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Q-Anon Updates ~ “Deep State Attacks Q” plus more

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Roy Potter 11-28-17… “Deep State Attacks Q”

Posted on 2017/11/28 by Kauilapele  
This one just came out 6 hours ago. I felt the desire to post it.
A key point to remember from this: North Korea = CIA. And we’ve heard this from other sources (I believe Ben Fulford is one of those) (even though Roy does not follow the Benjamin).
Another key point is, as I bolded below, “With this attack on Q, the CIA/Deep State has just verified Q is real“.
Roy’s Twitter page: @RoystonPotter.

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Roy Potter 11-28-17… “Deep State Attacks Q”

Posted on 2017/11/28 by Kauilapele  
This one just came out 6 hours ago. I felt the desire to post it.
A key point to remember from this: North Korea = CIA. And we’ve heard this from other sources (I believe Ben Fulford is one of those) (even though Roy does not follow the Benjamin).
Another key point is, as I bolded below, “With this attack on Q, the CIA/Deep State has just verified Q is real“.
Roy’s Twitter page: @RoystonPotter.
Published on Nov 28, 2017
With this attack on Q, the CIA/Deep State has just verified Q is real and not a LARP or an AI (which it would not be, anyway).

Thanks to KP at:



Reader says that 4chan poster MegaAnon claims recent Q posts are from impostors, four low level Obama holdovers

You had to know this was coming… Q-anon was a sensation, and everything gets co-opted, infiltrated, called out as fakery, and we’re left arguing as to who is who. 

