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The C.I.A. Literally Controls EVERYTHING … Even Deep State

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The C.I.A. Literally Controls EVERYTHING … Even Deep State
By Cosmic Convergence Research Group -
Nov 28, 2017

The C.I.A. is likewise controlled by much more secretive levels of command and control

State of the Nation
The following perceptive comment was sent by email to SOTN.  It simply states the obvious about the Central Intelligence Agency and its complete control of the United States of America, and beyond.
It also shows just how extensive Deep State really is.  Every publicly traded corporation, for example, within the Anglo-American Axis is controlled, either directly or indirectly, by the C.I.A.  That’s why the U.S. Intelligence Community refers to it as The Company.
The Global Control Matrix (GCM) is actually the backbone of the New World Order, and functions as a de facto One World GovernmentDeep State is just one critical piece of the GCM puzzle.
Just because the current World Shadow Government operates in total secrecy doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  The globalist New World Order has actually been here for well over a hundred years.
The practical reality is that the World Shadow Government (WSG) rules over every square inch of planet Earth … to varying degrees, of course. (Russia, for instance, has left the reservation in many ways, but still has to play the game in many ways.)

The bottom line is that the C.I.A. is primarily the enforcement agency for the WSG.  It was recently written that the C.I.A. is the “enforcement agency for the Council on Foreign Relations”.  And that’s entirely true.  However, the C.I.A. is also the enforcement agency for every other entity within Deep State, both public and private, covert and overt.
Only with this correct understanding can the true magnitude of humanity’s problematic predicament be comprehended.  Essentially, a thoroughly rogue intelligence agency — the largest in the world — has taken control of every sphere of life.  In fact, the C.I.A. acts with absolute impunity, whenever and wherever it so chooses to.  As follows:
JFK Assassination Plot Was Coordinated and Conducted by the C.I.A.
And all the C.I.A. ever has to do to justify their never-ending criminal conspiracies is claim that they are being implemented in the interest of  “N A T I O N A L   S E C U R I T Y”.  As if publicly executing a POTUS was carried out to make the nation more safe and secure.
What a place!
State of the Nation
November 26, 2017
N.B. What is remarkable is that the post below only represents the tip of the CIA-controlled Deep State iceberg.  It also illustrates why The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Must Be Shut Down before it shuts US down.

What Does the CIA Control?

Submitted by GA
The Mainstream Media is CIA (all TV, Radio, Newspapers & News Magazines).
Hollywood is CIA  (all Motion Pictures and TV programs).
Google is CIA.
Facebook is CIA.
Twitter is CIA.
Microsoft is CIA.
Apple is CIA.
Intel is CIA.
Hewlett Packard is CIA…..the list here is endless, let’s just say all of Silicon Valley is CIA!
All Defense Contractors are CIA, like:
Lockheed Martin is CIA.
General Dynamics is CIA.
Northrup Grumman is CIA.
Raytheon is CIA.
Boeing is CIA.
Halliburton is CIA.
United Technologies is CIA.
Bechtel is CIA.
Al Qaeda is CIA.
Al-Nusra is CIA
The Bin Laden Family is CIA.
Saddam Hussein was CIA, who went rogue on the CIA.  (There were no weapons of mass destruction, as we know, Daddy Bush was pissed off at his rogue CIA Agent, Saddam, and THAT is why so many U.S. soldiers had to die and get wounded in Iran.)
Noriega was CIA, who went rogue on the CIA.
Castro was CIA, who went rogue on the CIA.
Soros is CIA & MI6.
Bush Family is CIA.
Clinton Crime Family is CIA, especially the Clinton Foundation.
Obama Family is CIA.
The White House has been CIA for over 25 years.
The FBI is CIA.  (obviously, or else the FBI would have shut down the Mafia years ago.  But they don’t do they?  Because the CIA and the Mafia are joined at the hip.  They are partners in crime as the JFK assassination clearly demonstrated.

