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US Military on 72 Hour Alert; Col. Potter Updates

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US Military on 72 Hour Alert; Col. Potter Updates & Large Scale Drill [videos]

Q has asked the truth media to reveal more about what is happening.
Make sure you get those extra groceries, meds, pet supplies, fill the gas tank and then make some popcorn and relax and watch the show.
Dare I say… “It’s ON!” The takedown of the cabal is ON. Foreign or domestic, we don’t yet know the theatre but something is a-foot. Actually a LOT of things are a-foot but we won’t see or hear about much of it but seeing this sort of video is exciting.
I echo Roy’s statement that we can’t stay on top of everything unfolding. I am not a full time blogger but I give it every moment I can. I hope you are subscribed to several trusted sources for intel if you want to stay abreast of major developments. Roy mentions a few good ones and if you’re a regular reader at Starship Earth, you know who mine are.
Above all, stay calm and make popcorn.  ~ BP

Published on Dec 3, 2017

North Korea events and Domestic Enemies activities (CIA) are related. Might as well just go ahead and say it! Absolutely vital information being covered by the following: Tracy Beanz On Youtube: Tracy Beanz On Twitter: @tracybeanz Scott Anthony On Youtube: Scoytt Anthony On Twitter: @ScottAnthonyUSA Scott's Blog: Imperator_Rex On Twitter: @Imperator_Rex3


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