Thanks, L.  ~ BP

November 28, 2017
But then, how do we [know] MegaAnon is really MegaAnon? (And, by the way, she did refer to herself as “MegaAnon”, with the extra “a”, not MegAnon, as in the following…
From reader anon, posted as received:
MegAnon is an insider who has been posting on 4Chan since May 2017. The initial “Q” posts on 4 Chan from Oct 28 – Nov 1, 2017 are Authentic.
However, “Q” imposters took over after Nov 1. Apparently there are 4 different people masquerading as “Q”, and they are ALL on Soros Antifa Payroll. MegAnon apparently is in a position to ID the “Q” Poster imposters who took over after Nov 1, as Obummer Holdovers, about to be given the sack. Trump is cleaning house. Some of what the Q IMPOSTERS posted is accurate, about 50%, but 50% is inaccurate. The Q IMPOSTERS have been posting to discredit TRUTHERS.
MegAnon is trying to steer everyone back on track again, and refocusing everyone on what is important for us to be watching.
You should read a collection of MegAnon posts, I would starting around November 15th where MegAnon starts explaining to 4Chan readers what I’ve said above about the Q IMPOSTERS, at the following link:
Below, if it is helpful, I have selected WHAT MegAnon has advised us to be refocus on (yes, the sealed Indictments & people wearing GPS tracking ankle bracelets, all the candidates suddenly announcing retirement from politics, etc.) Its truly marvelous what is happening, the Swamp is Draining Itself! Trump is Genius! If it has been me, I would have arrested everyone at the Inauguration (they were all there), put them behind bars and then begin prosecutions, and let each other rat each other out, and flipping like more than pancakes at a Sunday breakfast! But my plan would have risked massive civil unrest, resulting in unnecessary deaths. So that is why I take my hat off to Trump, he really is doing an outstanding job! Bravo!!
One more thing: MegAnon claims to be a woman, although her language sounds more like a guy. Possibly it is a man pretending to be a woman to through everyone off track as to his/her identity? Just my theory. I’m a woman, and I’ve worked with men all my life, and heard a lot of crude language, but i have NEVER heard language quite this “nonstop” crude. Still you get the gist of the message. OK, that is just my opinion.
The following are some key excerpts from Nov 16 through Nov 28:
From MegAnon on 4Chan:
Anonymous ID:K77ARIti Wed 15 Nov 2017 16:06:19 No.149599732 ViewReport
Y’all, this NEEDS TO BE SAID (and you might wanna save this so you can say “told ya so”, to everyone doubting you, now)…
These Moore accusations are going to the the end of the estab. GOP. They are literally DNC’ing the election in Ala. like they did Bernie and you’re going to watch it ALL play out.
Only difference between the DNC and GOP was you had to read emails to find the elections were illegally rigged against Bernie, by his own party. Take note of EVERYONE who’s come out publicly calling for Moore to resign. They’re going to regret it.
Oh and don’t worry, Moore, Bannon, they ALL KNEW it was coming. It’s why Trump threw a short and sweet nod in Strange’s favor, Bannon pushed what was important by Trump proxy in the field and Moore is getting harder to handle every single day because he’s f….ing dying to bust the lid. Hate to say it, I kinda hope it doesn’t break until after elections. If he looses and the lid pops, do you know what that does to the GOP?!?
How much WORSE it is for them that they ruined a campaign with planted bullshit leading him to lose the actual election, not just the nomination?!?
This will be the end of the McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Graham, etc. reign. The DNC is gutting itself, the GOP is gutting themselves, neither can keep secured seats from resigning, too many aren’t going for re-election… don’t you see what’s actually happening?
THIS IS THE SWAMP GOP’s election rigging and “collusion”. COME OUTSIDE Y’ALL ARE MISSING THE STORM!!!
Oh and Menendez’s Dominican accusers are awfully close and sound a lot like Hillary’s Haiti accusers, no?! Please pay attention. It all comes full circle. ;o)
Anonymous ID:iOsLY9eT Fri 17 Nov 2017 15:49:24 No.149866458 ViewReport
I told y’all more than 6 wks ago the CIA, FBI and Fed will be gutted and won’t exist the way they do today.
It’s all going. You can keep talking about it, theorizing, hypothesizing, wondering, questioning, worrying, etc. but EVERYTHING THATS BEEN HAPPENING OVER THE LAST 4 WKS, IS PART OF “THE HAPPENING”.
You are watching it all collapse and the ONLY difference between us coming out on top or not, is US and how WE handle it, as a society. NK isn’t our threat. SA isn’t out threat. MS-13 isn’t our threat.
How WE as a mass handle all of this, is what will ultimately solidify our own history in stone.
I don’t agree with this Q guys constant hype party like the world is gonna fucking end tomorrow, but the reality of what he’s trying to imply, is what threatens us most.
Our own ignorant, their reactions and actions are our threat. Talk about THAT with your family and friends. MEME THAT.
They WANT us to turn all of this into constant Charlottesville’s where they can pay supremisists and antifa to show up and purposefully instigate and provoke problems, while throwing a patsy you’ll never hear about again, into a Dodge Charger and claiming someone actually died, with VERY little proof to support.
Anonymous ID:8PEH2/vx Sun 26 Nov 2017 07:49:58 No.150977841 ViewReport
I mean, not to toot my own horn but I did tell y’all you should be watching McCain and Hillary’s boot like 2 weeks or more ago, you didn’t, then McCain forgot which foot he broke.
