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Elevating Your Frequency And Vibrating Even Higher

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Elevating Your Frequency And Vibrating Even Higher
- By Dylan Harper - Nov 12, 2017

The energy to stagnate or settle is becoming less and less enjoyable or desirable. This is good news.
This means we have crossed yet another threshold or hurdle not only individually but collectively. You may not know your true soul calling and mission YET. This does not mean you are behind or are missing something.
You have have been aware all along that things in your life need to change. Whether you heed that message is something entirely different. But like I spoke of in the last message to you, your lessons will continue to show itself until you finally “get it” and understand.
This is not to say you are incapable or unaware. Most of you are aware and awakened to these lessons placed before you and they have become very challenging and difficult.
The repeated questions, turmoil, cycles, patterns, belief systems, societal templates, are ALL restrictions to the freedom of your very heart and soul being as well as the World.
This is why we are given this opportunity to change and be better. Love more. Feel absolute peace and joy in our lives in every moment we take a breath in of life.
As Unity Consciousness, our joined efforts of ONE are the New Earth. We are WHO we have been waiting for. The opportunity to change is now and is available to all blessed souls who choose to dip their toe in with their hearts desire in a whole new direction.

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We must band together and set the bar of love, forgiveness, peace, and joy. This is a joined effort. It will take ALL of us to create this new World we live in. Love does not exclude anyone. We are truly in this together.
Think about the ways you become truly happy and what gives you the most joy. Really spend time with this notion in your moment time as you co-create your current reality with your perception and beliefs.
Listen to music. Walk in nature. Connect with loved ones. Happiness and joy will ALWAYS uplift your soul frequency and vibration.
Spend time in your now moment appreciating ALL you have. Remember that intention and appreciation are the true manifesting tools to bring to you, your hearts true desire.
Again, these answers are already within you. The goal here is not to solve all of the Worlds problems in a day, but to connect and love yourself. This needs to happen first and foremost.
You will be unable to hear your heart and soul intuition if you have any doubts or insecurities. Let these come up and available to you through situations, circumstances, events, people, and relationships.
Any challenge you have in life is ready and available for you to learn and grow from. Nothing is punishment. Experience is everything. The more you cycle through a repeated hardship, the stronger you become.
This is for a reason. You will become undoubtably stronger and wiser as a soul. It is true for you that the seeming worst case scenario has made you into the soul warrior (Masculine/Feminine) that you are to this day.
No, you don’t wish to repeat the lesson. The goal is to triumph and move forward. Let that be your mantra. We become challenged, we learn, we heal, we rise… and then repeat. Everyday is a new day. Each new day may bring with it a new challenge, but we GOT THIS!!
by Adeana M. Slater
Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and Twin Flame who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time to encourage the collective towards self love, soul empowerment, and higher consciousness.

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