Monsanto is CIA.
The Las Vegas Massacre was CIA.
Northern California UNnatural Fires were CIA.
9/11 was CIA/MI6/Mossad.
Oklahoma City Bombing was CIA.
Aurora Movie Theater Massacre was CIA.
Sandy Hook was CIA……this list too is endless.
Agenda 21 Depopulation Goals are CIA.
When I say CIA, I mean CIA/Deep State controlled.
Insiders call the CIA “The Company”.  That makes sense now, doesn’t it?
6 Million people work for the CIA.
CIA/MI6 have their tentacles into EVERYTHING of value, GLOBALLY.
SERCO is CIA … and MI6 … and Mossad.
The CIA sets the AGENDA and Controls the Narrative.
Big Brother is CIA.  They are everywhere: in your phone, on your PC, in your TV, in your car, in your fridge, your smart meters, and in all surveillance cameras and spying devices which are now everywhere.  Even if these items are turned off, and you don’t pay the bill and shut down services, they can still turn it on whenever they want to and listen and watch you.
That was step one for total control.  Next is step 2:
Agenda 21, Big Brother (CIA) wants you dead, either through deadly vaccines that injest you with cancer and then cancer treatments that don’t work.
Agenda 21/Big Brother/Deep State/ CIA wants to decrease the global population through disease, wars, pestilence, famine, weather modification (droughts and deluges, mudslides and floods, earthquakes and volcanoes, massive hurricanes, ice storms, blizzards, tsunamis, sink holes, you name it).
And, of course, through the promotion of rampant homosexuality (homos can’t reproduce).
Christian Western Civilization is being destroyed on purpose by importing Islam which never assimilates and only brings division and civil wars.  Just ask Gandhi.  It got so bad in India, they had to divide their land, and all Hindus and Christians staying in India, and the Muslims went to Pakistan…….because militant Islam (Wahhabis) NEVER lives peacefully with anyone else.  So you have to ask, why is the CIA/Deep State flooding the USA with Muslims?  To promote Peace?  No, to promote DIVISION and CONFLICT.
These are just some of the TRUTHS the CIA/Deep State does NOT want you to know about, and that is why they HAVE TO CONTROL all media: TV, radio, newsprint, and now they are going after the Internet with censorship.
You are supposed to remain in the dark, dumbed down, and swallow hook, line and sinker whatever Big Brother CIA spoon feeds you from TV, radio, newsprint….and the Internet.  Everything else if “fake news”, remember?
What has upset the status quo is a groundswell of truth getting out via the Internet and Alternative Radio, YouTube and Instagram.  A tipping point was reached last year, and in spite of MASSIVE Vote Rigging on all levels, Trump still WON!.   Trump is NOT CIA, thus the nonstop smears from Mainstream Media!

Thanks to:



Ghandi is CIA.
Muslims are not "all bad." That is divisive thinking and more proof that "a little knowledge is dangerous."
tRump is no Christian and to grasp at straws thinking that only HE isn't CIA is paranoid nonsense.
Put down the red kool-aid.


So please tell us oh omnipotent one Avebury.............what is the answer to all this ??...........please enlighten us..........and lead us out of the darkness............

Man you sure are on here a you lose your job ???


Ventura66 wrote:So please tell us oh omnipotent one Avebury.............what is the answer to all this ??...........please enlighten us..........and lead us out of the darkness............

Man you sure are on here a you lose your job ???

Little ave is the darkness! He hates Trump because the President is going after the pedophiles. He hates Milo because he's a homasexual. He even  hates himself because he's an autophobe. Is there anything he doesn't hate? Have you ever seen him say one good thing about anybody? I'm no head headshrinker, but this reeks of a reckless disregard for the child's needs during potty training. A fascinating peek into the life of a misanthrope.


If you "boys" are deliberately trying to drive people from this site with your ridiculous verbal dueling you are doing a bang up job!!!

This week you have been in top form I must say and the perfect example of why many sites no longer ALLOW interaction and have READ ONLY sites!!  So if the handful of you children DO NOT STOP taking swipes, calling names and ruining the reading experience of the hundreds of others that come here daily I will consider changing this site up.


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Alright Purps...I kinda like it when you get fired up......


Yes, ME, TOO!!!! In a very good way- MMMMMMMMMMMmmmm!! cheers2 muah


LOL yes that is me before a cuppa coffee or a wake and bake.



Purpleskyz, you took that the way I knew you'd take it! Good show!!! LMELAO!!!!! muah lol! cheers2 Elmo


PurpleSkyz wrote:LOL yes that is me before a cuppa coffee or a wake and bake.

What's "a wake and bake"? Is that like "shake and bake"?
She shakes and I bake!


um... nope it is this



PurpleSkyz wrote:um... nope it is this

I'll take Shake and bake chicken any day of the week!


I for one am not buying it. Tis this mans belief that Purps may have a young stud muffin that calls on occasion..Hense....the true...WAKE AND BAKE.....ummmm huh.......


Well as you know tops I never was the kiss and tell type. And those famous stud muffins are very grateful to not have that kind of info floating around the net. Mums the word wink wink

Oh and micro... just so you know... chicken refers to young boys. Better be careful putting that out there considering the feud you got going here with Ave. hahahaha



Last I knew they were going to take the movies, 'Towering Inferno, and 'Earthquake', and put them both together, and we'd have a new movie called 'Shake and Bake'!!! Great way to get 'toasted'!! cheers2 Elmo


PurpleSkyz wrote:LOL...
Well as you know tops I never was the kiss and tell type. And those famous stud muffins are very grateful to not have that kind of info floating around the net. Mums the word wink wink

Oh and micro... just so you know... chicken refers to young boys. Better be careful putting that out there considering the feud you got going here with Ave. hahahaha

Let's quash this right now before it get's legs under it, and turns into a full blown rumor with a quote from the late Jim Morrison:

"You eat your dinner you eat your pork and beans, I eat more CHICKEN any man ever seen"

I'll bet dollars to donuts he wasn't talking about boys.


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