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Our Sun is Back from the Shop

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1 Our Sun is Back from the Shop on Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:45 pm


Our Sun is Back from the Shop [videos]
I’ve been most intrigued by the flickering and flashing sun videos we’ve seen recently and even more so by the intel supplied by Thomas Williams on Thursday with regard to our sun.
First, a bit of review, since we have a lot of new folks catching up.
Yellow Rose for Texas told us some time ago that “Ed is dead”, and showed us intriguing images from NASA cameras of the “sun” being attacked by the allies and spilling its gears and guts. Rose referred to the sun as Ed, because she said it is an “editor” and information gathering tool of the dark. After seeing this video it’s no surprise that the “sun” has been limping along, and sometimes faltering. It’s a miracle it didn’t malfunction altogether.

Jeff P did the following video recently, indicating that NASA has been up to their old tricks, trying to hide the breaking down of the accoutrements in our rabbit hole.

Speaking of rabbits, I was listening to David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) on the road yesterday when “run, rabbit, run” got my attention. It seemed to mirror the lives of the somnambulent public, continually running away from the inconvenient truth, never being able to run fast enough to out-zag the hounds, breathlessly digging new warrens to hide in so they don’t have to accept what is encroaching on them from outside their protective bubble. I think reality is far more exciting than it is scary, don’t you? Gilmour’s unplugged version of “Breathe”, if you desire to take a breath.
And that train of thought reminded me of the seventies novel, Watership Down which was a stunning allegory of the dark vs the Light battle where charming rabbits were doing just that, in flat denial.
For almost ever the few have warned the many about the dangers of what is coming… ever-so-slowly creeping into our lives so subtly that most could deny it. The masses were suffering from the, “they would never do that” syndrome. Unfortunately the alarm could never get through to the point that enough would listen… until now, and more are “woke” every day.
Getting back to the sun… Thomas Williams tells us that the allied forces have reinstated a missing component of our sun that renders it our good ol’ healthy, “organic” sun again. Nice to know. I’ve always loved the sun, even with all its foibles.
He mentioned the total solar eclipse or Great American Eclipse this summer, and its relevance. We knew something was up with that, didn’t we? Uh-huh. The non-existent “moon” blocking the sun so we couldn’t see what was going on… and did we not say that the Light was going to take advantage of that eclipse? Uh-huh. They never miss a trick.
That bit of intel was in the second hour of the November 9 show, if you care to listen. Link is below.
All of this makes it easier to understand that we live in a construct where little is what we were told. Many of us have known that the sun is a portal for space craft, but not that it was messed with. In truth though… what hasn’t been? WE have been messed with BIG time.
Thomas had some additional fascinating information about our timeline and our reality. I can’t succinctly explain it so please listen to that second hour for his original explanation. I think it’s important if we desire to grasp where we are and how to better control—or at least have an impact on—what unfolds.
I was out of town all day yesterday—almost in Mexico—chasing coloured leaves that were practically non-existent because we left it too late in the season as it’s been so exceptionally warm but it was a treat to get out in a dappled shady canyon with no traffic, no planes, no iPad… just silence. The chemtrails over Phoenix-Mesa were something else in the morning—to the point my other half commented on the “interesting display”, but we’ll take the day for what it was. Now I’m catching up on news, so I’ll leave this post as is.
Thanks to readers for all the great links and suggestions, and especially the support.
BTW, I noticed the traffic counter on the website is missing over 6.3 million hits. We used to display over 15 million to document 5.5 years of visitors, as the back office reports. Must have a word with the webmaster to see what happened.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and remember to breathe.  ~ BP

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