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Word Magic and the Forbidden Secrets of the Stock Market

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Word Magic and the Forbidden Secrets of the Stock Market
by  Gary Lite  · December 5, 2017

Word Magic and the Forbidden Secrets of the Stock Market

Word magic is the art of communicating using sacred sounds and symbols to direct and control energy to produce certain desired effects. The numeral and alphabet system were created based on sacred geometry and sacred sound, and therefore numbers and letters have magic properties. The people who created the numeral and alphabet system were high level magicians of certain secret societies. These magicians were well trained in the art of Freemasonry.
Based on the information in the previous paragraph, word magic is everywhere. The stock market is saturated with word magic due to the fact that it uses words and numbers to communicate to investors. In this article, I will show you how word magic is used in the stock market to hide the true intention of stock trading.

Most people know that the stock market is a place where shares are bought and sold. One of the definitions of the stock market is “a particular market where stocks and bonds are traded; stock exchange”. This definition only shows you the overt definition of the stock market. To find out what the stock market is really about, you need to open the door of the occult world and step inside, so you can explore the occult side of the stock market.

The Forbidden Secrets of the Stock Market

When I wrote my book about word magic, I spent many hours researching, contemplating, and meditating on the forbidden secrets of the stock market. The following information is what I have discovered from many hours of examining the different definitions of the term stock market and studying words related to the stock market. The content below is from my book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words.
The commerce system that creates debt and exploits Nature is the Dark Forces’ favorite way of trafficking human beings and tricking us to commit “adultery”, so that they can turn us into human “batteries”. It is their way of tricking us to commit “sin” and treason against humanity and Nature, and offend the Prime Creator. Hence, the Bible verse Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death”. Sin is debt/dead/death.
One of the many systems that is a part of the commerce system is the stock market. This vampiric financial system is rigged and commits illegal and unlawful commercial activities on a daily basis. Everyday, people are losing their money in the stock market and therefore are being screwed by the commerce system. Two slang definitions of the word screw (Chiefly British) are “an old broken-down horse” and “salary; wages”.
In American English, the slang definition of the verb version of the word screw means “to practice extortion”, “to engage in promiscuous sex”, or “to have coitus”. The word coitusmeans “sexual intercourse”. The definitions of the words in bold font in this paragraph and the previous few paragraphs show how the commerce and stock market system are related to sex, money, and horse.
The commerce system is full of sexual symbolism, because the Dark Forces and their minions are not only after our life force energy but also our sexual energy. This is why sexual symbolism is everywhere, especially in television commercials. They are using the commerce system to steal our sexual energy and turn us into the whores/“horse” of Babylon.
In the stock market, the process of selling stocks can also be called stock trading. The people who trade stocks in the stock market are known as traders and therefore are traitors of humanity. Why is that you may ask? Because phonetically the word trader sounds very similar to the word traitor. A trader of stocks is a traitor of humanity, because he or she is participating in the financial game to steal humanity’s energy and enslave the human race.
The word trader means “dealer, trafficker, one engaged in commerce”. The word trader can also mean “a ship used in trade, especially foreign trade”. As for the word traitor, it means “a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust” or “a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country”.
The definitions in the previous paragraph show the connection among the words ship, water, and commerce. Remember, it is all about tricking us to agree to allow the Dark Forces to steal our energy using commerce, maritime law (the law of merchant), and admiralty law (the law of the sea). Why the sea? Because the sea is mostly made of water and water carries the current/currency/current-sea/current-chi. Furthermore, our bodies are also mostly made of water, which is the water that contains our life force energy.

When you participate in their debt-based commerce system, you are in a sense committing treason against humanity. If you want strong evidence of this, study how the debt-based monetary system and the stock market screw people over and over again with fraudulent debt. These two financial systems are based on greed and competition, which are great for manifesting negative emotions, violence, and wars. …
People living in developed countries often like to invest in the stock market. What they do not realize is that the stock market is a system that does not flow well with the Laws of Nature. Every time people participate in the stock market, they unknowingly support the evil deed of selling human souls, because the word sold sounds similar to “souled”.
At the deeper level, the stock market is the commerce system that sells or trades our soul energy, which is why it is called a stock market. Many of the stocks in the stock market do not really represent the shares of corporations. Instead, they represent the artificial persons of the natural persons. The main reason why corporate stocks have value is because they are linked to human beings. In other words, we are the “livestock” or “living stock” that are sold/souled in the stock market by the traitors/traders of humanity.
The word stock is defined as “a quantity of something accumulated, as for future use”. As for the word livestock, it is defined as “the horses, cattle, sheep, and other useful animals kept or raised on a farm or ranch”. The Dark Magicians consider us human beings as sheep, which is why Christians are called sheep. We are the sheeple living on a “farm” called Earth, which is a prison planet for domesticating human beings to be good little slaves. To be more specific, we are the baby/bay-bee raised on a farm to produce “honey” or golden blood plasma for the Dark Forces, so that they can use it to extend their lifespan. …
One of the origins of the word stock is derived from the Old French word stocc, meaning “stump, post, stake, tree trunk, log”. The word trunk originated from the Old French word tronc, meaning “trunk of a tree, trunk of the human body, wooden block”. In English, one of the definitions of the word trunk is “the body of a person or an animal excluding the head and limbs; torso”. It can also mean “the main channel, artery, or line in a river, railroad, highway, canal, or other tributary system”.
The occult definitions in the previous paragraph reveal the relation among the stock market, the human body, and water. In other words, your “body” is being sold/souled on the stock market for currency/current-sea/current-chi. The currency that represents your time and energy.
To learn more about the forbidden secrets of the stock market and the commerce system, check out my empowering book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words.

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