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The Mayan Countdown

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The Mayan Countdown


Tuesday, September 18th, 2012. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Consciousness Earth Changes Esoterica Spirituality The Awakening

The Mayan Countdown Shift-of-the-Ages
Augureye Express

by Chautauqua
It won’t be long now. Just over 90 days until the end of the Mayan
calendar arrives. Normally such well publicized “apocalyptic” dates
come and go without much serious notice from me. My friends all warned
me not to buy a ten thousand dollar computer software program in 1999,
but I did; just wasn’t too worried about Y2K, and was, by that time,
immune to the media hype which always swarms around such events.

It’s different this time

The Mayans were all about TIME,
hence the infamous calendar getting so much press lately. I began
studying the Mayan calendar some 15 years or so ago, by reading the
works of Jose Arguelles, especially a book called “The Mayan Factor”.
Over the years Arguelles and other Mayan experts have added greatly to
our understanding of this lost culture. The one thing I brought away
from these studies was that all the chaos and destruction were side effects, and not the whole deal…which is all about the evolution of humankind from childhood to adolescence…not the end of mankind, but rather the end of doing all the wrong things for the wrong reasons; the end of greed! A new great Age.

The Mayan Countdown Mayan_calenda

The calendar speaks to the ending of one cosmic era, and the
beginning of the next, and all the changes, including earth changes that
will result from it. This era change has been going on for some
decades now, with the last 25 years seeing most of the eye-popping
stuff, a time known as “The Quickening”. Now the lamestream media knows
one thing better than anything else, and that is how to sell fear…and
the 2012 Mayan Calendar is like Christmas to them. As is their style,
they will milk it for all it’s worth, and then some. What they won’t tell you however are two things. First that it isn’t at all about the end of everything…and second; the year 2012 is the year the calendar ends, not us. The year 2012 was marked as the time when all these changes that have been happening for decades would culminate, not begin.

So, the calendar is all about the evolution of mankind, a time when
humanities spiritual vibration hits critical mass, and we are on our
way to the next step, the next phase of our evolution as a species. The
problem is that the psychopaths in power have spent the last 25 years
or so tirelessly coming up with various nasty ways to “arrest”
humanities collective vibration, preventing us from reaching that
threshold of evolution; and keeping us as their economic slaves on a
prison planet. Chemtrails, GWEN towers, HAARP, and at least a dozen other DARPA programs all designed for that one goal. (Then came the news that DARPA wanted to assimilate Google.)

The Mayan Countdown Google-CIANSA-Cloud

If you only look with attention span of the average news cycle, you
naturally will come to the conclusion that yes the world is about to
end. (Isn’t it always?) Only when we look with new eyes,
taking in the broad landscape of time, do we see all this escalating
chaos in proper perspective. You’re gonna need that to deal with what
all this chaos is leading up to. An entire paradigm is collapsing under
the weight of its own corruption, and unfortunately most of us are more
dependent than we like upon its decaying infrastructure. The trick, I
suppose, if there is one ~ is thru awareness; don’t be there when the
heavy stuff comes down.

The Mayans were onto something

The Mayans were obsessed with time. They charted the heavens for
countless generations to arrive at mathematical solutions as accurate as
any modern technology. They knew what they were doing. Being able to
accurately predict the current state of the human condition wasn’t
really so difficult when you understand as they did, that such chaos,
violence and upheaval always occurs at the end of every long count, like clockwork. Cycles and patterns: Creation ~ Chaos ~ Renewal.
The Mayan Countdown KALI-YUGA-ENDS

It’s quite likely that they also knew something else that we have
only recently come to realize. Five times in the last 500 million years
one catastrophic event or another has wiped out the dominant species on
Earth. Like a cosmic shuffling of the deck, to give other life forms a
shot at the big chair. Roughly every 100 million years or so, the
Earth is hit with some form of extinction level event. The most recent
of which conveniently wiped out the dinosaurs, leaving the way clear for
us mammals to get a foothold, then a stranglehold on this planet.

That was 65 million years ago

The first five of these great extinctions were all naturally
occurring events. There is mounting evidence and concern that the sixth
extinction will be man made, and thus could manifest any time after the
tipping point is reached. (Does anyone have a tipping point app for their iphone?) The thing is, and this is key…”It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”,
and as we learned in ‘Jurassic Park’, Nature will find a way….a way to
facilitate humanities spiritual evolution despite all that is being done
to stop it.

Enter Fukushima!

The accumulated radiation and fallout from that still erupting
nuclear volcano is going to have its worst & longest lasting effects
on our children, and their children, and their grand children many
times over. There will be cancers, leukemia, and God only knows what
other insidious diseases in near epidemic numbers as the years go by.
There will also be birth defects, deformities, and genetic mutations.
Infinite diversity with infinite complexity. Then there is the impact
on the global food chain to consider after the untold millions upon
millions of gallons of radioactive waste water being dumped directly
into the Pacific Ocean for 18 months now.
The Mayan Countdown FUCK-US-SHIMA

Consider what the future of Japan will look like as the health care
costs start piling up and the cost of caring for the deformed, mutated
children further burdens an already crippled national economy. It is an
economy which can no longer feed itself from the sea, nor export
radioactive goods and products.

Now, extrapolate these effects to the rest of the world, because
what melts down in Japan doesn’t stay in Japan. The computer models for
the global distribution of just the airborne radiation are
frightening…which is precisely why they are always scrubbed from the
net, sometimes within minutes, (no doubt by DARPA and Google.)
I doubt if we’re going to see a real life “Godzilla” as Fukushima
radiation permeates the ecosystem we live in, but I’d give good odds
that “Nature will find a way…” and somewhere, sometime, the cosmic dice
are gonna hit, allowing humanities DNA to adapt, overcome, and evolve ~

So here we are 90 some days out from the end of the mysterious Mayan calendar, and the end of The great Age of Pisces ~ the time referred to by the Hindu as the Kali Yuga, Translated as “The Age of the Demon” & “The Age of Vice.”
The Mayan Countdown APOCALOPITMIST

Personally that sounds pretty good to me, the end of demons and vice
at precisely the point where all the really cool things associated with
the Age of Aquarius are supposed to begin. This is the show I signed up
for, and I managed to get a really good seat. What is about to happen
is epic in the original sense of the word. All these powerful forces of
the universe showing up on the same stage at the same time. Yeah I
know, its gonna get noisy, some fights will break out, and there’ll be a
hell of a mess afterward; but things are going to work out alright.
You may ask “How do I know that?” Well …Nostradamus said so!

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