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The WTF Files™️

Published on Nov 13, 2017

(NEW 2017) ANGELS, HOLY SPIRITS, ALIENS, GUARDIAN ANGELS, ANGELIC BEINGS, SPIRITS, GHOSTS, DEMONS, FALLEN ANGELS NEPHILIM? What ever you choose to call them.... Are they REAL? Millions of people around the world can say with truth in there hearts, ANGELS REALLY DO EXIST!. Although Angels don’t necessarily appear in the most dramatic of ways, with wings and halos and harps. Your Guardian Angel can come to you in the most subtle of ways, but they are there all the same. Accounts from thousands of ordinary people testify to that. The proof is out there; Angels exist; Angels are Real. Guardian Angels, Archangels; they come to help, often in the most desperate of circumstances, whether in a whispered voice in your ear, a sudden strong instinct, the touch of an unseen hand, the feeling of arms around you, or the mysterious stranger who comes to your aid and disappears into the night. Is there a spirit world occupied by countless millions of angels? And what about fallen angels—or demons? How can we know for sure about these things? What should our relationship be to this spirit world? Millions of people read about various claims of spiritual manifestations and honestly do not know what to make of them. Two-thirds of all Americans believe not only that angels and demons exist, but also that they are “active in the world.” Skeptics are dumbfounded by such “archaic nonsense.” To believe in nonphysical beings—souls or spirits without bodies or brains—in today’s world may seem, well, delusional. But there are serious scholars who take angels and demons seriously. The angels were created by God for one purpose: to carry out His will. The Bible says, “Praise the Lord, all his heavenly hosts, you his servants who do his will”. One way they do this is by watching over God’s people and protecting us from the evil schemes of our spiritual enemy, the devil. Although they are largely unseen by us, God’s angels are constantly at work to safeguard us — and when our life’s journey is over, they will accompany us into God’s presence in heaven forever. The Bible calls them “ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation”. This should bring you great comfort, for if you have committed your life to Jesus Christ, God has promised that His angels will be with you at all times, to protect and guide you. This doesn’t mean we’ll never have problems, or that we’ll always choose the right path in life — but it does mean we’ll never be snatched from God’s loving hands. We aren’t to worship the angels or make them the focus of our faith — but we are to trust God’s promise that “he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”. What do you believe? ARE ANGELS REAL? LIKE SHARE and COMMENT We always want to know what YOU think! SUBSCRIBE TODAY! The WTF Files™️



After the transition of the love of my life I have been introduced to my guides and Guardian Angel and am working on ways to receive their communications, along with those of my fiance's, more clearly. 
Back in the 1950's my cousin was hospitalized with spinal meningitis which was a death sentence. A "doctor" visited him late at night and the next morning he was cured. When he asked about the doctor, he did not exist.

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