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ARkStorm: Star Water Floods of Legend

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1 ARkStorm: Star Water Floods of Legend on Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:13 am


ARkStorm: Star Water Floods of Legend

Most of us have heard of Noah’s Ark and legends of “The Great Flood” found in traditions all over the world.
There are the Sumerian accounts, the Chinese versions, those of the Native Americans, the Sanskrit writings of a “Hindu Noah” and many more.
Many of us may also have heard that the Earth’s magnetosphere has been steadily weakening for over ten thousand years. In the early 2000s, a 10% loss in strength since the 1800s was measured. By 2010, the weakening of our protective magnetic shield was shown to have progressed to a 15% loss. Some of us have read about how Earth’s magnetic poles have been migrating enough to require that modern aircraft recalibrate their compasses. All of this is evidence that a Geomagnetic Reversal is underway.
The onset of a magnetic pole shift causes a weakening of he magnetosphere and less protection on Earth from the Solar Wind, which largely consists of electrons and protons (aka hydrogen ions). This ties into a hypothesis known as “star water”. High in the ionosphere, scientists have discovered that large coronal mass ejections from the Sun cause these ionospheric layers to amass large amounts of oxygen. Hydrogen meeting oxygen in an environment right for electrochemical combination could mean the creation of vast amounts of water.
It’s been proven that solar hydrogen can liberate oxygen trapped in space rocks and still have the energy to make water in space. The particles would first form hydroxyls, then water molecules would clump together, cool and fall to Earth. Since oxygen is already plentiful in the Earth’s ionosphere it would not need to first be liberated from rock.
The hypothesis states that some of Earth’s water had to have arrived to the planet in this way. Also, a weaker magnetosphere means more hydrogen influx from the Sun and possibly more production of star water. Could this mechanism be responsible for the many historical accounts of great rains and “Great Floods”?
This video suggests that it could take just one big Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from a major solar flare, coupled with our weakened magnetosphere and the resulting influx of oxygen at higher altitudes to set the stage for everything to change in an instant, with the creation of an Atmospheric RiverARkStorm”, such as is theorized to have occurred in California, Oregon and Nevada between November 1861 and January 1862.

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