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Kp Message 11-20-17… “It’s Important to ‘Stay in the Higher Vibrations’ Right Now”

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Kp Message 11-20-17… “It’s Important to ‘Stay in the Higher Vibrations’ Right Now”

Posted on 2017/11/20 by Kauilapele
There’s a huge amount of items that are going on now, all at the same time. There is no doubt that a grand clearing is occurring and that a grand awakening is going on at the same time.
Cosmic Vibrations are enabling all of this. The Energy of the Universe is with all of us. And encouraging each of us to release, release, release as much as we are able to at this time, releasing all of the old “baggage” that must be dropped if we are to “rise up”… in vibration… just like the Cosmic Vibrations we are immersed in.
I’m feeling a rather poignant resolution for many of those who have been “Light Working”, “Space holding”, and “Energy clearing” for this planet, for years, decades, centuries. This is our time right now, in this moment. This is the culmination of those efforts. And I see this as the time when we rise above all of the lower D turmoil and apparent “chaos” that we may view on the surface of the planet.
Personally, I have had significant pains in one of my hands for the last three weeks. And it really kind of arose from nothing physical. The message in part is that I still had some items to release from my grasp. So one step at a time, I released them, and the hand discomfort is abating (getting less, that is). We’ll see where it goes. But this has happened to many many many people I know, going through pain here, pain there, and so on.
Yes, sometimes it is a “pain” to be here… because we all are going through this. Being waked up to the Higher Vibrational “calling”, and being “nudged” and “hinted”, via physical pains (they can be inner pains as well) to “Let go, dammit!”
So maybe this means something to one or two. It’s really going fast right now, and, believe it or not, the Grand Ride is about to go even faster.
All I can say is, “Let go and let it happen, baby!!”
Aloha, Kp

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