Nothing would come of Mueller/Russia except Hillary, that Manafort would walk on a deal, Mueller has a deal too, Awan’s will get a plea and sell out Dems and they are now… I said all that shit in June/July.
There’s a lot more coming and the last month has been huge! Sometimes I really think y’all need to watch the entire world to blow up to consider something a victory or win. Why is that?
Pompeo and Rogers are gonna be great to watch, too! Lots of big shit!
Anonymous ID:ojJB3dfi Tue 28 Nov 2017 06:50:21 No.151214083 ViewReport
Quoted By: >>151214659
You’re already seeing a lot going on that ties into a ton of this. Congressmen who’ve been publicly and proactively announcing their resignations and/or publicly confirming and announcing they will not seek re-election, though eligible, are RUNNING. They’re running because they’re either DIRECTLY INVOLVED with swamp related things or people they do not want to perpetuate or provoke the exposure of, OR, they have personal things in their past they don’t want exposure on, like past sexual misconduct they don’t want to attract attention via a re-election run.
You are literally watching the swamp drain itself with EVERY SINGLE PERSON who resigns or removes their candidacy from re-election. You’re starting to see it with the MSM as well. That Roy Moore WAPO reporter (Stephanie) and her editors,who wrote/broke the first story on the first 3 Moore accusers, highlighting Leigh Corfman know EXACTLY how this all played out and they know it’s not going to play in their favor when the broom shakes. There WILL be negative fall out for WaPo, Bezos and unironically you’ll find O’Keefe actually ended up playing an indirect, yet decent role in exposing it.
Oh and before I forget, to whoever that random IT brah was on here last night, explaining the short codes Q posted, THANK YOU!! You explained it…
… WAY BETTER than I could’ve and you did it in an easy to understand way, without getting too technical. I appreciate it as I was having trouble trying to figure out how to explain it more myself.
I hope everyone saw those posts IT brah made. He clearly explained what those “Q code blocks” were and exactly what they’re NOT!
Anonymous ID:zr4zxOWH Tue 28 Nov 2017 09:37:35 No.151228747 ViewReport
He’s trying to detach before shit hits the fan, hoping he’ll be employable as considered by the public, after it does. Same with Joe. You’ll start to see more of the MSM trying to detach themselves now just like you’re seeing Hollywood upping their efforts to drop their dead weight detach and congressmen by resigning and declining their candidacy for re-election.
You’ll also start to see bigger names like you saw with Brazille with her book release and with Clapper this week. Bigger, prominent names will start to expose themselves and come forward on their own publicly, in an effort to salvage themselves, their careers their personal names, self-pride and credibility, in an effort to go “on-the “-record” for denouncing and removing themselves from “the swamp” proactively, hoping y’all will see it as such and allow them to either continue their careers in some or the same capacity, or just let them live the rest of their personal/private lives in peace because you’re thankful for their cooperation in exposing the corruption, even if you find out they unknowingly, unassumingly or unwillingly May have played a part in it.
It’s self-preservation and protection. All of them covering their asses for either shit you know or assume they did, shit you don’t even know they did yet, but don’t want it to be exposed either by sticking around or running for re-election, or just because yes, there are actually still blissfully ignorant but GOOD PEOPLE left who realize what’s been going on and they want no indirect part of it. Either way all good things, all the swamp draining itself and lots more to come through the rest of the year. Pay attention to everyone dropping everywhere, regardless of whether you’ve heard of/suspected them before. They’ll be names you’ll hear/see again throughout 2018, after we get passed the immediate shit and pending takedowns set to happen in smaller, manageable waves before the new year.
Anonymous ID:53BDqYPr Tue 28 Nov 2017 08:00:24 No.151220092 ViewReport >>151214550
Haha, then you should look into a few more of the Bannon/admin internal games of leak exposure, that have been played over the last 18mos. between the primaries and elections. These things are googleable you know… if you dig hard enough into the right areas, you’ll find what you’re looking for. You don’t need me to tell you… if you’re interested, you’ll find it and you’re right. Not everyone got a “slap on the wrist”. McCain’s storm will soon prove this. How do you think they found out about his cooperation and direct coordination to the dossier and the doctored “Russian intel report”? Think he just hobbled over and told them? Haha, he was unknowingly (at the time) taken for a ride, too.
Please try to logically and rationally remember that this is the only kind of disinfo that’s good. McCain being “got” won’t be outted, but the results and repercussions his being “got”, produced and proved ARE what IS important and he WILL be held publicly AND legally responsible and accountable for what he’s done. No question. It’s done and he knows it’s coming. So does Hillary, the Podestas, Lynch, Holder, Brennan, Comey, etc. they will all get what’s theirs to own. Unironically, Obama is playing pretty nice right now to the dismay of Clinton’s and especially GHB – HE’S pretty fucking pissed. GH Bush is probably gonna start trying to speed up his own natural causes soon.

Thanks to:


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