another look, go passed your preconceptions. WHAT DOES YOUR EYES TELL YOU?
       Look at the "actress" who is the lead in Star Trek's new show 'Discovery.' She is super aggressive, very androgynous and her character's name is "Michael." 
       Television shows like 'Three's Company,' 'Brady Bunch,' 'Gilligan's Island,' 'Laverne and Shirley,' 'Charlie's Angels,' 'Ally McBeal' and so many others are suspect. Now that your eyes may be more open, go "Tranny-spotting." They're there. The 'Lucy' revelations tended to be believed when you realized: Oh. About all the other shows were too.
       Daisy Ridley! NO! I sure didn't see it at first, just thought the new Star Wars girl was a boyish babe. After what I've learned, wouldn't they do her also? Wouldn't they give the supreme casting roles to the supreme trans-genders? Yeah they would, I've found out. You know they did one of the best jobs on her, but there are unmistakable characteristics that give the truth away. Study her anatomy. Study celebrities in bathing suits where you can see the torsos. If you know what you are looking for, the truth is in plain sight. See the broad shoulders on famous "ladies."
       Remember when Keira Knightley was used as a double for Natalie Portman's character in Star Wars 1? Those are boys and their bodies prove it. I only want to know if those two came out of the same test-tube?
       If you saw the French sci-fi film 'Valerian,' with androgynous/blue aliens, the main girl is a boy and the main boy is a girl.
       Here's a good question. The point of the first pictures were to show how the Women's Movement has been subverted by men, like Women's tennis with Billy Jean and Martina is really a TG man's sport. Well. What if Mike Tyson, high-pitched Mike Tyson, was a tranny? Or Dwayne, the Rock, the former college football player and actor? Or Arnold Schwarzenegger? (he's not packing, no unit). Those are the 'special' ones that get ultra-promoted and pushed onto us.
       Could professional football and men's basketball, etc., be filled with players who are WOMEN? Augh!! Don't tell my uncle who was a Steeler in 1940 that. MALE HORMONES, male steroids and a spectrum of chemical enhancements, what wonders they do? And what damage. I guess if the secret men can destroy women's Olympics and women's sports, then it's only fair that the secret women can destroy men's Olympics and men's sports. Some NFL and NBA players sure do dress awfully girly. Makes you wonder, huh?
      Strap yourself in even tighter for this one:
      BEARDS! Hey. Have you seen any beards lately? Think about it. They're everywhere like never before. About 80-90% of every dude in commercials, TV shows and movies. And the general public has to follow their icons, right? Open your eyes. Look around; Beards are everywhere! I thought it was our masters turning everything upside-down: young guys made to shave their heads and grow beards, everything BACKWARDS. I thought they're making us slaves off slave ships and guys were just copying what they saw over the Media. This is what everyone looks like these days, so we have to grow beards and be like everyone else. That's it, but it could be far from the true depths of this depraved, social-engineering plot...
       Before I had the smallest inkling of Trannies Among Us, I asked a woman I know about this thing of beards everywhere today. I said: You ladies should get these guys back, invent a pill where women can push out big, thick beards, if the boys like beards so damn much! Now it hit me: They already do, it's called MALE HORMONES; it turns women into men. The female version turns men into women. It's the biggest secret.
       You know what that means, ladies and gentlemen? Most of those dudes in all facets of Media are WOMEN under the skin and under influence of male hormones. Baldness and beards are the side-effects. Son of a gun. Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Jimmy Kimmel, Casey Affleck, Matt McConaughey, Matt Damon and other macho dudes in sports and films everywhere with beards...
       I'll bet were women, originally. They could be acting and on male hormones? Did you know that Taylor Swift, that cute boy, makes two million dollars per day? Ask yourself, how many thousands of up and coming potential stars would sell their soul (because who believes in an afterlife?) and gladly change their sex for two million dollars a day? Even one million? 
       Again, sorry, but I hate deception. I hate hypocrites who act one way and are truly the other way and the other way is always unbelievably bad. Halloween, devil's holiday: masks. Here's an innocent question whose answer might be very dark and hideous: Where are they getting the male and female hormones from? Massive amounts to be continuously taken over decades by thousands of people, where are they getting it? Logic tells us the hormones are not mixed up and produced in laboratories like chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They have to be extracted from males and extracted from females. Could the source be thousands of missing children, missing every year, brought to Montauk in its day and deep underground bunkers or secret labs? In other words, the smallest most insignificant, helpless, young lives appear to be sacrificed so the New Romans can remain abominations~ 
       Didn't the Royal Monsters in 'The Dark Crystal' drink the essence of young, zombie-like lifeforms? People were used in 'The Matrix' for their power and a false reality created.

       Here are male/female facts you should know. Transvestigate everyone famous. Search YouTube for more answers. Not hard to predict that the issue of famous, secret transgenders will explode in future...

My sarcastic last point is forget your dreams, people, if you plan on a music career and have some great songs or a writing career and have that next blockbuster of a book, etc. Sorry. You're not Royalty and probably won't bend the knee to royalty and become their total slave. Whatever you, walking dead, unimportant people do or think up....just FORGET IT! You're not getting anywhere with your little projects and micro aspirations because...YOU'RE NOT A TRANNY!

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