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The Devil wears Prada - Perry, Gaga, Rihanna & NASA too ✞

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Astro Not
Published on Dec 9, 2017

We are way past "Coincidence". And they will deceive every one his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity. KJV - Jeremiah 9 : 5 What are Satan's tools to convince Humanity that there is no God Almighty and no Jesus Christ? *The Globe Lie* Who has to work together for this to work like it does? - ALL Space Agencies - ALL Governments - ALL Main Stream Media "MSM" (TV / Internet / Billboards, posters and other Advertisment / Magazines, Books, etc - Cinema / Radio / Pc / Tablets / Smartphones, etc) - ALL Education Systems (Kindergarten, school, university, books, main stream history, etc) - THE WHOLE Banking and monetary System (see: The creature from Jekyll Island) to finance this whole Show. (they have the ability to print UNLIMITED amounts of money and control literally everything that counts, including the military and the big Oil) *Flat Earth Paid Opposition Agents* - Dubay, Jeranism, Steere, Sargent, IPS, Dell, Marble, Sunshine, B.O.B. and more (!). - ALL promoting the AE FE map, ALL denying God Almighty and Jesus Christ, - ALL promoting ridiculous theories (we live in a matrix / hologram 7 turman show / hollow earth, Infinite plane, Aliens - etc) *more tools to bring us away from Jesus* - Birth Control - killing of unborn life - NOT God's plan. - Vaccinations / medics / drugs to Dumb us Down right from the start and to make us ILL so they can sell us more drugs to make us even more ill etc. - Satanic Entertainment - "Have fun! Don't Care! Worship False Idols (Madonna, Beyonce, GaGa -dance with the Baphomet Trannies, yay) - Gay / Transgender Agenda - see MrE's YT channel 1 Corinthians 15:51



JPL the Jet Propulsion Lab (also Jack Parson's Lab) predated NASA and had satanic overtones from day one. Parson was an acolyte of alester crowley. Funnily enough he blew himself to shreds while developing solid rocket fuel. Shows that satan does not protect his slaves. He was also practicing the babylon working to bring an entity into existence through ritual.

There is maybe a depth to crowley. If we look at his "do as thou wilt that is the whole of the law" as on the one hand a hedonistic proclamation but on the other hand if a person has achieved a level of spiritual development, that person would only do what is in the best interests of the universe, so maybe this is has a double meaning.

madonna, rhianna, gaga, perry, kayne, eminim and the rest are IMO worthless millionaires who will age and die and offer nothing in the course of their worthless lives. If we are still here in 100 years, well still be listening to Jimi and saying rhinana who?

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