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What If the Sun Disappeared?

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1 What If the Sun Disappeared? on Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:38 am


What If the Sun Disappeared?

The sun provides energy to the planet. This energy helps in maintaining the life of people, animals and plants and if it disappears, there is nothing good that will come out of it.
Things that will happen if the sun disappeared
1: Light
If the sun disappears right now, no one will know for 8 minutes. This is because light is not instantaneous. It travels 671 miles each hour and it will take around 8 minutes to get to earth. This means that the sun will still be seen in the sky 8 minutes after it has vanished. Total darkness will then come and the planet will start moving into interstellar space at eighteen miles each second.

2: Temperature
The temperatures will plummet and the earth will start to freeze. It will take millions of years for the earth to freeze completely but on the crust, the temperature will drop below zero degrees within one week. After a year, the temperatures will go down to -100 degrees and the earth will in the end stabilise nearly -240 degrees for some millions of years while geothermal energy is still active.
3:Human beings
Human beings will die due to low temperatures and panic. The only way they can survive is by living in the submarine in the deepest and warmest ocean area. They can also construct completely isolated habitation zones to live in or move near the earth center to live off geothermal energy.
Life will be dull since there is no activity that people can engage in under these conditions. Even free slots no deposit win real money will not be fun to play anymore.
In the end, the earth will freeze and become a solid rock moving around space; however this will happen after millions of years.
4: Gravity
Scientists suspect that gravity acts instantaneously. If that is the case, immediately the sun disappears, earth and all other planets will fly off to space. The solar system will be completely chaos.
5: Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis will end immediately the sun disappears and plants will die. There are a few plants species that may survive but they will also die eventually.

6: Microorganisms
The microorganisms that live in the earth’s crust are the only ones that can survive without the sun. This is due to the heat from the core.
7: Waters
Oceans and all other water bodies will grow colder and freeze eventually to become ice. However, it is only the surface that will freeze. Underneath the water will still be liquid.
Moon and Stars
Within two seconds after the sun has disappeared, the moon that reflects the rays of the sun on the dark section of earth will as well go dark. The stars however will remain because they have their own light.

That is what will happen if the sun disappears but chances of the sun ever disappearing are very small. So, people should never bother about it at all.

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