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Signs of Experiencing Synchronicity And What Does It Mean?

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Signs of Experiencing Synchronicity And What Does It Mean?

Or you were wanting to know something then you receive the information you need at the same time. Things happening at the same moment? Well, what does it mean?
It’s not a coincidence that these things happen, they are actually messages from the universe that help guide you, Carl Jung states how synchronicity says that there is always a deeper meaning to it.
“Synchronicity is the Universe saying yes.” Even if we may not understand why, its comforting to know that out of all the possibilities, you just happened to be in the right place at the right time. “When the student is ready, the master appears.”
Everything is connected and everything is energy. So when you want something or feel a certain way and you are tuned into the exact frequency of something else the universe does its best to connect and bring them together. Like attracts like.
It’s actually mind-blowing and a wonderful thing to experience, it reminds us of the bigger picture in life, that we all have an infinite power within us and that we are here for a bigger purpose than we can imagine. Everyone can tune into synchronicity
Everyone can experience them but sometimes some people are not being present to notice.

7 Common Signs of Synchronicity:

1. Get a call, random email or you see someone you haven’t heard of in years but was thinking about and then they appear.

1. Get a call, random email or you see someone you haven’t heard of in years but was thinking about and then they appear.
2. When you have a problem, then something randomly comes of the thing you need.
3. When you watch a film or tv series and feel like you are watching your own life
4. Strangers randomly talk to you about a problem that you have been dealing with
5. When the universe brings the right people at the same time, that bring you the expertise you need.
6. Reassuring message out of the blue.
7. Repeating numbers like 111, 222, 333, 555, 888.
by Christina Blunsum

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