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Good News from Q-Anon & Jim Stone Analysis of Q and Flynn

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Robert Mueller was the HIT MAN that George Bush Sr ordered to try and take down The Don, (Refer: Don Corleone of The Godfather III and consider the Tatiliagni Family to be a combination of the Rothschild, Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, British Royalty, The Pope, Vatican and even the Saudi Arabia Elite along with the Rockefellers. Donald Trump is the HARD BON to chew in the BAD MEAT of the Cabal mentioned here.)

32 My posts and your appreciation on Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:44 pm


microaggressor wrote:
terbo56 wrote:Jaquar2016- Thank you- Your posts are very informative, and the information that they contain is EYE opening, and ARE very much appreciated- I follow this explicitly, as these are things that everyone should know, to keep updated on what is going on around us- Thanks again for bringing this!! The information that you afford to ALL here, will protect our interests as time goes on, and will lead all of us in the right direction- Thanks again-
That's a big purple thumbs up from your's truly!

Awesome! I appreciate when someone agrees with my ideas. I just think differently than any ordinary / normal person would do!


So do I, and there's nothing wrong with someone's agreements, disagreements or opposing views, and for the record, I think along the same lines as you! No worries, and thanks again for the informative info that you afford to all of us, to keep everyone up to speed!




Terbo, if you want to KNOW about the Vatican's real role in the Elite's movements, then follow the "Rabbit Hole" via the FOUNDATION-X money, Royal Bank of Scotland, a "Benaami Account" in the name of Yohannes Riyadi, world's richest man (Fake) and how they have been stealing $5 TRN each term of the past 6 Presidents, i.e. Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, W-Bush, Obama. That Foundation-X FUND now stands at a staggering $75 TRN, where could they PARK it without anyone asking for it to be Audited? The Vatican!



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